Lies And Propaganda

Reading through an article in today's SignOnSanDiego reads like pure Bushist propaganda. the article deals with Robert Sceer's reporting for the BBC. What he has done that is so offensive, is deviate from the corporate media's script in the Middle East.
Take for instance, this first paragraph:
Robert Scheer is seen as a reliably far-left pundit who thinks Israel is responsible for the Middle East's problems and is unconcerned by matters such as the fact that the leader of Iran, which is eagerly developing nuclear weapons technology, has vowed to annihilate Israel from the face of the Earth. So when Scheer writes a column excoriating Israel, it is no surprise that not once does he mention that Lebanese civilian deaths are almost entirely because Hezbollah bases its missiles and soldiers in civilian areas.
I'm not going to go all Mel Gibson and blame all the problems in the Mid East on Israel. Religion is the main problem, since all parties involved think their religion is the one true religion and God is in their side as they senselesly slaughter other human beings in His name. But the lie comes in the first sentence. The president of Iran, who is not developing nuclear weapons, has never "vowed to annihilate Israel from the face of the Earth". I have read two different interpretations of Ahmednejad's statement, and never once did he say "I" or "annihilate". What he did say was either "Israel should be wiped off the map", which is what MEMRI's pro-Israel perpetually victimized interpretation of the statement is, or "Israel should be erased from the pages of history". Neither statement concludes that Ahmednejad making it his personal responsibility.
Then comes the whole "Hezbollah bases it's missiles and soldiers in civilian areas". Don't blame Israel for these deaths, even though there were no missiles in Qa'na. There also were no missiles in the ambulances Israel intentionally bombed,

or in the relief trucks, or the power plants or under the bridges either. But the truth is Hezbollah avoids civilians because they don't trust them. And of course, to the IDF, all sites are legitimate as long as they're in Lebanon. The article also fails to mention how Israel uses Palestinians as human shields.
The article continues:
It is not just that the supposed crimes of Israel are completely overplayed, but the fact that this is a two-sided war (started, of course, by Hizbullah) is all but obscured, Even Israeli Prime Minister Olmert admits the two soldiers were captured in Lebanon, which means Israel violated the sovereignity of Lebanon, which is how this whole mess started. But that's beside the point I guess.
in spite of hundreds of hours of broadcast by dozens of BBC reporters and studio anchors, you wouldn't really know that hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been living in bomb shelters for weeks now, tired, afraid, but resilient; that a grandmother and her seven-year old grandson were killed by a Katyusha during a Sabbath dinner; that several other Israeli children have died.
Yes, it's a shame that these Israelis have died. There is no excuse for it, but none of it would have happened if Israel would have stayed within it's borders. Fifty-four Israelis have died from the Hezbollah rocket attacks, eighteen of them civilians. Everyone of them from the grandmother and grandson killed during a Sabbath dinner, to the rest of them have been needless murders.
But 900 Lebanese have died, over one third of them under 12 years old. Over six times more children have been killed by Israel than Israelis that have been killed by Hezbollah. What needs to be done is for both sides to stop the killing now. However, with Bush and the neocons slavvering over the opportunity to start a proxy war with Syria, don't count on the US stepping in anytime soon.


GraemeAnfinson said...

I have heard that the Hezbollah went into Israel to kidnap the soldiers reported time and time again. As you point out, this is false. We do they keep reporting it?

The right is all up in arms over a photo of bombed out buildings some reuters photographer added smoke to. It is amazing how callous they are when they look at photos of innocent people being blown to bits by American bombs. I have even heard some claim Hezbollah is blowing up their own people and plantig the bodies. they are really grabbing for straws on this issue. it is sad.

Gary said...

Yes, and there is that little thing called International Humanitarian Law (most of it in the Geneva Conventions).

Hezbollah may be contravening IHL through using civilians as shields and certainly they are by launching rockets at civilians. Israel is breaching a bunch of the convention: disproportionate use of force; targeting civilians; using indiscriminate weapons (cluster bombs); not protecting civilians or providing aid; forcing the removal of civilians and more...

A mess. Time to end the cycle of revenge, violence and power politics and start forcing these people to sit down and negotiate. Ask the Irish - it's possible.

Thanks Glenda.

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi from India

glenda said...

"not going to go all Mel Gibson"..hoo hoo, greeeat!
There is intentionl obfuscation in this war. There is distortion beyond belief. Those dead children were not terrorists, did not support terrorism, were coldly murdered.

Kelley Bell said...

After reading the collected works of Joseph Campbell, I came to the startling revelation that The shared cultural mythology of a society is the root of EVERYTHING.

Pick any socital issue, and you will find a religious tenent behind it.

This whole Middle East problem can be traced all the way back to Ishmael and Iaasac. (Aberhams two sons from the old testies. One goes off to spread the words of big Daddy to the Twelve tribes of Israel, and eventually the Christians, while the other gets exiled, but is "saved" from death by God, and gives the word to "MO." -hammud, that is.)

And we still be a feudin and a fightin over these brotha's bane.


Not to go Mel Gibson here, but...religion does seem to be the root.

landsker said...

Were it not for the collection plate, the priests would need to work. No, I don`t think it is religion that drives Israel to war over a few farms and hillsides.

Think oil, think about who lobbied for the creation of Israel.

Think about who benefits from the sales of arms to Israel.

troutsky said...

Im with the landsker analysis on this one ,capitalism is the disease, religion the opiate to relieve the pain.

Kelley Bell said...

Yes, you are both right, but if religion is the opiate, it's a flamable opiate.

Pat Robertson and his type are a good example. They are after money and power, but they USE the beliefs of the people to achieve their goals.

The shared cultural belief system of a society can, and has been used to mobilize the masses for any twisted agenda these power seekers want.

If "The People" understood that, and would refuse to get behind the zealots, just imagine how different history would be.

I personally choose to promote the idea of personal spirituality as a positive part of the human experience, but tend to see organized religion as rather dangerous, because the "flock" can change from sheep, to an army with nothing more than a sermon and the wave of a flag.

Shea Gadfly said...

Frank Zappa used the Bible to make a good point. Supposedly God made all people in his likeness. So if we're dumb then maybe God is dumb...and a little ugly on the side.

But that aside, the United States didn't create the state of Israel. In fact it wasn't lobbied for (I don't no where you got that...and there's oil in Israel?)...the Europeons didn't want the Jewish people all spread out after WWII, so they pushed the Jews back and forth and finally settled on Israel. You can't blame the United States for everything (do you have that much guilt?). We didn't just attack the Japanese who brought us into battle. We freed a people who were being opressed by the Nazi's (who now every liberal compares the conservative too, shamelessly I might add). If you want to blame anyone for the creation of Israel and the resulting chaos, then blame everyone's favorite continent. Yes, the French. Yes, the Polish. Yes, the Italians. And yes bigtime to the Brits.

Don't equate the Irish being beaten down by the worst colonizing whores in the world (Brits get out) to what's happening in the Middle East. I am Irish American. My grandparent's were from Ireland. They lost, they didn't learn. In Northern Ireland today a booming economy and highly educated populace had more to do with the peace than any negotiations ever did...Don't thank George Mitchell who can't even prosecute a known steroid user in Barry Bonds...and don't think that the Irish won something when they lost their freedom. It's just insulting.

Troll Watcher said...

It wasn't "Europeans" that wanted the Jews to have a homeland, it was the Zionist movement that did, and they had been pushing for it since before WWI. They sought to give the Jewish people a national identity rather than a religious one.
If the Republicans don't like being compared shamelesly to the fascists, perhaps they should stop acting like them.
Which brings me to the joke:
What's the difference between the Nazis and the Zionists? The Nazis wanted to round up all the Jews and have them killed, the Zionists wanted to round up all the Jews and have them kill.

Anonymous said...

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