Earl Bockenfeld has two great posts up for your weekend outrage. I tend to shy away from "redirecting" posts, but I defer to him here and want to give props where they are so well deserved. Here are some excerpts and links...(continued)...

"Why Censure, Bush Will Fire Himself" (LINK) is one of many good posts currently up at Earl's- about the leak investigation:

"I must say today has left me a little breathless. Who the gods would destroy they first drive insane. Looks like that might be happening with both Bushites and Dems. Bushites insanely arrogant and aggressive, Dems insanely deluded.

DeLay may have become insanely arrogant. He sends goons out to very goonishly and violently break up a standard every day political rally, pushes old ladies in the face, and all recorded for TV. That clip better be on the news all over the country. It is an odd start for Reverand DeLays ministry in Christ, I must say."

Earl is always on the money, as far as I'm concerned, and he has a way of making the tragedy that is our government-dare I say- HUMOROUS? A "must read" kinda guy.

And today- more on the At&T whistleblower case:

"AT&T Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Eavesdropping" (LINK)

NYT:"According to an AT&T whistleblower, the telephone giant made available to a government snoop every single phone call you made, every single email you wrote, every single online video or text chat you ever had, a list of every Web site or chat room you ever visited, copies of every photo you've ever downloaded or emailed or received, so government spies could go through it and do whatever it is they do when they peep into your private life."

This is pretty damned scary stuff, friends. Just more to love about constitution-dodgers and spywhores.

We'll see what comes of this, if anything!

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