Don't Look Now, It Ain't You Or Me

President Bush today in his weakly radio address, seized upon the oppurtunity to tie in the recent school shootings to his No Child Left Behind Act. Of course, he never addressed how mandating standardized testing is going to prevent some whacko from entering schools with a gun, but you have to understand that this is from a guy who tied an unnecessary war in Iraq with a "terrorist" attack it had nothing to do with, or how fighting anti-occupation forces in that country is stopping "The war on terror".

This recent rash of school shootings, really hate crimes, as all the victims were singled out because they were female, has slipped under the radar for most people, being distracted as they were by the latest Republican scandal, of which there has been many, none as lurid and tawdry as this one, which has been the reason it has played so well to the television-watchers. And while the recent school shootings may be enough for some television-watchers to give up their guns, what about those so tied to gun ownership that they won't give up their guns until they are pried from their cold dead fingers?

But buried underneath all that has been the recent passage of a bill that allows the president to use torture, as well as hold enemy combatants as long as he wants with out due process. And buried in that piece of crap legislation was the fact that the president can declare anyone he wishes as an enemy combatant, even US citizens.
This bill passed with votes from the Democrats as well as the Republicans, perhaps the offending Democrats were just up for re-election and knew that if they didn't go along, it would be held against them by them opposition, by saying they were soft on terror. But what is torture but terror sanctioned by a government anyway?
And who's to stop this legislation from being abused? The courts may be able to stop it at lower levels, but the Supreme Court is packed with Bush appointees, and while they may interpret a post de facto, law as unconstitutional, these are the same people who stopped a vote count that appointed Bush to office anyway.
The Corporate High Priests Of Expense Accounts are running scared. The economy is not doing as well as we are being told.
Inflation is "above what we would consider price stability", according to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Recently released figures point to a slow down in the service economy, about the only economy we have left, having sacrificed much of our manufacturing economy for the benefit of the High Priests. The middle class is struggling under current economic conditions, and are able to save less. And the Bush administration has the worst jobs growth of the last forty years, creating just 51,000 jobs last month, which is only 80,000 less than expected. Okay if you're a High Priest, or Bush lackey, bad news if you're looking for a job in a shrinking job market. The housing bubble is starting to deflate causing a lot of other businesses to slow down as well.
The High Priests in their gated community castles are looking nervous. It won't take long before the citizens realize they've been screwed with out lubricant and a smoke afterwards, and may wish to seek a change.
That's because the economic unrest can be directly linked to them. A service economy cannot sustain the growth needed to build an economy, because service jobs don't pay enough to drive an economy. And it's the outsoucing is the cause of it all.
By sending jobs to China, they have seen their economy grow, which has also increased their demands for energy. Our oil resources are dwindling while our usage is increasing, so we really don't refine enough to export to other nations. So China has been making deals with other countries for their oil needs. Iran, Venezuela and other countries have deals with China, and the first two are in the sights of the Bush ADDministration in their never ending quest for global hegemony under the guise of a war on terror. So while our soldiers are fighting and dying for abstract notions like freedom and democracy, they are really being ground under the wheels of the corporatocracy while these same abstract ideals are being crushed here at home. And now the CEO of that said corporatocracy has the ability to declare anyone who dare point out the inequities as aiding the enemy, therefore not granted due process as guaranteed by our founding fathers. While the middle class is constantly making sacrifices, it is gaining nothing from the High Priests of Expense Accounts.

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