Bush Wasn't Lying in SOTU; He Was Just Delivering It On Opposite Day!

The only explanation for Bush's speech: he thought it was opposite day. From the opening acknowledgement of the passing of Coretta Scott King(without acknowledging the US Government's role in her husband's death), to the first incantation of 9/11 three paragraphs later, and all the way throughout, Bush kept using those two words he has shown he does not believe in: Democracy and freedom.
I mean, how much freedom does he believe in when Cindy Sheehan is hauled off and arrested simply for wearing a shirt with the number of fallen soldiers in Iraq with the phrase "How many More?" underneath it. You see, it's opposite day! He mentions fighting tyranny when in fact he subjects citizens right here in the US to tyranny every day. The tyranny of oil companies squeezing the American citizen's wallet while posting record profits.
Yep, we sure have freedom in this country. The freedom to vote for any candidiate we wish, but don't expect him to win unless he has been preselected by big money and the corporate media. Just how that makes us better, or more free than the theocracy in Iran, I don't understand, but then I remember, it's opposite day, and Bush is saying we are not better!
Or when Bush accuses the "terrorists" of "seek(ing) to impose a system of totalitarian control throughout the Middle East" he really means the US is seeking to impose it's will of giving the people of oil rich nations worthless dollars for their oil instead of letting them choose to trade it in any currency they favor.
And when he accuses the "terrorists" of trying to take control of Iraq to use it as a safe haven for attacks against America , he really means the US using Iraq as a safe haven for attacks against countries in the Middle East. See, it really is opposite day!
Like when he is confident in the will of the Iraqi people, he really means that he is against the will of the Iraqi people, who are fighting US forces there in an insurgency. When he says he has benefitted from responsible criticism, he really means he has ignored it. When he says that those in public office must speak with candor, he really means they must conduct all their business in secret. When he says we must stand behind the American military in it's vital misiion, he forgets that he declared that mission accomplished almost three years ago. And when he says Iran is defying the world in it's nuclear ambition, he neglects to mention that he approved a Russian plan to enrich uranium for the power plant Iran is building in Russia.

Opposite Day was in effect when he stated "I have taken unprecedented action to fight AIDS", he really means he has done nothing. When he says he is leading the march to freedom in the world, he means he is leading the fight to enslave the world's economy to a useless dollar. When he says the economy is healthy and vigorous, he means that stockholders are raking in more profits by cutting jobs, and when he says that we have created 4.6 million new jobs, he neglects to mention they are part time jobs at Wal-Mart. When he says no one can out-produce or out compete the American worker he neglects to mention that he campaigned vigorously for CAFTA so American companies could outsource American workers jobs.
In fact the only truth he spoke was at the end when he said we can "make our dependence on Middle East oil a thing of the past", because in a couple years, when all that oil runs out, it will be a thing of the past.


Lily said...

Eli has an excellent summary on SOTU at "Deep Thought" and Fred also has a great post at "Making Conservative Cringe"(both of course on blogroll!!!)

So, opposite day. That explains it.

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

Lemme ask you, on opposite day did you love America? Embrace freedom? Support the troops?

Questioning Your Patriotism,


Lew Scannon said...

I liked kvatch's take on the whole thing myself. Of course, I read no one's until I finished mine.

Lew Scannon said...

No, on opposite day, I watched Fox news, loved Sean Hannity and believed everything I read at Spurious George!

Xanthippas said...

Opposite day. I love it. Also, on opposite day, America is truly a nation seeking to spread freedom and democracy, our budget surplus is growing, and the wealthy willingly spend their uncounted billions on poor poeple they meet in the street.

Old Mother Reagan said...

XANTHIPPAS, you are making me think of Clinton again!

Wait. I mean... Reagan.

RichM said...

There was also another lady removed from the building that night for wearing a shirt with the words, "Support Our Troops". She is the wife of a R Congressman.

What I really like about the Bush government and what he demands of so many other governments is transparency. Like giving us the records of Cheneys Energy summit, the records on the Katrina debacle and so many more. Transparency is my touch word for the week.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Opposite Day would be then...Night, right? Yes, the hauling of cindy's ass out (I love the way the cop yelled "PROTESTOR!! PROTESTOR!!!" when she 'unzipped', as if it's "TERRORIST!!") was the ultimate symbol of the perversion of freedom.

mikevotes said...

Talking about lies,

Did you see this?

Bush backs down from a statement less than 24 hours after the most prepared speech he presents all year, because the Saudis and the Nigerian President issued a veiled threat about changing energy policy?

In some ways, I see this as worse than lying.


michael the tubthumper said...

so on opposite day if you say 'god bless america'...

Lew Scannon said...

Either it's God Damn America or God bless ________ (fill in the name of any of our numerous accumulated enemies), opposite day rules are sketchy on this

Anonymous said...

What would be the opposite of America?
Which country actually legislated affirmative action for women recently, Sweden? Where all corporate management MUST be feminized?
So the opposite might be 'satan damn...Greenland'????

Wadena said...

It was about a T-shirt?

I heard Sheehan had flashed her boobs in Pat Robertson's face, causing him to begin speaking in tongues with the delivery of a specific prediction about God's wrath falling upon San Francisco and a call for the immediate assassination of several world leaders and causing his wife to make the sign of the cross for protection and call out the name of Jesus and then swoon into a shocked unconsciousness that seemed terminal until they could get the 700 Club prayer partners on the line and (PAH-Rais-a GAWD-a) miraculously heal her.

But it was just a T-shirt, huh?

Hmmmmm.....she could have done so much better.


Lily said...

Behold: the side of Wadena I love and respect. Crass cat.

Anonymous said...

The freedom to vote for any candidiate we wish, but don't expect him to win unless...

You live in a state that doesn't use Diebold voting machines.

Kvatch, kvatch!

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