Corruptco Summary!!!!

Thank you to all the bloggers out there that participated, I will keep this post list up over the weekend so we can catch up on our surfing. Please feel free to add addition links or feedback in the comment section- or if there are posts I did not list. I sincerely apologize if I omitted anything! I know I learned a lot this week, and I hope many of us were able to connect and get to know one another. What did you think? Here are the participants and the posts- check them out!
Coalition For A Republican Free America
Will The Real Corporate America Please Stand Up?
Shaft Oil Company
How Corporate America Bastardizes The Media
How Corporate America Has Set us Up For The Coming Plague

Born at The Crest of The Empire:
A Look At Your Money Corporations and the milking of the legislative process.
Defining Terrorism Down

No Blood For Hubris:
SERFIN USA! A tribute!

Selling of America

Left Of Center:
ADM and HFCS ADM- Food processing and the impact of additives on health. Don't eat first.

Shareholder Activism
Outsourcing The Presidency
Three Thoughts For Monday Quotes for context.
Mean: Woody Guthrie

Just Ain't Right
Exxon Sucks

Rory Shock
Ford Wins Homi Award
Bush Bullshit: Health Savings Accounts

Update America 604:
Abi has also been posting at Blognonymous this week!
Black Gold
WMD Found in Iraq

Ravings of A Semi-Sane Madwoman:
Rose has many posts this week with some great links to follow as well.
Shoshone Nation
COCOA Do You Know Where Your Chocolate Comes From?

The COCOA Slave Trade

Thumping The Tub:
Henry Ford Was A Fascist

Weapons Of Mass Distraction
New Aristocracy

Consider The Boot:

Wal Mart Rx Redux Focus this week on reproductive health and corporations.

The Aurora
NY Slimes The liberal media.

Unspun Blog:
It's Just Business!"
Experimentation on HIV Positive Babies

Lose The Noose:
Diebold: Corrupting Democracy
Compassion and Competition

Earl Bockenfeld:
Army and DuPont To Dump VX In The Delaware
HRT Horses (Do NOT miss this one, animal lovers)
Corporate Angel NetworkA salute to a GOOD corporate act!

Rage Against Suburbia:
Wal Mart Culture: Stuffed And Mounted

Watergate Summer:
Red Trucks and Watery Lies

The Fat Lady Sings:
Three Mile Island
Exxon Valdez
Union Carbide
Death of A Warrior Rainbow Warrior Bombing.

Baja Canada, Seattle:
The Primal Forces of Nature

Holding North Dakota's Breath Until It Turns Blue:
Golden Handshakes: Because Taking Risks Is For Poor People

And Then He Changed Into A Pink Leather Outfit For Aerosmith On David H. Brooks and DHB Industries.

Eat Your Toxic Veggies Kids!
The Selling of America

Tiger Tale Journal:

UCC Action Site


Left of Center said...

Lily, bad link on: Take Pause:
New Medicare Plan

Thanks for the good work you have done on this project

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Doing extra work. Me hate extra work.



OK Please let me know if there are other link problems. I'm not much of a techie...

Left of Center said...

I really thought the Corruptco blogfest was great. I learned so much and people were really engaged in alot of good debate. I think it accomplished exactly what was intended. Thanks LTN

enigma4ever said...

Thanks for putting together the Blogfest,it must have been hardwork... It will take a long time to get through all the great contributions from Walmart to Valdez Updates to Medicare there is plenty to learn and a wonderful weekend's bounty of reading...

Rory Shock said...

Thanks for doing this Lily. Wish I'd had more time and energy this week ... gonna follow some more links that I haven't gotten to yet ... good job on stirring this one up ...

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

Are you happy now? Your hippie ways have contaminated much of the blogosphere that I was thisclose to bringing over to the side of patriotic consumerism!

I will give you this: you sure do work hard...for a bunch of hippies. Did y'all give up hash for lent or something?

enigma4ever said...

Rex- I will sit and blogread this weekend and slurp down This Fest- but just to make you feel better I will wear a Jean Schmidt Red,White&Blue Outfit and eat Apple Pie....will that be patriotic enough for you ? ( Hell I will even shave my legs....there....Now are you happy ???!!!)

enigma4ever said...

( Oh, Rex- Hippies don't give up the hash for Lent- they change the Bong Water and buy new lighters....)

a rose is a rose said...

lily thanks so much for sponsoring this. i really do appreciate your time

and i'd like to thank everyone else too. although i'm still a bit angry as i DO have much much much more reading to do. i'll glad it's the weekend and i can actually get it done.

Wadena said...

Lily deserves a lot of credit for visionary leadership in creating and nurturing a sense of blog community here.

Well done, indeed.


The community is here, and its a great one. I have nothing to do with that, we are all trying to make sense of things that DON'T make any sense. I mean don't you feel like you ARE hitting the hemp when you read the news or watch these clowns? Like Enigma says, you just want to throw things at the tv!!! Crazymaking!!!
Now there are some difficult questions we on the left need to ask, and here and there I have been trying to ask them but not because of this plot for anarchy, but because we need to go beyond the idea that the two parties will solve these problems with their smoke and mirrors. I think we need to kick it up- and fast- because we are heading to a point of no return with this planet- and this is what has me terrified. That we will miss the chance to act.
The consumaculture is numbing our minds- so what is to be done about it? Our collective behavior is like the smart kid in high school that gets high, eats cheez doodles.. and watches cartoons all day. Potential, and so much to offer, but yet, he sort of sits and watches cartoons all day. Inertia. Thats America. We are not evil or stupid or uncaring- we are stuck in some kind of rut. Or are we evil and uncaring? Damn.

Anonymous said...

Lily, great work on the blogfest. I just did a "back from vacation" post on Blognonymous that looks at the governmental aspect of corporate corruption. Sorry it was a little late for CorruptCo. (Still decompressing yesterday :-) )

abi said...

Quite a successfull blogfest, Lily. You attracted some great posts (and introduced me to some teriffic sites). Thanks for doing this - a great idea.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Wonderful Blogfest, Lily - and you did a magnificent job hosting it. I know it's lots of hard work. I just wanted to say thank you for including me. I do enjoy being part of the community. And I'd like to applaud everyone's work - wonderful, informative stuff! I hope we can do this every year.

Oh - one more link of mine to add - Three Mile Island. Thanks!

AJ said...

got mine in Lily.

Bad Link :( said...

You are wonderful writers and like some, it will take time to read them all. I add my thanks to lily Branford for the hosting of the project.

The note on which you end your comment most recent, lily, is right on the money, no pun intended. I have to add a "What If" that gets me rattled everytime it comes up in a conversation and that is those new voting machines that are being installed WITHOUT a paper trail. We could very well be screwed already pinning hope on the coming election. I am quite fearful that the Repugs are continuing with their assault on most everything with impunity because they KNOW it is so. Example:"Next week, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee will take up the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act (HIMMA, S. 1955), sponsored by Senator Michael Enzi (R-WY). If passed, HIMMA will block important state health insurance consumer protections, and will directly affect more than 85 million Americans." Check it out; more health protections we take for granted will probably be GONE.

Assuming for the moment that some of these folks vote it does give me pause. Do they risk it because they KNOW.

My mind goes blank, however, when I think now where would a good place be for that commune! Even the good old hills of W. Virginny have their mountain tops desecrated. And I would cry out everytime I heard the whistle blow for those poor miners.

As it is I just cry out....and then try, try again.


Well the commune is perhaps a state of mind, in our imagination, "bad link". I am pretty cynical on the idea of something profound happening, but I think those of us that can try should. Many people have emailed with the question: what is to be done about it? Where are the leaders? Who will take this all on, and straighten everything out?

From where I sit, not the people perpetuating the problem. My post at the Boot on Greer speaks to this: do not look to the problems for the answer. Look to one another, and look for the solutions there. The people causing the problems have little motivation to do anything about this. It becomes a matter of struggling to find your best voice, and forcing yourself to use that voice.

Wadena said...

You forgot one of mine....


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