OK, Now Let's Keep It Going!

(CNN) Sigh. It seems that we have a little bit of leftover Baked Asshole in the fridge this morning. (See clown on the left) Hungry? Me either. Throw it away.
Let's not rest on our laurels friends, we have to keep up with the momentum and remain engaged. It's always dissappointing to me when we have such good folks turn out to help with the high profile campaigns, but we also need people to stick with it. Even if you pick an issue of importance and just work on raising awareness on that issue- it helps. They get into office and they forget the people that hit the pavement and what we want from them.
Now to be clear, I am not naive and I know that comprimise happens. Sometimes TOO MUCH comprimise. (I'm lookin' at you, freakin Lieberman) So let's keep the heat on with protecting the things that matter to us as individuals. For me, I think we have to be vigilant on Choice as SCOTUS prepares to move on it. I think we have to push for CAFE standards, ways to make fuel efficient vehicles that do not mean lost jobs but insist that the auto manufacturers maximize the options on their end. I think we can look at good examples also of people that are making renewable energy both a win for environmentalists but also a way to create jobs right here, in the US. What else? What do some of you think about what comes next?


tp said...

Next is immigration reform that acknowledges that millions of illegal immigrants live here and deporting them is ridiculous but meanwhile anything less is called amnesty no matter how it is presented. I would like to see them stop talking semantics and get to work already.

Lew Scannon said...

We need to hold the Dems feet to the fire, although they've seen what happens when you ignore the will of the people.
We need to close the trade deficit, end the war in Iraq and stop the one they have planned for Iran, reverse some of the draconian laws passed by the previous rubberstampers, deal with terrorism in a reasonable and responsible way, as well as everything else mentioned here.
Let's hope they stay busy.

GraemeAnfinson said...

I think Lew about sums it up.

Chuck said...

Glad to see your comments back up Lily. :)

Kelley Bell said...

I think we need to join forces with our elected officials, and keep them working on a grass roots level.

Anyone stuck "inside the beltway" will rot into twisted corruption eventually, if we, the voters do not save them.

A good example of what I talking about is posted on my blog.
"Cecile Richards and Gloria Steinem get Ohio to Vote"

Lily said...

I think the "rubberstamping" concept in general is a dangerous one. The argument is often made in inverse, if for example all requests for wiretapping are approved anyway, why get approval.

Well if they are so often approved, why not get them if there is no significant time concern and there seems to be few barriers...why NOT get approval? because approval is what gives the request transparency, the guise at least of some legitimacy.

Perhaps most importantly, a paper trail even if a pathetic paper trail!

We have reason to worry about the vindictive illegal wiretapper, or those that use power to instill fear or to manipulate people into supporting them.

Point is, we have to get better at flipping their rationales and exposing them as the silly lame excuses they often are.

I will check this post out, KellyBell.

Lily said...

Oh and by the way, thank you to the people that continue to support this site, the other sites of either my own rants or those dear to my heart... like my friends at Blue Republic, Peace Train, Gynocracy Invasion, Unbrainwashed, Bushmerika, Holding North Dakota's Breath, American Insurgency, Left Of Center, Pink Feminist, Coalition For Republican Free America, The Aurora, Peace Chick Mary,Spurious George...ok, I will stop now. You know who you are. There are many more, and I hope to reconnect with some that I've lost track of lately too.

I hope you know that you are appreciated. That your writing matters, and continues to rally and stir others.

OK just wanted to throw that out there.

Dude said...

So this is where you are! Okay, get back to work...you have an article due for tomorrow, and don't forget to clean out the refrigerator in the break room before you go home tonight.

Lily said...

Uh oh! Busted! Sometimes I miss my digs.

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