Peace Train Website

Glenda, Earl, Dude, and others have been hard at work on a new website called Peace Train. This is a website/community/blog that will be used to discuss and exchange information about the War in Iraq, local and national actions, related topics, and to strengthen the sense of community. This is Glenda's vision, and many have come together to work on making it a reality. You are needed too!
All are welcome to join Peace Train- join or post in the forums, or comment. You will find many familiar faces and many participants from the Peace Post Project.

To check out Peace Train:


glenda said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!! All, come join. The train is rolling!!

Elizabeth Branford said...

Yes! Its rolling all right!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Elizabeth - I tried to set up a Login - but it didn't work. I keep getting an error message. What am I doing wrong? Great site, by the way.

Lily said...

Hey- I was going to write back but I see you are in!!! Cool, FLS!!!!

Anonymous said...

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