Shock Jocks On The Naughty Stool

So it's a time out for Opithony, following the Imus fallout. This time, it was XM following rape jokes made during an Opie and Anthony show. The dumbass duo apologized but it's pretty hard to believe that they regret their actions when they characterized the Imus firing as "ruining a career" when he was just trying to "entertain" people. I'm sure they would say that they too were just "entertaining" people. Imus chose to say what he said, how is he a victim? Seems he should suck it up now and deal...just like they tell the people offended all the time. Suck it up, deal with it! Free speech.
Sure, its a free speech issue. And I'm not against free speech. But people that are tired of it have the right to turn it off and companies have the right to cancel their ads and the stations have the right to draw a line. Don't they? It's my free speech to say I dont like rape humor. It seems like anytime people feel offended, they are accused of being PC freaks. Being offended makes a person a tight ass with "issues". But yet, people like to talk about declining moral values and the big loss of respect and the way that "kids today" don't appreciate or acknowlege the value of people. The remedy must be prayer, but certainly not a frank discussion about how it feels to be a belittled victim of a violent crime. Now I understand that humor is a tricky thing, and I myself have participated in or laughed at things that perhaps crossed a line for other people. All lines are different. But at some point, we need to reject some of this because it seems like the Stern copycats of the world are just trying to out-shock each other now. Publicity is money, and they know it. These brats need Super Nanny.
Today I was told that this makes me a hypocrite because I talk about freedom and yet-don't like people that laugh at rape. Well... I don't love robbers or polluters. So? I reserve the right to say I dislike whatever the hell I want to dislike. I am not saying that people can't make their own choices, I am just saying that I am tired of it already. If you make shitty food, your restaurant will close. If your humor is lazy- same concept. Shut up and use the time to think of something original beyond orgasmic cats and belch-a-thons.


Lew Scannon said...

As you well know, I am of the opinion that lines exist to be crossed. However, I wonder if any of these misogynistic scrote sacs would think it funny to have someone suggest that they themselves be raped (anally, of course)by someone with something they loathe. Probably not.
Much of talk radio "shock jocks" have a very unenlightened view of women anyway (could it be that most of these scrote sacs are ugly?)labeling women as either "hotties", or into the "skanks, hos and beyotches" category when they disagree with them. Our local radio station is home to a nationally syndicated morning show heard up and down the eastern Seaboard that thinks that it's okay to demean various ethnic or religious groups (if it's just a joke) and women, yet they never seem to pick on Jews, because they wouldn't want to be labeled as "anti-semitic". (Even South Park, a show that has taken on every other religious group, hasn't really openly mocked Judaism)
Maybe that's why these people find sexual assault to be so funny; either they don't know anyone personally who has been raped, or they are potential rapists themselves. Maybe a mandatory month at a rape crisis center would change their tunes.

Lily said...

See I agree that the idea is that if it's "just a joke" many think its ok.

"Lighten up, its just a joke!"
"Free speech!"
"Well Carlos Mencia does it!"
"I'm not a racist because I make fun of everyone!"

These are the things we hear alot. I am not an expert on validity of these defenses but I do think that people have the right to say that they are offended or insulted.

I saw the Easter bunny "South Park" recently and actually saw that they made jokes about Judaism as well. like when Jesus says "kill me" and he says "we Jews have a thing about killing Jesus". I think on that show, really, anything goes. Thats perhaps their niche.

And even that show, if I watch does that mean I lose my right to think Opie and Anthony are asshats? Some would say so. I don't condone everything I watch or listen to either. I control what I say though. And I dont personally make rape jokes. I think it also reveals lack of creativity.

Anonymous said...

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