War On Christmas

Now is the time of year where many Americans, in celebration of peace on earth and goodwill toward men, trample each other in a bid to be the first to get the latest step in the ever increasing technology. It's a time when the celebration of the birth of Jesus is usurped by the celebration of glorious Mammon. Show that special someone how much you love them by maxxing out your credit card and going into debt.
It's also the time of year when conservative commentators claim there is a war on Christmas, merely because some advertisers, careful not to offend people of faiths other than Christianity, use the phrases "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays". What they fail to see is that Christmas is war.

It's Only A Game (Platform)
Friday marked the debut of Sony's Playstation 3, a video game slightly better than the previous step in technology. Shoppers celebrated by trampling each other in a mad rush to get one of these games before they all ran out, for Sony failed to manufacture enough Playstation 3s to meet the demand it had created. People waited in line days to be the first to get their hands on one, and some people waiting at a Wal-Martin Putnam Connecticut line were robbed by thugs who shot one shopper who resisted. (That smell in the air is the scent of a lawsuit against Wal-Mart for failing to provide adequate security). Glad tidings my ass!
US Marines vs. Battery Powered Jesus!
The Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program rejected one company's offer of 4000 talking Jesus dolls on religious grounds. A spokesperson said that because they don't know if the families they visit are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, they cannot accept any toys of a religious nature. But if they are Muslim or Jewish, would they be celebrating Christmas, a Christian holiday?
Imagine the poor kid, wanting an action figure, instead got one of these. My guess is that it wouldn't last until New Year's day.
National Don't Buy Anything Day
Once again, those wonderful people at Adbusters encourage people not to go shopping at all on the day following Thanksgiving, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Another day when people get up early to stand in line to fight push and shove each other to buy products to give in the name of peace love and understanding. As they put it:

Every November, for 24 hours, we remember that no one was born to shop, we make a small choice to participate by not participating. If you’ve never taken part in Buy Nothing Day, or if you’ve taken part in the past but haven’t really committed to doing it again, consider this: 2006 will go down as the year in which mainstream dialogue about global warming finally reached its critical mass. What better way to bring the Year of Global Warming to a close than to point people in the direction of real and effective alternatives to the unbridled consumption that has created this quagmire?

Another War For Christmas
Finally, we get to the news that the US has four carriers in the Persian Gulf. Is Cheney planning another military action? While the Iraq Study Group has recommended opening a dialogue with Iran over it's nuclear ambitions, it appears that Bush and Cheney have rejected it in favor of military action against Iran. Merry Fucking Christmas.


ElizabethBranford said...

Scannon, I am with you on this stupidity.

I actually dont buy anything the day after Thanksgiving. Not that it makes a difference really, but the crowds disgust and annoy me.

Lew Scannon said...

That some people would take delight in all that is what frightens me.

Mary said...

I NEVER EVER go the day after Thanksgiving. I too think it is sheer stupidity. Lew is right. Why people? Why?

Kathleen Callon said...

Hey you. The whole TFT thing stupid. Jews and Muslims admire Jesus as a prophet in their traditions (as they do Adam, Elijah, Moses, Noah, Job, and many many others). They also share archangels Gabriel and Michael, too... anyway, hope you're well. Portland is AWESOME. I remember you were stuck in a red zone. You should come and check it out.

Audra said...

Its true. Portland IS awesome. And more porn than you can shake a stick at.

Kelli said...

Are you ready for LEFT BEHIND, the VIDEO GAME? This one will give you a minor coronary. Christians score points for killing non-Christians in a violent, urban setting. No, I am NOT making this up. I'm sure it will be a popular gift with the Christian Right during a time of season which is ideally supposed to be about love, joy, and peace.

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