Book Report Project

The Book Report Project is about sending a message about surveillance by spoofing the misguided efforts of the government to spy on its citizens in the name of 'security'. If you have feedback, you can leave it in the comments section and we'll forward them along. Or contact via website link.

Needed: Suggested Books, Feedback, and Participants for "Book Report Project".
"...suggestions for good books on the present
situation - including (but not limited to!) the following subjects:
the USA PATRIOT Act, problems in the electoral system, the torture
question, the uses of secrecy and surveillance in the Bush regime,
militarism, the Iraq occupation, economic inequality, etc etc etc. Take a
look at the existing list, you'll get the flavor!
And of course, please consider participating - just send a few
paragraphs about one of these books to your local FBI office on the next
Reports Due date, which is Feb. 17. The idea is simple - if they want to
know what we're reading, we'll tell them! (Thousands of us, all at once!)


Lily said...

Crashing The Gate by Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong, coming February 2006.

"Exception to the Rulers" Amy Goodman

enigma4ever said...

oh, my a book project- lovely- can't wait...

( I have book coming out in the Spring, hopefully- "Silent Fallout"....)

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