Wadena: "Lighting Up A 'Ville"

Posted by Wadena at Tiger Tale Journal:
Lighting up a 'Ville..2006 Version (Mai Lai Pakistan)
DAMADOLA, Pakistan — A U.S. airstrike on a suspected Al Qaeda hideout in Pakistan near the Afghan border that killed at least 17 people targeted the terrorist network's No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri, but the suspect wasn't there, Pakistani officials said today.
Yesterday, in the grand tradition of Mai Lai, the Bush Crime Family "Lit up a 'Ville," in a new country.
The "suspect" wasn't there. Some innocent "suspects" were killed and some were maimed.
Yes, in an apparent attempt to reaffirm that this is 'Nam all over again, the old ritual of "Lighting up a 'Ville" was performed in Pakistan.
But this one was really a NEW ritual, differing in distinct ways from the old.....it's the new, improved, Bush version.
In Vietnam, if we suspected that some bad guys might be in a village, we'd lay all the ordinance we had into that 'ville and if anybody shot back we'd call in an air strike. When nothing was moving anymore, we'd go in and check it out and do a body count.
That COULD be dangerous. Mostly fatal to the indigenous population, but dangerous to us because some bloody somebody might still have the strength to pull a trigger or lob a grenade.
The new ritual, in honor of, and befitting a man who spent his own wartime National Guarding the friendly borders of Texas, posed no such dangers. Yesterday, we just sent a swarm of machines without pilots.......a swarm of drones. Unmanned war planes that struck (as Custer used to say until it happened to him) in a "surprise attack without mercy."

No danger to us. Safe as flying a remote control airplane. Safe as spending the war in Texas.

And, as usual, we killed the wrong people. Our intelligence was "flawed."

Our intelligence was "flawed???" Whoa! Heard that one before!!

So.....let's review.

Yesterday we did a cowardly, remote-control attack on a village of innocent people.....hoping some bad guys might be among them. We killed a whole bunch of innocent men, women and children.

So, other than the increased cowardice.......how does that differ from the Mai Lai Massacre?

But our Crypto-Fascist media (who condemned the Mai Lai Massacre) sounded positively giddy when first reporting this current massacre. Major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS were all sounding jubilant over this absolutely boneheaded and cowardly military action in Pakistan.

We can assume they are sad today. We missed the bad guys. Our intelligence was flawed.

Maybe we'll get them next time.

When will they ever learn?


tp said...

Well said, Wadena.

Lew Scannon said...

One of the secondary reasons for the war on terror is the chance to test new technologies in battle situations. My guess is that this one passed with "flying" colors.

Rich said...

Ah yes, we are back to our more noble efforts to win the hearts and minds of the indigenous camel jockies, ragheads and wearers of the seven day shitters. You know when you think about the people over there in those terms it is a lot easier justifying wiping out a bunch of them. Just a bunch of ragheads who cares, sort of like slopes without slanted eyes.

Wadena said...

And besides, we know that the even the tear-ist babies would have grown up to be haters of America and homicide bombers anyway (they hate us because we have freedom--they hate democracy--they hate free people).

This should teach them (babies and all) to NEVER misunderestimate our resolve to be free and protect America from tear-ism.

Neil Shakespeare said...

The folks at the Pentagon are probably gathered around celebrating, gleeful that their new unmanned drones work, thus saving lives. I expect a press release tomorrow lauding the new machines which allow us to kill civilians without endangering any of our pilots.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

nice boot. and thank you.

Lily said...

Oh, the Rev likes the boot does he? I BET HE DOES.

Gee, I wonder if the US has a history of 'testing' weapons in such ways? I wonder... hmm.. like dropping nuclear bombs maybe?

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