Incurious George!

I just came from Tumerica (link) and I had to steal this cartoon. Tumerica is a cool blog, if you haven't been over there yet. I think we would have preferred a bit more curiousity from our Commander as opposed to having resources at this administration's disposal paid for by the public that don't seem utilized toward truth or safeguarding America. One would think that the people who are so "committed to security" would at least want to implement those pesky 9/11 commission recommendations! I think this is George pictured with his copy of the report.


Tumerica said...

Lily, you are an amazing woman! Love Gynocracy Invasion. Thanks also for turning me on to these other great sites: Lose the Noose, unBrianwashed, etc. Rock on!


Lily said...

I think its more a symptom of insomnia. :)

Lew Scannon said...

That's unbrainwashed!
Yes, I'm sure that Bush hasn't even seen a copy of the 9/11 commission report or had anyone read it to him.

Elizabethbranford said...

Oh, I thought she was talking about our dirty pal Brian.

I think they should replace his copy of "My Pet Goat".

Tumerica said...

Too Freudian--my hubby is named Brian. Gotta be something to that.

Bush read the 9/11 Commission report? Hah! He was behind the plottings for the whole thing--no need to read--he was there.

Elizabethbranford said...

A sure sign of dirty thoughts- unBRIAN Washed! Subsconscious?

Anonymous said...

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