November Issues

There are many things at stake. Too many. I guess I have a pet peeve with people that go on about how they all suck, so what's the difference? To a certain extent its true that there are some serious problems here with both sides. But acknowledging problems is not the same as saying "why bother". I can understand the frustration and the sense of futility, but I wont concede that it makes no difference who is in office. Case in point: South Dakota.

Feminist Majority:

What happens in South Dakota in November will affect women nationwide. If the abortion ban ballot initiative were to pass, other states across the nation could use its passage as reasoning for passing their own ban. Twelve other states already have similar bans pending. Moreover, if this draconian ban passes, it will become the test case to reverse Roe v. Wade.

South Dakota Senator Bill Napoli, one of the leading backers of the ban, said on PBS that "brutalized and raped" religious virgins were the only ones deserving of legal abortions, and "there's no time like the present" for South Dakota to lead states in criminalizing abortion.

It DOES matter who is in office. It matters to the woman that loses control over her right to choose. It matters to the environment when we perpetuate the reign of jackasses that are selling out our kids for the lie that they are protecting jobs when we know damn well that saving jobs doesn't matter to them. (or they wouldn't send all their jobs elsewhere to the places where people are the most desperate to work for their near-slave wages.)

I might not like any of the choices or feel that they are ideal. But it matters. Once we give up our vote, whats left? We have so little as citizens now.

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