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Ok, maybe you are a realist. Maybe you think that the most important thing is defeating the opposition and think it's like throwing a vote away to support a true left candidate. Maybe you have mixed feelings about lofty concerns like establishing a cabinet level peace department where the people we elect work for us instead of using us and seek alternatives to resource aggression. Maybe you think that's the stuff of "pipe" dreams and drum circles. (for the record, I like drum circles!) Maybe you think that real energy policy will never happen, or maybe you aren't even sure what to believe about the planet, the economy, the war, or the future. Maybe you are just in a rut, and want to disengage because you think it doesn't freakin matter anyway. Well we have to keep ourselves in the equation. When will we see people pound the pavement for peace as much as they do for bigotry? Where's the accountability, where's the outrage?
Consider the fact that the religious right are not a numerical majority and yet we can see that they quite often grab the candidate's ears. They aren't taken for granted, they are courted. Well maybe if we, diverse though we may be, were courted a bit for our support we might see more things on the table! Maybe if candidates see that people are listening to guys like Kucinich, they might take pause. Who knows? Learn about him Here.
Please let me know what you think.It's early, but who are you leaning toward? Why? What do you think is the most pressing issue?


Lew Scannon said...

As I said elsewhere, I'm leaning towards Kucinich and Gravel. Obama and Clinton won't take military action against Iran off the table, we need someone who will use diplomacy and not threats of another unwinnable war to solve the world's problems. To me, ending the wars in the MIddle East is the most important issue.

L said...

LOL I know, Lew. I realized that I was once again getting into my political thoughts elsewhere which I try not to do as much but I cant seem to help myself. So then I thought I'd mention him here.

I agree that it is a top issue. I think what appeals to me about Kucinish, idealistic though it may be, is that he talks about taking a look at constructive ways to pursue diplomatic channels. I think we do need a cabinet level advisor on diplomacy and I also think we need to get it together as a country and figure out what our standards are.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Kucinich is one of the few honest people in politics...and hence one of the least likely to end up in the White House. Only grizzled liars get that job. There's no one I really love, but I'd settle for Edwards.

Lily said...

I'd settle for Obama and Edwards. Together on a ticket. But I'd rather have Kucinich.

Chuck said...

Hi again Lily!

Followed the gyno trail over here. :)

Kucinich is ideal. Edwards is good, as is Richardson. I don't know about Obama. Forget Hillary.

Lily said...

Chuck! I thought you left! it's like a reunion!!! Awesome. I'm going over.

Chuck said...

Thanks for stopping by Lily!

I'm really glad to see you too. You guys are my buds. How could I leave? My break was too long, but I just got so sick of bush...and nothing changing after the Democrats took the majorities.

Lily said...

I had high hopes-especially on impeachment. I really think we are making a mistake by letting everything slide. Some say "well the elections are the punishment" but that doesn't really bring people back or reduce the deficit or the war tab.

What might help, even if next time, is to send real messages that we are sick of being played. That the laws are there to be used for these reasons and using them can be very essential to efforts to restore ourselves.
Speaking of restoration...
Very interesting post by Sumo at Fat Lady Sings on Gore's book. Wonder what you guys are thinking.

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