Deja Vu All Over Again

This past Tuesday, Iran broke the seals on it's nuclear research lab, vowing to continue it's quest to enrich uranium to develop a nuclear energy program. This in turn has led to the US calling for sanctions against Iran in the UN. If all this sounds familiar, it's exactly what happened before the US started it's plan to invade Iraq. And, just as before, the pre-invasion propaganda has begun already.
It's important to note, that in the ramping up of the propaganda against Iran, that the ones calling for invasion are also the ones caught
spying on the US government and passing phony intelligence to the WHIG about Saddam. And like Saddam had started, Iran is planning on dumping the petrodollar in favor of the petroeuro.
But this time, there will be one slight difference. Those who dare to speak out against this war will be criminalized as "disruptors" under a little- noticed provision in the Patriot Act recently signed by George W Bush. That means that any one who may try to pop the bubble president's bubble, could be placed under arrest by Secret Service agents.
Yes, everyday, this once free country is moving dangerously close to becoming a dictatorship which is okay by Bush, just so long as he's the dictator.
And all those beer swilling flag waving brain damaged chemically imbalanced monkeys who thinks it's okay to spy on American citizens for national security purposes in the post-9/11 world should remember that the NSA was spying on citizens prior to 9/11 and were still unable to prevent it.
It's been a busy week in the so-called war on terror. Twelve soldiers died in a helicopter crash. Today, the US took out the number two alQaeada leader in Pakistan with a missile, the third or fourth number two alQaeada guy we've claimed to have taken out. (Or the the third or fourth time we've taken the same guy out, who knows?) But before Condaleeza starts talking about mushroom clouds and smoking guns, it's important to note that there has only been one country crazy enough to use nuclear weapons.


Lily said...

Nice to see you around, Lew.


rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

ok you got me with this story, scary stuff. i noticed a blank spot on your blogroll, wanna link swap?

lily said...

I already read your blog, just haven't gotten around to making it "official"!!!
I'll add you this weekend. And the others I have been meaning to get to... (I'm a loser)
Yeah, Lew tends to disturb :) but its a nice balance from my crying founding fathers and dancing cats. SOMEBODY has to have some restraint around here...

Ted said...

Good point. Though I think the tough talk is more due to the "Left Behind" series. I admitt to reading the first one about six years ago. It was weird, all of a sudden the janitors thought that I was one of them and would come talk to me while I was working at the my lab bench.

Anyway in the book, the Apocolypse is started by a war between Israel and Iran. So when the "Left Behinders" as I like to call then hear of any such idea, they get all in a huff. If this were North Korea they would be less trigger happy.

ANyway, I couldn't help but notice your blogroll on both your ogs is lacking evil. With that I propose you add a dash of evil to the roll with a link to www.evilbobby.blogspot.com

See what a difference evil makes!

lily said...

More than happy to add some evil, your blog was a good late night read, sorry I went off on ANWR. I always do that. I SWEAR I am going to update this blogroll...
Are you saying the janitors thought you were a 'left behinder"?

Ted said...

Actually yes, they thought I was. Just based on the fact that I was reading that book. The book is at about a 5th grade level, and uses all sorts of signs to suggest the world is ending.

My then girlfriend was up to book 5 in the series, and eagerly awaited all the others. I hear that it is enormously successful.

When I was visiting my High School to be a guest speaker last year, I bumped into my old Play Director. It was so nice to see him, and we chatted over some coffee in his office. When we discussed a teacher who has been recently arrested, he brought up the term Left Behind, and very gracefully, as though we were speaking in code "Do you read". I affirmed that I had, which was good enough to be let in the circle. He told me all about how this convicted teacher has told him about how he was going to be "Left Behind".

Lew Scannon said...

The World belongs to the non-believers!

Left of Center said...

As in this last Iraq war, we'll know when the war on Iran is eminent when large quantities of porta potties are ordered and shipped to Iraq. Defenders of freedom have to crap somewhere.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

i am also trying to think of a way to borrow the jefferson pic. love dat.

Anonymous said...

Save it to disk. Or copy the url to post.

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