Peak Oil and it's Effects on the Decision Making Capabilities of Multi-National Oil Corporations and the Politicians They Own.

Star Wars geeks always debate whether it was okay for Luke Skywalker to kill all the construction workers when he blew up the Death Star. You see, they never harmed the rebels, they were just doing their jobs. I bring this up because right now, there are about 300 Russian

nationals helping Iran to build it's nuclear power plant at Bushehr. And it's likely that if the US goes ahead with it's plan to bomb the nuclear facility, some of these Russian nationals will be killed. You can see a couple of them in the above photo, sure doesn't look like they're building nuclear weapons to me.

The danger of having our politicians in the pockets of Big Oil (or, hell, being Big Oil themselves) is they are the first to know (and last to admit) that the world is hitting peak oil. What they want, is to squeeze every last penny out of the world before the cheap oil is all gone and people will start to really start conservation efforts when the price of gas (in the US) hits $5.00 a gallon. So these people (if you could actually refer to them as humans) are doing everything to insure that America's steady diet of energy consumption is uninterupted as long as possible.

That's probably the reason the Department of Interior opened some 500,000 acres of Alaska Wild life refuge to oil drilling. (continued)

Dick Cheney's energy task force recommended, probably spurred on by the drool coagulating in the corner of Cheney's mouth. Why save anything for future generations when there's pockets to be lined and they're not getting anymore through the Abramoff pipeline. Let's see, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, it's a good thing North Korea isn't swimming in oil (although they do have nuclear weapons) otherwise they'd be staring down the barrel of a cowboy (or, rather, some guy from Connecticut who likes to dress up like a cowboy, when he's not dressing up like a Top Gun fighter pilot)gunning for more obscene profits for his Texas Oil Buddies.

The War On Terrorism has never been about fighting terrorists. When Judicial Watch sued Dick Cheney to find out who and what was behind his "Energy Task Force", what they got back was maps of Iraqi oilfields. These were from meetings that took place before 9/11. The war on terror's goals are twofold. Securing all the world's petroleum reserves for a corporate friendly right wing dictatorship.

Corporations are only concerned with one thing: pleasing the majority stockholders. And since the upper echelon of any corporation are the majority stockholders, this means they are only concerned with pleasing themselves. They don't care how many jobs they have to cut, workers are expendable. Which is why they have no problem with killing 300 Russian nationals building a nuclear reactor in Iran.


enigma4ever said...

collateral damage means oops to these idiots...except that is the thing- George ain't so stupid- he Always gets what he wants..and his friends...and yeah, the whole Iran thing has been in the works for awhile and being poked from the side and ear by George- get Risen's Book- is very interesting- Very....

( thanks for all your comments...and I am taking a break for now...and I appreciated all of your insights and wisdom...and I still come over here every day...you didn't get rid of your picture did you?...thanks again wise lady)

lily said...

Enigma- you are the wise lady. I am an immature news junkie with hidden hostility.

tp said...

She gets rid of things all the time, she has some kind of ADD with graphics. Over tweaking, a disorder characterized by continuous graphic changes and font adjustments. A blog's worst nightmare, lily.

Anonymous said...

The War On Terrorism has never been about fighting terrorists.

It's such a simple calculus. Proven oil reserves:

(1) Saudi Arabia - Friendly (for the moment)
(2) Canada - Friendly (and weak)
(3) Iran - Hostile (and on deck)
(4) Iraq - Hostile (and in the batter's box)

Anybody with a half-a-brain can see it.

Lily said...

Absent from the picture: N Korea.
We aren't quite so interested in bringing liberation to their neck of the woods, are we??

Aethlos said...

wow, you have a great blog... keep it up you sexy brain you.

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