Impeachment Day of Action

Impeachment Day of Action! Bloggers Unite!
Impeachnet.net For Info ... Or Here (update:link fixed)


Starting at noon on September 1 2006, participating websites and blogs will replace their front pages with the single word “Impeach” in simple white text on a black background. (See this page for an example.) For 24 hours, web surfers and blog readers will see that word first when they visit their favorite sites. In this way, we hope to get the public talking about the one tool guaranteed by the Founders to restore our Constitutional Democracy.

Impeachment Discussion/Info At Peace Train: HERE

One of the things posted is a list of impeachment issues and links to information. Why impeach? On what legal basis? How is impeachment initiated? What about Cheney, who wants him? There are links to some opinions about these questions. How do you feel about the impeachment push? Do you think it will happen if the Dems get back?

(note: thank you to Michael Bains of Silly Humans, who posted this action)


Lew Scannon said...

Not only do they need to be impeached, but then we ought to ship their asses over to the World Court, where they can be tried as war criminals as well. A pre-emptive strike is a violation of international law, and if Saddam can be tried for his war crimes and the deaths he's caused there's no reason Bush and Cheney shouldn't be either.

podvizhnik said...

H'm. Still got that burr under the saddle from Clinton, eh?

Lily said...

Burr? What do you mean?

Do you mean the desire to have signatures on treaties and agreements mean something?

Do you mean the desire to concern ourselves with Democracy in our country when we purport to spread it elsewhere?

Do you mean the desire to relegate violence to a last resport when diploamtic means have been thoroughly exhausted?

If you have a point to make please make it. I wont guess what you are referring to.

And if you are suggesting that it is because of clinton-retaliation- thats also ridulous. Clinton was impeached for nothing in comparison!

Its like comparing apples.. and... Jupiter.

landsker said...
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landsker said...

landsker said...
So Bush gets to be the scapegoat, maybe Cheney and Rumpsfelt get pulled in. Perhaps a roundup of the "neo-cons".
So what?
Either it was an inside job, or it wasn`t.
If it was, then there would need to be several dozen arrests.
The democrats? Will they withdraw from Iraq?
Will they cease to fund the Israelis?
Just a few thoughts, but imho, impeaching one chimp still leaves a whole troop of monkeys chattering in the bushes.

tp said...

Yes- but it answers the need for accountability. Must every gesture be an ultimate all inclusive solution? NO.

But gestures and symbolic actions do matter. They matter to legacy, to history. We will be the society that impeached for a blow job but not plamegate, wiretapping, illegal war, torture, environmental crime, etc?

Anonymous said...

I suggest you focus on winning the election before you focus on impeachment. Baby steps.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Your link to impeachment.net takes you to a parking page instead of info. You might want to check that out.

Lily said...

HMMM Sorry. I thought I checked it. I will fix it.

Yes, baby steps but shining a light on the differences does pertain to the election.

Lily said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lily said...


Is the blog. It should be "impeachnet". My fault! Looked at it quickly!

Let me fix...thanks Poobah.

Chuck said...

Hi Lilly.

Impeachment is a start. A war crimes trial would be a good next step. Then there are so many instances of breaking the law, removing our rights, destroying our economy, no bid contracts, signing statements to usurp the constitution, insider deals and on & on...

I don't want to see any of this die in 2009 if we still have any recourse by the time they get done with us.

podvizhnik said...

Yes, I'm talking about desire to impeach Bush simply because Clinton was impeached. Whoever wants to talk about agreements and treaties, let's hear what they have to say about UN Res. 1559. And diplomacy with Hezbollah--Oh, that's right. Hezbollah isn't bound by international treaties, because it's not a nation. Silly me ... *bangs head against table* Ahh, that's better.

Frederick said...

Pod creature, the "desire to impeach Bush simply because Clinton was impeached," is surely a meme thought up by a conservative mind, you must realize that not everyone lives their lives so vindictively, some people believe in truth and justice. Join us, clear your conscience. It was a Republican lead attempt at impeachment with Nixon, have some integrity once again.

tp said...

Did it ever occur to you though that if we dont start recognizng treaties (like the geneva conventions when genocide is going on as it is) that treaties will be useless? A lost option in diplomacy?

And what is so bad about impeachment as a gesture that we want governmentt to be held accountable and to answer to the people?

Thats crazy, partisan, all because of CLintons intern?

Its not possible to actually think impeachment has merit? Thats very insulting to people. To suggest revenge is the only reason.

Vanished said...

The reasons cited certainly provide ample evidence for impeachment and plenty more are available at the impeachment site and coming over the internet everyday.

The word "revenge" is so small to apply to the impeachment movement when one considers the massive destruction that our nation has unleashed to [well, whatever reason is the current administration justification; this we know changes regularly]retaliate for 9-11.

If we can't suceed, we will have tried and the world MAY know there are some Americans that still think and recognize really impeachable behaviors when they see them!

Or have crimes against humanity become so insidious the public remains "dumbed down" by the barrage of irrelevant material available 24-7 on mainstream TV.

Let's hope not.

podvizhnik said...

The "pod creature" waves its tentacles and mouths: Revenge for Clinton is only one reason. But pursuing a war? Well, then FDR should have been impeached--we didn't exactly treat Germany with kid gloves you know. Not to mention Kennedy and Johnson, who sent so many troops in to devastate Vietnam--they should have been impeached too. And the destruction that Clinton rained on Kosovo--let's not forget that. And all upon countries who hadn't attacked us first ... Oh, wait; I forgot, use of force against foreigners is only OK if Democrats do it. Silly me. *takes pill*

Troll Watcher said...

Here's just a partial list as to why Bush should be impeached
1. Allowed our enemies to penetrate our airspace and kill 3000 citizens, despite receiving prior warning.
2.Allowed our enemies to escape into Pakistan because he pulled forces to prepare for invasion of Iraq.
3. Lied to congress about threat by Iraq in order to garner support for invasion.
4.Violated international law by invading a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us or it's neighbors.
5.Violated US law by allowing enemy prisoners to be tortured.
6. Violated US law by conducting illegal wiretaps.
7. Ignored prior warnings about the severity of Hurricane Katrina and failed to respond in expediant fashion.
If those aren't enough for you, I'm sure we can come up with more, but since you seem to be a law and order type, one violation of the law should be enough cause for impeachment. That's all it took to impeach Bill Clinton.

tp said...

Its true- were it not for civilians the military wouldnt have even known about 9-11. Thats not opinion that comes from the tapes themselves from NORAD and air traffic control.

True many presidents did many things. many went to Congress though and did not act like The Decider.

Just because it is done by others certainly does not mean anything is ok, we learn that in first grade.

Maybe things need to change. The arrogance needs to be challenged?

Can you honestly say things are good the way they are?

Cant you get past partisan bullshit and stop being a Bush apologist solely on the basis of "other people did it" type of rhetoric?

Lily said...

Why cant you talk about impeachment with THIS administration, TODAY, NOW, this government, why does it have to be about Clinton?

Its time to move on isnt it, people are dying NOW. Things are going on NOW. I agree that we need to stop using the past an excuse to do nothing here, now. In the present.

Can you defend this all without examples of why other people got away with breaking the law? Should we stop prosecuting crime just because some remain unsolved or some criminals get off?

I say we deal with what is here at hand. In the present.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Ms. Branford, that there Podperson lives in a pill induced delusion where his Dear Leader can do no wrong, and should not be held accountable for his actions and is only answerable to God.

glenda said...

Love seeing this!!

Vigilante said...

Imagine! Last night I had the strangest dream!

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