So Who Got The Vote Out?

What worked? I heard many Republicans say that they no longer felt that the Republicans represented their real concerns, that they were being played as loyal suckers by this administration. Kind of like how the Democrats often take the liberal left for granted because they know damn well they won't go red? Well many "fiscal" conservatives are expressing those kinds of sentiments as well-that there is also too much emphasis on the social issues and not enough on effective government.
I was very impressed by the way both women's groups and gay and lesbian advocacy groups raised money and hit the streets to raise awareness and get out the vote. This was especially true in places like South Dakota where the abortion ban was on the ballot, and in places like Pennsylvania where many mobilized to oust top conservative- Sen. Rick Santorum. While many dwell on the big races and turn out to vote for Presidential elections (well, or American Idol finalists, people manage to fit that in too!) it is important to point out the importance of stopping the escalation of politicians before they have a chance to get to that point by getting out there in ALL races. Eli at Deep Thought did an excellent summary of the rats jumping ship. (here)Kelley Bell has an interesting piece on getting out the vote in Ohio, with Gloria Steinem and Cecile Richards. (here)
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tp said...

I wonder what you think of Howard Dean's role in mobilizing the Dems?

Or do you think he did much of anything?

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