Cindy Sheehan Tribute

A suggestion was made at The Peace Train to post a "tribute" of sorts on our individual blogs, to essentially honor the efforts of Cindy Sheehan and to talk about her efforts, her questions, and her conclusions. It is not necessary for anyone to be all things to all people in order to be appreciated. I happen to personally think she has been courageous. But even if I didn't, I would giver her credit for her years of dedicated activism. The smear tactics don't change the substance of who she has been. They have tried to diminish her personally because they fail in the debate. At one blog, they even stooped to writing about how Code Pink women are not attractive. (um, mirrors, assholes?) Yeah, thats some quality discourse! Change the subject much????

I think her decision is unfortunate, but who could blame her for wanting to go back to her home and live her life? She has been attacked for everything, from her health to accusations of exploiting her own son's tragic death. She has become a participant in a debate frought with partisan bullshit and apologist post-rationalizations. And yet, through all of the chatter, has anyone REALLY answered her question? What is the noble cause? Sum it up, folks! Cut to the chase, let's hear it. Freedom? Well thats like saying the cause is Happiness. It is subjective, and supposedly we are a nation of people that value autonomy over the imposition of what is "best". We do not like being told what is best for our families, do we? These people want local control of schools, state sovereignty, right? But they support one nation deciding another is "wired wrong" and should be destroyed and rebuilt to code?
If we say "to keep America safe"- why cant people really identify how we are accomplishing that when we are doing exactly what terror groups hoped we would do- increase anti-American sentiments? Our occupation has increased their recruitment gains, not weakened them. We know that we can't fight terror by "hunting them down". We know that we can't run from sanctuary to sanctuary smoking them out of their caves, we know that without the hearts and minds of their communities, these sanctuaries will again become friendly to those that hate us.
We know that we are stretching our military too thin, rendering us unprepared for a REAL threat. The fact that amateurs attacked the freakin Pentagon and civilians had to bring down the plane over Pennsylvania instead of military intervention shows that regardless of what you think about that day- there are some REAL problems that remain unfixed. We are not prepared for emergencies, and spending is out of control.
They say we want America to be weak, pussy. I say that strength hardly comes from being driven by fools into the ground.
Is this the noble cause? To become distracted, weakened, partisan-fixated, resource hungry, broke, hated, distrusted, violated- while chickenhawks talk about a war most of them would never fight in? No wonder Cindy Sheehan is disgusted, wondering what the hell is going on, wondering what the "new" congress is doing, wondering what the point is. WHAT IS THE POINT?

Maybe if critics of the anti-war movement could stop mocking Sheryl Crow a second and TALK SUBSTANCE they might have some real answers and could perhaps actually answer her question. We're still waiting.


Anonymous said...

I think those deluded Democrats who think their party is better and different than the Republicans ought to be thankin' Ms. Sheehan, if you know what I mean. She singlehandedly turned public sentiment against the war and the Bush administration, and helped them skeezers get into power, only to have them exposed as being as useless as an eight track player on yer computer.
I think she honored her son by questioning what this war is about. Because she cared so much to try and prevent senseless death and destruction, his death was not in vain. Screw the "Democratic Underground". Cindy Sheehan for President!

Lily said...

You mean I cant use my eight tracks anymore?
But what about all my Gordon Lightfoot?

Chuck said...

Well said Lily. And no shame and more power to Cindy Sheehan.

Chuck said...


I don't know what's up, but FWIW your "Gynocracy Now" blog will only partially load (for me anyway).

Lily said...

Thats allright, same shit different day there anyway. Rant, rant, manhate, rant, manhate some more.


Mariamariacuchita said...

I agree with ron...Cindy for Prez. She has my vote.

sumo said...

We are not prepared for emergencies, and spending is out of control. In a nutshell covers it rather well.

Crackpot Press said...

Excellent Post!

Lew, I wanted to share with you a piece that a buddy of mine wrote

Mother's Day, the Holiday to End All Wars.


Pardon the old format.

Lily said...

Alot of us posted on the Mother's Day Proclamation and the origin of the day itself, the meaning, etc. It's time to get back to that concept of parents working together for everyone;s children.

Anonymous said...

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