Hit on them, they won't mind! Often it makes sense to just link to the folks that are already saying what we want to say, and are doing a great job. No need to be redundant.

Night Bird's Fountain- Has a post on the upcoming action in Washington, D.C. Check it out, and consider attending or organizing something locally. March 8th:
"Just picture groups of women around the world rallying against the war at US embassies and other symbolic places-all on the same day! It would be hard for US leaders to ignore. It would be hard for the media to ignore. And it would fire us up as women to know that our actions were being replicated by our sisters all over the globe."
Lets hit the streets!

Good News is a short, to the point piece at Fred's blog: "Making Conservatives Cringe Since 1977" about the appointment of Chalabi. Might as well direct you to him.

Digby discusses the role of the blogger in the 'age of information' at Hullabaloo in a post entitled Contextualizing. I mention this piece because of recent stories that have been dismissive of the role of blogs in matters of information exchange. Some journalists have a real chip on their shoulders about blogs, and their relevance. The point, as he states, is not to replace news but to supplement it. I would rather read Digby than many mainstream writers- writers are not given credibility by virtue of their 'publication' necessarily. There is no such thing as 'ascribed authority' in journalism anymore.
Readers of blogs develop a trust for their favorite writers over time. We must be discerning, and wade through the tangles of media, whether its on paper or in the blogosphere. Digby's posts don't dissappoint.

Even among ourselves, we have had many discussions here and there about the role of blogs. One thing that bloggers can do is connect, interact, organize... elements missing in traditional media outlets. All have their place, and value. But get used to seeing these debates continue.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Yeah, read that digby piece. Since the rise of the blogs the MSM must feel a little picked on, don't you think? I think it may have driven them to the right. They used to have the monopoly on 'truth', or so they thought. Now the bloggers have taken that away. But I think the smart ones in the MSM actually look to the blogs. Their jobs don't allow them to 'speculate'. I suppose they might be jealous of the freedom of the blogs as well. And I agree that there are tons of good writers up here. Much better than what the MSM has to offer, I think.

lily said...

Certainly part of what appeals to blog readers is the critical element and the autonomy.. MSM will continue to respond by feeling threatened despite the fact that all formats can exist in concert.
From a financial perspective, some of us would rather read ads on blogs and generate revenue for the people that take the time to speak truth! Less money for the Machine.
The more the thought spectrum is supressed, the more creative people will ooze from the boot to express their views, one way or another, one at a time. The persistence of bloggery is perhaps a testament to that.
Our media does not serve the public interest, it serves to either function as a conduit for propaganda or as 'entertainment'. Neither are acceptable nor does THAT pass for journalism.
A must see: Amy Goodman's documentary on our wartime media.

enigma4ever said...

Neil hit it ...monopoly on the truth...no kidding...Thanks for your round up....Love new places to wonder in the blogosphere...I will be blogging this weekend..but took a break tonight to read up...

( and I love the caddy photo as well...)

tp said...

A good journalist will look to the sources that will inform the 'story' and that should include bloggers. The best aspect of blogging is the network ability, not in the commercial sense but in the fact checking sense. Like a pool of peer reviewers. ive your clicks to the ones that get it right, support truth versus reporting lies.

Crackpot Press said...

Tkaing it to the streets is futile.

There has to be something more effective.

A pie in the face always makes the news.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Oh yes - I do agree; blogging has done a crack-up job at keeping the MSM 'honest' - wouldn't you say? It's hard to get away with bombast when you have several million fact-checkers parsing every syllable. Just ask Bill O’Reilly. Boyfriend there has been caught by the short hairs more than once this year. So more power to all who search relentlessly for truth, justice and – well you get the picture. Kind of makes us Superman, in a way - doesn’t it?

lily said...

Fat Lady Sings, you are an inspiration! Thats what its about for many of us, simply trying to find 'truth". Truth should be accessible to everyone, and transparency should be a goal.

Anonymous said...

BOYFRIEND! I LOVE IT! I'd have said fuckhead. But thats where i'm at.

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