Boycott China?

Stop me if you've heard this: an oil rich Middle East country starts selling it's oil in euros. The president of the US, as well as his administration began making false claims about non-existent
weapons programs. He seeks Congressional approval before taking the matter to the UN Security council.
If you think I'm talking about Iraq, well, you know what happens next. We take our case before the Security Council seeking sanctions, and are vetoed by France because a). they have contracts with Iraq, and b). France knows that the case made is false. Then of course, the corporate media makes a big deal of it and Bush supporters start hating France more than is necessary. French Fries become freedom fries and right wing pundits such as Bill O'Reilly call for a boycott of all things French.
Well, the same thing is happening right now with Iran. Iran, which has signed the Non-Proliferation treaty, and has allowed inspections anywhere and anytime in accordance with that treaty, is building a nuclear power plant at Bushehr. So excuse me if I don't trust the Bush administration when they can't even tell the truth about a hunting accident ? With Afghanistan under the control of the warlords and Iraq in shambles do we need to start another unwinnable war of conquest? Oh yeah, that's right, 2006 is an election year and Bush needs to look tough in the War On Terror, even though, once again, we're not fighting anyone who had anything to do with 9/11.
But this time the stumbling block in the Security Council is not France, who actually supports sanctions against Iran. (Does that mean we can stop boycotting them? Even Bill O'Reilly thinks we should get out of Iraq as "fast as humanly possible".)The stumbling block is China, which has contracts for Iranian oil. They are certain to exercize their veto when the US brings this up before the Security Council. This begs the question: Will chinese checkers become "freedom checkers"? Will Chinese take-out become "freedom take-out"? Will our fine china become "fine freedom eating ware"? Will there be a boycott of China? Or, are Americans so addicted to buying poorly made crap that supports a Communist regime, that boycotting China will be out of the question?


Anonymous said...

While I agree with your assessment that by no means should we enter Iran (barring of course they attack us or an ally)

I think you are blind to the fact that without dispute Saddam HAD and WAS actively seeking additional weapons programs. The facts continue to pour out to prove is just NOONE is talking about it (meaning msm) Whether we found them or not is irrelevant. I would reccomend a book titled 'Who Moved My Cheese'

And last time I checked The President has Congress to answer to first and foremost THEN if necessary the UN, which he did.

I am also interested in how you think they lied about the hunting accident?
Or why you think Bill O'Reilly is the authoritve voice of the conservative movement, as he certainly doesnt speak for me and any regular viewer could tell he is populist wannabe that takes the position of least resistance. He is after all no more than a circus barker like most in the entertainment industry.

Now excuse me as I go smoke a joint and get freedom eyed

Arthur Fiedler said...

Donkey Makes a valid point, but please don't go into the whole WMD liberal whine, I beg you to spare us.
China's veto is not the only thing they could use against the Bush administrations hope to invade Iran. Do you realize the size of that country, and the amount of people in there army? It makes us(USA) look like a street thug with a switch blade knife. The only face to face conflict in which we (USA)could defeat them(CHN) is a naval conflict, but I can't recall a conflict won simply by the navy.
The bottom line is, China makes all our(USA) crap, and there military is stronger then ours(USA). If they(CHN) wanted to threaten military action when we(USA) invaded or otherwise attack Iran, we(USA) will have no other option but to back downand conced to there(CHN) desire.
If you wanted to point blame on anyone it would be tough. Both parties have weakened our country to this point. If North Korea rolled over the border of South Korea there would be little we could do. Our services are just not fully manned. Is Bush Senior and Clinton to blame? Yes. Is the new Bush to blame? Just as much as the other two.
So feel safe in knowing that not only are jobs leaving our(USA) country, but we can't even win a war against anyone but a weak country. A really weak country, like the two we recently occupied.

Lew Scannon said...

So now we're the thought police, invading Iraq because Saddam was thinking of a weapons program.
we have effectively blown the country to smithereens and found no trace of any weapons program, yet you insist they exist. If they had the corporate media would have been all over it like bird shot on Dick Whittington.
As for the hunting accident, the first story out was that there was no alcohol involved, then Cheney cops to having "one beer" which, considering he is using blood thinners for his heart condition, would be enough to induce inebriation.
I don't see where I ever said Bill O'Reilly is the authoritive voice of the conservative movement, however, he is a right winger who did a). support the illegal invasion of Iraq and, b). call for the boycott on everything French.
And the last time I checked, George W, Bush feels that he's not answerable to anybody, least of all the lap dog Republican controlled Congress.
But then, I can see where your thinking could be a little cloudy.

AJ said...

The Donkey, although stoned, might be right.
There is reasonable reason to suspect that there were
WMD in Iraq and still are,
and I disagree with you Lew, respectfully, that the MSM would be "all over it".
Have they been all over other things of importance? Do you believe Black Ops really exist?

There are some that deduce that "they" are waiting to introduce said weapons as "proof" of an attack by Syria or Iran, thereby gaining the public trust, anger & enthusiam after several hundred/thousand of our soldiers die in a flash of light near the Iranian border, to finally have that coveted blank check all over again.

Lew Scannon said...

unfounded conspiarcy theories do not interest me. And the corporate media would be all over the WMD to silence the "liberal whine" about the deceptions of the Bush administration.
Ans as for black ops we should be more concerned about those carried out by our "allies".

That Damned Jezebel said...

I think the way we revisit these same arguments about Bush underscores the challenge both sides have with getting people to focus on the big picture which goes beyond this president, O Reilly, and a lot of the bullshit we spend so much time on. OReilly and Coulter and Malkin are entertainment, like the Enquirer and to a large extent they know this as all marketed acts know this. They no more think of themselves as real pundits than the Backstreet Boys could be confused with real musicians. Its pandering, and an annoying diversion from the real concerns which were brought up by Fiedler up there. Suspend the desire to rant redundantly about WMD's and consider some of the other questions. Whether we debate hypotheticals or realities on Saddam, we KNOW for a fact that China does have nuclear weapons capable of reaching us, and they have more than we thought. But its true, we can't afford to pick a fight with them, the fight will come when we pair up for sides in oil dodgeball. Then China will squeeze us dry, and all the assholes will cry about the prices, cry about how much it costs to heat their huge homes and fill up their tanks, and they will cry about all the symptoms of their disease but never actually hear the diagnosis. America is the fat lazy bastard that sucks down burger king and laments his aching bloated aorta, and blames the doctor for not being able to prescribe enough pills (AKA regulative shit) to keep him alive. Fuck both sides, and fuck sitting around talking about Fox. Thats the least of what we need to fear. Its not the shadow, its the damn beast, fellas.

AJ said...

"unfounded conspiracy theories do not interest me."

unfounded? Are you kidding?
I am not saying it is Gospel, I am suggesting a theory. If you take it as foolish, then say so.
Why would this be so hard to believe in the light of what is going on in our country and the world today?

Lew Scannon said...

I did not say "foolish", i said "unfounded". There has been talk since last summer of an attack, either here or overseas, directed at us, as an excuse to nuke Iran. I hardly think that the US would hold back Saddam's WMD to use as a prelude to an anticipatd Iran invasion, they have plenty of their own to use, and whatever they tell the corporate media happened will be reported with no investigation.
This is not about whether Saddam had WMD, it's about the fact that Iran, while well armed, is, according to our own intelligence, at least ten years from acquiring the technology to build atomic weapons. And if we attack Iran, which Bush is making every move towards doing, we will be taking on not only China, but Russia as well, for it's there power plant we'll be blowing up.
And Donkey, while you say we shouldn't invade Iran unless they attack us or our allies, what will happen when our "allies" attack Iran's plant at Bushehr first, which they have threatened to do (and is the most likely scenario), cuasing Iran to retaliate at either our "allies" or US soldiers in Iraq? Would you still support an invasion.

AJ said...

I was also one of those last year who said to others who laughed that we were going for Iran or Syria next.
I do not know about Russia, but China is in a precarious position in that it holds massive amounts of US treasuries, something they would be holding and would not rush in making their valuables worthless by taking quick action.
I agree that our alies will probably be the ones that attack first-Israel bombed Iraq's fascility 20 years ago, and now they've got a hard on for Iran.
But WMD can be anything-and in the scenario that I described it would probably be biological or gas attacks, supposedly set out by our enemies.

At any rate, what you are describing is exactly what Christian prophecy says will happen: a major war in the Middle East involving many countries.

Left of Center said...

How many other "bad" leaders were thinking about making/using WMD? Lets see..there is George Bush. He is actually using them in Iraq. Via contamination he is also using it against Americans. it's called depleted uranium.

tp said...

But others if we consider 'prophecy' predict an Asian nation. There are many predictions, and many of them are plausible. Many possible routes to our eventual extinction, whether by the hand of one nation or another, no matter who starts it, we are at a point of no eturn and destruction will end it. Not diplomacy or peace, because many are not fearful of the end of the planet, they think that God will scoop them up or something.DU is an important part of the discussion but people mince words about what is a weapon, etc. DU is a crime against all of civilization.

Lew Scannon said...

Yes, it would seem that all the Bush talking points to justify the invasion of Iraq, saddam uses chemical weapons, saddam tortures his people, saddam has ties to alQaeda could actually be made towards the Bush administration.
The Iran-Syria argument has been going on between my brother and I since last year as well, with my brother certain we were going to Syria first. China has a basket of currencies to which it currently pegs the yuan, the dollar being the most abundant. And they are in a position to tkae over after the US has squandered all it's resources.

Rory Shock said...

The simple one buys what he's told to buy ... to paraphrase Billy Bragg ... until the consumer is liberated from the TV ... boycott on a large scale is out of the question ... are there enough non-chinese goods around for even limited consumption by everyone to switch over? Excellent, thought-provoking post.

Anonymous said...


I misread your O'Reilly point, but I stand by my evaluation of the clown. Was watching him the other night and guess I needed an outlet to unleash on him.

To answer your next question. I would support and honor any treaties that come into play, however if it is Israel involved I have a feeling we wouldnt be needed.

Arthur Fieldler said...

I fell like I'm at a ladie's social. No one( other then FOSCO)can see what is in front of them.
I'll try to paraphrase it for the liberal/stupid.

They could own our ass' easily if we went head to head, and after that you leisure bloggers would be spending your down time lugging nuts and bolts for the latest product. You think you hate your job now, well just wait.
In my world, I don't care if we(USA) invade Iran, as long as we win. The only way to do so is to insure that China and Russia(not a real worry) stay out of the way.
The good plan is to follow those who wish our(USA) country to remain strong. The bad plan is to follow those(Muslims) who wish for us to weaken.
You can make a big deal about Civil rights, Abortion, The Death Penalty, and the rest of the less important matters that we waste time and money on; but your choice of sides in this fight "brewing" might very well decide if you are even around to record the history of the event in question.
My point is this. " Shit, or get off the pot". If you want to support the enemy ( Islam) then just do it. If you want to fight for the survival of what we(USA) have grown to love, then stand there and do it.
I am calling for commitment. Choose sides, meet your team, and be prepared to fight.
The only "thought police" that matter is ours. Are we the "thought police"? Yes, we are Lew, in times of conflict we are allowed to pull up our "Tea Dresses" and occasionally do some work. I apologize in advance for any degregation of social manners that may occur in this process, but I assure you that you will still be pissed off. We sleep in peace at night because strong men stand ready to do violence on our behalf; what you need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to be one of those strong men,and stand ready to fight, or one of the ladie's wondering why there tea party has been posponed. Either way, weak or strong, you need to choose a side.

Anonymous said...

Gee, thank you arthur. America should just go around blowing the fuck out of every country that has the natural resources we need because we squandered ours. kill every body who stands in our way because our way of conspicuous consumption is more important than another country's sovereignity. We shouldn't try to change our entirely fucked up way of living, we should force our will on other nations, not because it's Constittutional, but because we've grown fat and lazy and addicted to creature comforts. It all makes sense to me now, we should kill all their leaders and force all the to people to convert to Christianity, so they can all open presents on Christmas! Oh, how blind I've been!
America should continue it's course as a debtor nation, we can pass as many bad checks as we want, as long as rule with might, no one would dare cash them in because if they tries we invent some flimsy reason for invading them and seizing control of their natural resources.We should rule the world because our way of torture and enslavement is much more desirable than theirs because our slaves are so deluded they think they are free.
It was so silly not to see that this isn't a tea party, it's a sporting event-you have to pick a team, something we've been conditioned to do all our lives. Who do you like in the super bowl, the American flagwavers or the Islamic ululaters? It doesn't matter which side you pick as long as you don't question the game.

fosco said...

I do agree on China, but do not view "Islam' as the enemy. I think religion and government each screw around with things entirely too much, but that doesn't really enter into THIS discussion for the sake of clarity. I don't think choosing sides means choose the 'US against Islam'. A nation and a religion are not comparable, there are Muslims right here. There are Muslims in the military. Muslims that died on 9-11. It serves the interests of our government to overplay the war on terror but minimize the other issues. 9-11 was terrible no matter who you blame, but World War Three because of it? Such debt? They really ARE bringing down America! With some guys trained on monkey bars. Think about what they have done here, our spending.I don't see where turning it into a global religious war is the point here. Some feel it is that way already, but their extremist don't represent the majority of their members any more than Pat Robertson speaks for most Christians. Just as OReilly doesn't speak for REAL conservatives.

Just suppose, it didn't have to be about sides? Suppose we understand that in the world there will always be people who have an extreme response to our way of life or someone else's, and that in the world we will continue to have violence. But we don't have to become obsessed with one evil out of a palette. When terrorists permit people to decide things based on irrational fears, we are giving up too much control. What side? You mean the side that nukes first? OR the side that nukes second? What side do you mean?

fosco said...

Thanks, Ron. Too early for me in NY, man.

Left of Center said...

Arthur Fieldler sounds like the average NASCAR fan, all blood and guts, killem' all and let God sort em' out. Well Arthur, I bet deep down your a real pussy, and have never put your money where your mouth is. Many of us “Liberal/ Stupid” people have been talking tough about China for along time. Unlike the lockstep, Brown Shirt Bush supporters. We all have a lot of different opinions. There are a lot of weak, sniveling lefties, and they make me as sick as you do. Sometimes being tough means being able to take a punch, as well as give one. If I have to take a hit for supporting civil rights in the face of danger, then I will do so. Personally I think as far as religions go that Islam is a nasty piece of work. I have studied it, and have read the entire Koran. It doesn't take much twisting of what is written in the Koran to justify many atrocities. So I agree with you to the extent that Islam itself is part of the problem. I could go on and on about the practice of modern Christianity as well, but that's another time. As you may tell, I don't fit your Liberal mold. As far as sleeping peacefully, I would sleep better knowing that our foreign policy made us loved in the world, not hated. I would sleep better knowing we didn't have a brain damaged narcissist in the Oval Office. Arthur, thank you for your time, you may now go back to tuning your banjo.

Anonymous said...

"Islam is a nasty piece of work. I have studied it, and have read the entire Koran."

My wife is Islamic, and actually, without realizing it, you know her views pretty well. She is quite committed to peace organizing, and eradicating some of the myths about Islam that many people believe. She converted, and has been to Mecca and raises our children in the Islamic faith. But understandably has a hard time revealing in these forums that she is Islamic.I don't think that Islam is without its baggage, but please consider such statements and perhaps give more details about what you mean to say on this. I ask not to be divisive but perhaps I can convince her to speak to some of your points. regards, Ben

Lew Scannon said...

There is good and bad in any religion, and to say that all Muslims are the same is the same as saying that all Christians are as narrow minded and hate filled as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.
It's the religious leaders who twist the words of any religion to serve their private agendas that make the world a dangerous place.

Left of Center said...

I said I beleive believe that about Islam, I did not say all it's practitioners are bad. There is a book you should perhaps read, it spells out alot about Islam, that many people refuse to believe, or are to afraid to think about. It's called The Politicaly Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer. An example: Jesus said: "Blessed are you when men revile you, and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejioce and be glad. For your reward is in heaven." The Qur'an says: ..and slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter." All enduring religions hold some universal truths, however I don't have to believe that all religion are created equal just to be politicaly correct

lily said...

Well thanks for the clarity.

Brandon said...

RE: While I agree with your assessment that by no means should we enter Iran (barring of course they attack us or an ally)

Well, we agree on that much. Sadly I think there may be people out there who are secretly HOPING for an incdient so that we can invade Iran. It won't be a picnic. No need to expect the quick, initial success that we had in Iraq. Their society is actually ordered and more disciplined than Iraq was. Did they not attack in suicide waves during the Iran Iraq War?

I'm a little curious as to how we would actually WIN a conflict with China. I think military history shows us that you can't win a war through bombing campaigns. That said, China is a rising superpower, not the paper tiger some people think it is.

I just don't see a successful military solution to the China problem. If anyone has one please share it with us, because I'm more than curious as to what is going through some people's minds out there.

fosco said...

The solution to China is to keep letting them buy our economy to dissuade them from wanting to destroy it.

Left of Center said...

Not withstanding my earlier unpopular comment.. China has a couple big problems, that would come up during a war. 1. They have little or no domestic energy resources, 2. Even though they are a large country, they have little land to farm in ratio to the number of people they need to feed. 3. Their navy would be crippled very early in the war leaving them unable to import fuel and resources. 4. Our anti signal technology would cripple their communications. China for the time being is a paper tiger, but that could change rapidly.. keep buying at Walmart.

tp said...

Hey LOC, could you say more about the anti-signal technology? I heard mixed information, and admit I am not technically inclined.

Its not that its unpopular, but like all religions- there are good aspects and bad. And I think they all have some bad. Maybe they have some good. I am not very religious. But I am tolerant and acceot that some people feel differently about their faith. I can deal with that. You can pull out wacky texts though and demonize it all I suspect. No wonder so many wars are fought about it.look, man, you're just giving your opinion/view. Its not about popularity. If I say my wife is against abortion, does it mean we shouldn't exchange views about choice? I don;t think any of us are about saying what is popular. There are different views here. Most of us would be unpopular in a crowd I think.

Left of Center said...

Our military uses information management to win wars. that means keeping our communications up, as well as taking the enemies down. There are many types of communications but here are several ways we do it. 1. Thea easiest is to take out wired communications. This is done by bombing telecommunication centers and using special forces to disable other means within the target country. 2. Internet blocking, misdirection, and hacking. You may not know it but we are in a cyber war right now with China, and middle eastern entities. 3. focused microwave,laser and radio technology to disrupt field radio communications. 4. and finally electro magnetic bombs. These when set off will fry any electronic device in a large area.

tp said...

I just wonder about the ways the students learn things here then leave, or the ways multinational technology firms answer to security issues. Things like that. I knew many people from China in technology programs here or who worked for software companies. The more global these companies are the harder it will be to stop people from getting their hands on information. Even some of these supposed'terrorist' countries, have students that come here for college and are in high demand in some cases and even work for the military on projects. Wonder about all that.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Bubble Boy sold us to China. All that's left is learning how to kow-tow.

Left of Center said...

Well, Nixon went to China first right? Then Clinton did some stuff and the right howled like it was the end of the earth. Then Bush borrowed billions of dollars from them , and let them trade with us for a pitance. We all shop at Walmart, we all want cheap shit to fill our homes. We're all to blame. it's estimated that China executes about 10,000 people per year. Mostly in fields with bullets to the backs of their heads. But they make inexpensive toasters, so keep shopping!

Lily said...

You're right, LOC, we are all to blame. Like Kvatch's post on the mortgage industry too, at Blognonymous. Yes, predatory lenders exploit people. But people also like to live beyond their means and buy what they cannot afford. If they see a way to get more 'instant gratification' they will. Same with cheap stuff, people need not think about where it comes from. People only consider getting more crap for less money. Then everyone needs a bigger house for it all. (Even more oil dependency to heat them)Personally, I find junk to be a burden- more to move around, organize, store.. and more to end up in a landfill because its such junk. I won't say I have never stepped foot in a Wal Mart but it is very rare (like if it was the only thing open and I needed a kitten cookie jar or pencils with flamingo heads) I avoid it if possible. I like small stores and things that last a while. Not plastic sneakers and itchy linens. They can keep that stuff. I would rather see some of their employees make a little more. A few posts back the Wal mart issue was bandied so I won't rehash it all again!

RichM said...

I think any country that wants to develop WMD should ask our permission first. Now if you are a country we like like Israel we'll rubbers stamp the deal. If you are a country like India which was doing most of its business with Russia and some of the European countries we'll initially oppose it and then smile upon you when we decide to like you again. The fact that you have tensions with your neighbor and could get into a war, no biggie. Oh yeah, Pakistan, we'll treat you like India. Oh hey, yeah don't worry about the technology and parts you were spreading around to other countries. Just be mindful that is our gig and don't tread so heavily in this proliferation gig. That's ours too. And you miscreant nations. Axis of evil doers....

Arthur Fieldler said...

Islam is a problem to anyone who is non-Islam. The harrier jet can take off vertically. Muslims hate us because we don't agree with there tenits. President Lincoln is on the five dollar bill.
The shy is blue, and in 2004 Muslims did this.
Iraq Baiji 7 0 Suicide bomber kills seven and injures an unknown number of people.
12/30/04 India Waspora 2 1 Two citizens are shot dead in their home after the Mujahideen barge in. Another relative is injured.
12/30/04 Philippines Malisbong 1 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a 68-year-old man execution style.
12/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 29 58 At least twenty-nine, including two dozen civilians are killed when Islamic radicals blow up several houses near one being searched by police with a massive bomb.
12/29/04 Algeria Algiers 3 0 A man and his two teenage daughters bleed to death after their throats are cut by Islamic fundamentalists in their home.
12/29/04 India Kashmir 9 0 The Mujahideen shoot nine people to death in separate attacks. One is the leader of the youth wing of a political party.
12/29/04 Pakistan Wana 1 0 al-Qaeda members assassinate a local political figure in a drive-by with ties to the Afghan President.
12/29/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 2 Saudi militants kill one person in two car bomb blasts.
12/29/04 Thailand Yala 1 0 A second teacher is gunned down in as many days by Muslim separatists.
12/28/04 Iraq Muradiya 5 31 Five civilians are killed by a Sunni car bomb. About thirty more are injured.
12/28/04 Iraq Tikrit 17 26 In two attacks (Tikrit and Baqubah), Jihadists slaughter twelve Iraqi police officers by slitting their throats and murder five National Guardsmen a bomb.
12/28/04 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamic extremists kill a school teacher in front of a market.
12/28/04 Algeria Algiers 7 0 Seven Algerian civilians are gunned down by al-Salafeyah extremists.
12/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 15 48 'Holy Warrior' detonates explosives in front of a Shia party headquarters, killing himself and at least fifteen other. Several dozen are injured, many suffering burns and missing limbs.
12/26/04 Thailand Chana 3 1 Three Thai policemen are killed by Muslims in a motorcycle terror attack as they are passing by.
12/25/04 India Pakherpora 2 28 Islamic separatists kill two and injure twenty-eight in a grenade attack on a busy street.
12/25/04 Pakistan Chitral 2 0 Armed fundamentalists kill two employees of an international aid foundation and set fire to vehicles.
12/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 19 An explosives-rigged fuel truck detonates in a residential neighborhood, killing nine, including seven members of the same family. "Shahid" suicide bombing.
12/24/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 Religious fundamentalists finally murder an economics professor on campus after several unsuccessful attempts
12/24/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 7 Islamic separatists plant a bomb on a motorcycle, outside a bank, and kill two people, injuring at least seven.
12/22/04 India Sangam 1 14 One person is killed and fourteen others, mostly civilians are injured when Mujahideen militant hurls a grenade into the road.
12/22/04 Israel Hebron 1 0 Palestinians snatch rifle from Israeli guard and shoot him to death with it.
12/21/04 Iraq Mosul 22 69 Twenty-two people, including several civilians are killed and about seventy injured when an Ansar al-Sunnah terrorist blows himself up in the middle of the lunch hour at a mess hall.
12/21/04 Israel Moshov 1 0 A 39-year-old Israeli woman is stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists.
12/20/04 Afghanistan Maywand 4 4 Taliban insurgents ambush a security checkpoint, killing four policemen.
12/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Christians are kidnapped and then murdered by Jihadists.
12/19/04 Iraq Karbala 16 37 Sixteen people are killed by Fedayeen suicide car bomber and about forty injured in the attack on a Shia holy site.
12/19/04 Iraq Najaf 52 142 An Islamic extremists plows his car into a Shia funeral procession and detonates it near a mosque. Over fifty people are killed and about one hundred and fifty injured in the suicide attack.
12/18/04 India Shingru 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot and kill a 70-year-old political activists and abduct and kill a youth (Kanir).
12/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 1 Three people are dragged from a car, forced to kneel, and then shot by "holy warriors." Elsewhere, a husband and wife are shot to death in their homes for supporting "infidels." (Son is kidnapped as well).
12/17/04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Grisly murder of four men traveling in a car through Mosul (three are foreigners). Bodies are mutilated and set aflame.
12/15/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two more Buddhist civilians, both in their 50's, are shot to death by Muslim extremists. One was selling ice-cream from his vending bike at the time.
12/15/04 Israel Khan Yunis 1 2 Hamas militants kill a foreign agriculture worker at an Israeli settlement and injure two more with mortars.
12/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 17 20 Sunni insurgents ambush a police convoy, killing four people on the spot. Thirteen officers are taken prisoner and subsequently executed.
12/15/04 Iraq Karbala 10 40 Sunni extremists bomb a Shia mosque, eventually killing ten and injuring forty people in the mosque and on the street.
12/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Buddhist teacher is gunned down by two Muslims in a motorcycle attack. His wife is injured.
12/14/04 Kabardino-Balk. Nalchik 4 0 Wahhabi terrorists attack a government building and kill the four security staff members on duty.
12/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Another Muslim takes his life in a suicide car blast that also kills seven civilians and injures at least thirteen.
12/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 15 Fedayeen suicide car bomber murders more than a dozen civilians and seriously injures another fifteen in a blast designed to maximize human casualty.
12/12/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 3 Muslims open fire on churches in Indonesia, injuring three Christians.
12/12/04 Philippines General Santos 15 59 Abu Sayyaf suspected of a mall bombing that kills fifteen Christmas shoppers. Nearly sixty others are injured.
12/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 6 Five Israeli soldiers are killed when Hamas terrorists set off a bomb under a checkpoint. Six others hospitalized.
12/11/04 Israel Neveh Dekalim 0 4 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) lobs several rockets into an Israeli neighborhood. Four, including three children, are seriously injured.
12/10/04 India Magani 4 0 Heavily-armed Mujahideen ambush on a police patrol and slaughter all four Indian cops.
12/10/04 Pakistan Quetta 11 27 Bomb attached to a bicycle rips through a marketplace, killing more than ten people and injuring about two dozen.
12/9/04 India Shopian 2 5 Mujahideen murder two cops in an ambush. Five others are injured.
12/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three civilians are killed and five injured when Jihadists lob mortar bombs into a residential neighborhood.
12/8/04 India Anantnag 0 36 Thirty-six people are injured by a grenade thrown by the Mujahideen on a busy street.
12/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three Shia election workers are gunned down by Sunni activists.
12/8/04 Iraq Ramadi 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill a Christian doctor as he is attending to (Muslim) patients in a hospital.
12/8/04 Iraq Taji Camp Road 2 0 Two American civilians are gunned down by a group calling itself the "Jihad Brigade."
12/8/04 Nigeria Bauchi 1 0 Muslim students at an African university abduct and kill a Christian student.
12/8/04 Iraq Samarrah 4 5 Sunni insurgents kill four civilians and injure several more with a terrorist bombing in the city center.
12/7/04 Chechnya Grozny 6 9 Muslim separatists murder four civilians, including a teenager in separate attacks that also claim the lives of two Russian soldiers. Seven others are injured and two taken hostage.
12/7/04 Israel Karni 1 4 One Israeli soldier is killed by a bomb at a border crossing. Four are others injured.
12/6/04 Saudi Arabia Jedda 5 2 al-Qaeda members attack the U.S. consulate in Saudi Arabia with grenades, killing at least five international contractors and injuring several Americans.
12/5/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A public prosecutor is killed by Islamists while working his farm.
12/5/04 India Pulwama 11 0 Eleven people are blown to bits by the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist group on a road, while traveling to a security camp.
12/5/04 Iraq Tikrit 17 13 Islamic insurgents pull aside two buses carrying civilians and open fire at point-blank range, machine-gunning seventeen to death and injuring at least thirteen others.
12/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 16 38 Sunni extremists murder sixteen people and injure thirty-eight with two suicide car bomb blasts on a commercial street in the heart of the city.
12/3/04 India Sopore 5 5 al-Mansoorain terrorists stage a suicide attack on a police camp. At least five officers are killed.
12/3/04 Jordan-Iraq Border 2 0 A suicide bomber kills two Americans near the Jordanian-Iraqi border.
12/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 16 5 al-Qaeda militants attack a police station with RPGs and small arms, killing sixteen officers and injuring five.
12/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 14 19 Four suicide bombers drive a minibus loaded with explosives into a Shiite mosque. Fourteen civilians are killed and at least nineteen others critically injured.
12/2/04 Iraq Baqoubah 3 5 Extremists lob an explosive into a house, killing three children and injuring another five. All of the kids were from the same family.
12/2/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic terrorists kidnap and decapitate a 29-year-old Christian man.
12/1/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 1 7 Another suicidal extremist kills one civilian and injures seven others with a car bombing.
11/30/04 Sudan Itou 65 0 Sixty-five civilians are reported dead after an air force bombing of their village by the Islamic government. An unknown number are injured.
11/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 19 Fedayeen suicide bomber takes four civilians on to Allah with him. Nineteen others are injured in the attack.
11/30/04 Thailand Yala 1 2 Two separate shooting attacks by Muslim missionaries from the back of a motorcycle leave a teacher dead and two other civilians injured.
11/30/04 Pakistan Quetta 0 10 Chechen Mujahideen hurls two grenades at Pakistani police attempting an arrest. Ten are injured.
11/29/04 Iraq Baghdadi 7 9 Seven policemen, lining up for pay, are killed in a suicide bombing by Sunni extremists.
11/29/04 India Srinagar 0 12 Mujahideen hurl a grenade into the center of a commercial district, injuring a dozen civilians.
11/28/04 Afghanistan Delaram 3 3 The Taliban attack an NGO office and machine-gun three aid workers to death. Three others are injured.
11/28/04 Iraq Samarrah 5 4 Five civilians are killed in a roadside bomb attack by Jihadists.
11/28/04 Algeria Mascara 1 3 In a brutal attack, a civilian is killed and three others injured by members of the Salafi Daawa terrorist group.
11/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 30 Sunni extremists kill three Iraqi and four British civilians with three bombings over a 24-hour period.
11/27/04 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Fifteen more bodies of executed hostages are found in Mosul.
11/27/04 Sudan Kossa 15 6 Attack by Arab militias leaves fifteen African villagers dead and six injured.
11/26/04 India Doda 3 0 Hizb-ul-Mujhadeen kill two Hindu travelers on a road, along with a college student dragged of his house.
11/24/04 Pakistan Islamabad 2 2 Pakistani Islamists attack a police vehicle, killing two occupants.
11/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Suicide car bomber kills at least two civilians, including one woman.
11/23/04 India Kashmir 3 3 Muslim militants stage two attacks against border guards, killing three and injuring three.
11/23/04 Nigeria Jigawa 2 10 Muslim extremists attack a group of Christian evangelists. Two people are beaten to death and at least ten others injured.
11/23/04 Sudan Adwa 30 100 More than thirty civilians, including women and children are killed by the government in a ground attack on their village. More than a hundred others are raped or injured.
11/21/04 Iraq Ramadi 8 15 Sunni terrorists kill eight policemen and injure fifteen in a shooting ambush.
11/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Jihadists chase down a car carrying public works employees on their way to work and machine-gun all four to death.
11/20/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Iraqi Kurds are captured by Ansar Al-Sunna, tortured for seven days and then executed.
11/20/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Nine policemen are captured by Islamists, then murdered with bullets to the back of the head.
11/20/04 UK Oxford 1 0 A Bangladeshi man and his two sons stab a 19-year-old to death in his car in an honor killing after an affair with their daughter.
11/19/04 India Surankote 3 1 Three people are killed when the Mujahideen bomb their vehicle.
11/19/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 5 5 Jemaah Islamiyah set off a bomb on a minibus outside a market, killing five people and injuring five others.
11/18/04 Belgium Antwerp 1 0 Synagogue worker gunned down on the streets of Antwerp.
11/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 Jihadists kill three Iraqis, including a woman, with a suicide car bombing. In Balad they kidnap and behead a native contractor.
11/18/04 Iraq Baiji 4 0 The Fedayeen kill two women, a man and a child in a bombing attack on their car.
11/18/04 Algeria Mahrane 1 0 A civilian is killed in a Salafist Group landmine attack.
11/17/04 Iraq Baiji 15 22 Suicide car bomber kills fifteen, including six women and six children. The attack took place in the middle of a crowded street.
11/17/04 Pakistan Mingora 2 29 Bomb explodes in the back of a cinema, killing two people and injuring about thirty.
11/17/04 Philippines Zamboanga City 0 1 24-year-old Christian man is attacked by Muslim activists, badly beaten and left for dead.
11/16/04 India Budgam 6 0 Militant Muslims invade a residence and kill six members of a family, including two women.
11/16/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 4 6 The Taliban kill four policemen in a landmine attack. Six others are injured.
11/16/04 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 Hindu minority leader gunned down in his home.
11/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 59-year-old humanitarian aid worker, kidnapped by Islamists last month, is executed on video with a bullet to the back of her head.
11/15/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 Body of a Polish female kidnapped by Islamists is found. Her throat had been slit and she had been disemboweled with a knife. She was identified by her long blond hair.
11/15/04 India Patnazi 2 1 Two civilians are gunned down by the Mujahideen while collecting wood in a forest.
11/15/04 Thailand Krong Pinang 2 0 Militants attack a home, killing a retired man and a teenage family member.
11/14/04 India Nadimarg 3 0 Jaish-e-Mohammed militants kill three policemen assigned to protect a minority Indian ethnic group after a horrific massacre last year.
11/14/04 Pal. Auth. Gaza 2 6 Palestinian extremists kill two people guarding the new PA leader. Six bystanders are wounded.
11/14/04 India Chakarbathi Bala 3 0 Three people, including a husband and wife, are burned to death when the Mujahideen set fire to their home.
11/13/04 Thailand Yala 2 0 Muslims gun down two civilians - one in his home and another who happened on the attack.
11/13/04 India Malikpora Bandipora 2 2 The Mujahideen invade two houses, killing the wife of one occupant. The owner of the other house is kidnapped and then has his throat slit.
11/13/04 Thailand Tharnto 1 6 Militant Muslims explode a bomb in the middle of a marketplace, killing one person instantly and leaving at least six others critically injured.
11/13/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 5 4 Muslim terrorists kill five and injure four with a bomb hidden on a public bus. Two of the dead are women.
11/13/04 Algeria Algiers 2 3 Armed fundamentalists kill two Algerian soldiers in separate terror attacks.
11/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Sunni gunmen kill two American civilians in an ambush.
11/12/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 14 A Buddhist teacher is gunned down by Islamic militants. They also plant a bomb in a restaurant, which injures fourteen.
11/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 19 24 A Fedayeen blows himself to Allah, taking at least nineteen people with him that happened to be passing by on a packed city street. Women and children are among the victims.
11/10/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Group calling itself the "Islamic Secret Army" takes five civilians hostage to use as human shields, then summarily executes them when no longer needed.
11/9/04 India Wagora 2 1 The Mujahideen stage an attack on the home of a politician. A neighbor and a security guard are killed.
11/9/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Thai Muslims cut the head off of a 60-year-old Buddhist plantation worker.
11/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 45 Muslim extremists bomb two Christian churches, killing three and injuring over forty, including women and children.
11/8/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 0 Laskar Jihad terrorists kill the driver of a public minibus.
11/8/04 Iraq Samarra 6 0 Ansar al-Islam terrorists set two tanker trucks on fire, burning the Turkish drivers alive. Elsewhere, four Iraqi civilians are killed when gunmen ambush their car and set it on fire.
11/8/04 Afghanistan Arghandab 3 2 Taliban extremists machine-gun Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint, killing three and injuring two.
11/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 60 Jihadists car bomb the emergency unit of a hospital, killing thirteen civilians and injuring at least sixty.
11/8/04 Iraq Zubayr 2 0 Car bombing kills two British and South African civilians.
11/7/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Scottish civilians are killed by Shia militants. One of them is a father of two.
11/6/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two Buddhists, one a grocery store owner, are gunned down by militant Muslims.
11/6/04 India Srinagar 2 2 Mujahideen terrorists throw a grenade at two off-duty soldiers shopping in a retail district, killing them and injuring two civilians.
11/6/04 Iraq Samarra 34 66 Thirty-four people, mostly civilians, are blown up by Fedayeen suicide bombers [looking to curry favor with Allah] in several coordinated attacks.
11/5/04 Iraq al-Muqdadiya 2 4 Jihadists kill a 3-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl with a rocket.
11/5/04 Algeria Relizane 2 0 Algerian Islamists ambush and kill two policemen. The fundamentalists have killed about thirty civilians thus far during Ramadan.
11/4/04 Iraq Dujail 3 7 Car bombing kills three Iraqis and injures seven.
11/4/04 Indonesia Poso 1 0 The Mujahideen kidnap and decapitate the Christian leader of an Indonesian village.
11/4/04 Iraq Bahgdad 4 8 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber kills three British soldiers manning a checkpoint, along with their translator.
11/4/04 Thailand Pattani 9 2 Muslim terrorists kill nine Buddhists over a 24-hour period in separate attacks. At least one monk survived with injuries, as well as a young boy.
11/4/04 Afghanistan Orgun 4 1 Four civilians are killed by a homemade Taliban bomb as they were passing by in their vehicle.
11/3/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 2 Shia gunmen open fire on a Sunni mosque, killing one and injuring two.
11/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four more Iraqis kidnapped and beheaded.
11/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 A Christian family is ambushed in their car by Muslim gunmen, who manage to kill the father and his 10-year-old son.
11/2/04 Thailand Mamong 1 0 Muslim agitators murder a 58-year-old Buddhist village chief by cutting off his head.
11/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 29 Terrorists kill six people outside a Ministry of Education building with a car bombing.
11/2/04 Netherlands Amsterdam 1 1 Dutch filmmaker (Grandnephew of painter Van Gogh) shot to death by a 26-year-old Moroccan after making a film critical of Islam.
11/1/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Two high-ranking government officials are assassinated in separate ambushes.
11/1/04 Israel Tel Aviv 3 38 Two Jewish women and a man are murdered at a cheese deli in an open market by a 16-year-old who let the Abu Ali Mustafa terrorist network strap explosives to his chest.
11/1/04 India Shopian 0 21 Harkat-ul-Ansar terrorist hurls a grenade into a busy market, injuring over twenty people.
10/31/04 Thailand Narathiwat 5 0 Muslim separatists kill a Buddhist construction worker, a police officer, two agricultural workers, and one other civilian.
10/31/04 Iraq Tikrit 15 8 Jihadists fire a rocket at a hotel, killing fifteen civilians and injuring eight others.
10/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Qur'anic quoting militants bound a Japanese hostages arms then cut off his head.
10/31/04 Sudan Mallaga 18 6 The Janaweed attack an African village earlier in the month, killing eighteen civilians and injuring another six.
10/30/04 India Mahore 2 1 Mujahideen assassinate a politician and his 12-year-old son after invading their home. The dead boy's mother is severely injured in the attack.
10/30/04 Iraq Anbar 8 10 'Holy Warrior' suicide car bomber kills eight U.S. Marines and injures ten others on routine patrol.
10/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 8 19 Fedayeen car bombing on an Arabic TV station leaves seven dead and nineteen badly injured.
10/29/04 India Kukurgaon 2 3 Two Muslim clerics are killed by the other's followers in a religious dispute. Woman and two young girls injured.
10/29/04 Thailand Yala 1 24 A remote-controlled bomb is set off by Islamic extremists near a tea shop, killing one person and injuring twenty-four others.
10/28/04 Thailand Sungai Kolok 3 20 Local Muslims gun down a Buddhist orchard owner and bomb a bar. The bomb kills two people and injures twenty others.
10/28/04 Iraq Hillah 11 0 Eleven Iraqi Guardsmen are taken hostage by Ansar al-Sunnah. All eleven are bound and then executed, some with a shot to the head others with a slow beheading. The killers admonish the video audience to "Repent to Allah."
10/27/04 Pakistan Karachi 6 2 Vicious killing by Islamists who barge into a Christian charity office, tie up six men, then execute six by shooting them in the back of the head.
10/26/04 Pakistan Spinkai Raghazai 9 5 al-Qaeda kill nine tribesmen with rockets in western Pakistan. At least five others are critically injured.
10/26/04 Algeria Tizi Ghenif 5 2 Algerian Islamists kill five more people at fake roadblocks in two remote areas. Three are beheaded.
10/26/04 India Senabathi 1 1 The Mujahideen invade another house and kill two teenagers, including an 18-year-old girl.
10/25/04 Iraq Mosul 6 12 A series of Fedayeen suicide bombings in Mosul and Baghdad kill six Iraqi civilians and leave at least a dozen injured.
10/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An Assyrian Christian woman, mother of three children, is murdered in her home by Jihad warriors.
10/24/04 Algeria Boumerdass 1 1 Armed Islamists kill a security guard and injure a civilian in eastern Algeria.
10/24/04 India Salbala 3 2 Mujahideen terrorists invade a home. They shoot two members of a family to death and kidnap another member, whom they later behead.
10/24/04 Iraq Basra 48 0 A very heinous attack by "Unification and Jihad" leaves forty-eight unarmed police recruits dead. Their three minibuses were stooped by the Jihadists, who forced the men out by the side of the road and executed each with a shot to the head.
10/24/04 India Anantnag 1 1 Mujahideen attempt another political assassination at a funeral. A passerby is killed in the mine attack.
10/23/04 Iraq Baghdadi 10 48 Muslim zealot kills ten policemen and injures forty-eight people in a powerful suicide bombing.
10/23/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 6 A Taliban extremist straps six grenades to his body then detonates them on a city street, killing a 12-year-old Afghan girl and an American woman.
10/22/04 Algeria Medea 16 13 Armed Islamic extremists stop cars carrying young people to a soccer game at a phony roadblock. They then use knives and small-arms to kill sixteen. Thirteen others are missing.
10/22/04 India Anantnag 1 1 The Mujahideen assassinate a prominent moderate politician and critically injure his bodyguard.
10/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Islamists stage a shooting ambush a bus carrying airline workers, killing four women, and injuring at least eleven others.
10/21/04 Indonesia Poso 1 0 Muslim gunmen kill the security guard at a Catholic church.
10/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two women and their driver are shot to death by Muslim insurgents as they are driving to work.
10/20/04 Iraq Samarra 4 20 Islamic insurgents kill four children with a car bomb. Twenty others are injured.
10/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 80 Jihadists behead two Macedonian hostages on video. They also kill four Iraqi Guardsmen standing in formation and injure more than eighty with a mortar attack.
10/19/04 Pakistan Spin Kairakzai 3 9 Three security officials are killed in an attack by the same religious fundamentalists that recently massacred eleven Chinese workers.
10/18/04 Afghanistan Paktika 5 0 Religious fundamentalists kill five, including an election worker, in a landmine attack.
10/17/04 India Mandli 1 14 An Islamic terrorist lobs a grenade at a village defense committee trying to guard a bus station.
10/17/04 India Mohammadpora 1 5 The Mujahideen kill a 22-year-old man and badly injure five members of his family who were trying to prevent his murder.
10/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 26 Car bombing near a café kills six and injures twenty-six. Police and civilians among the casualties.
10/16/04 Syria Hasaka 2 0 An Assyrian Christian is beaten and killed by Muslim attackers, who then mutilate his body and dump it in the Christian quarter of town. A friend coming to help is shot and killed.
10/16/04 Iraq Latifiyah 9 0 Jihadists ambush a minivan carrying nine police recruits traveling from Jordan. All are shot to death.
10/16/04 Iraq Qaim 4 0 Suicide car bomber kills one civilian and three U.S. troops.
10/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 4 Jihad car bombing kills four palm grove laborers and a family of four that was passing by in a car. Two other bystanders were killed as well.
10/15/04 Afghanistan Kunar 4 0 The Taliban sets a truck on fire, then detonates a remote-controlled bomb after a crowd gathers. Three children are among the dead.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Small Christian girl kidnapped and killed by Muslims who had demanded ransom from her family.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 18 A suicide bomber kicks off the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by killing five civilians at a café. Eighteen others are injured.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 A female reporter, Iraqi judge and two South African civilian contractors are murdered in three separate shooting attacks. A Chinese hostage is also shot to death by al-Qaeda terrorists..
10/14/04 Pakistan Jandola 1 1 Uzbeki militants affiliated with an Islamic terror cell kidnap two Chinese engineers and execute one.
10/13/04 Bangladesh Bagerhat 2 0 Muslim invaders kill a Hindu husband and wife in their home.
10/13/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 1 2 Laskar Jihad gunmen kill a Hindu woman and injure two Christian men by opening fire on their houses.
10/13/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Suicide car bombing leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five injured.
10/13/04 Pakistan Jalala 4 35 Islamist throws a grenade at a wedding party in an Afghan refugee camp, because they were listening to music, which was forbidden under the Taliban.
10/13/04 Indonesia Jono Oge 2 0 Sword-wielding Muslim mob kills two Christians on a busy street in an Indonesian province. One dies at the scene, another at the hospital.
10/13/04 India Poonch 1 2 A 23-year-old is killed by the Mujahideen. Elsewhere in the district a mother and her son are abducted. Their fate is unknown.
10/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Ansar al-Sunnah takes a Shiite hostage then cuts off his head on video.
10/12/04 Thailand Pattani 2 9 Muslim gunmen storm a police station with firearms and grenades. An officer and a civilian are killed.
10/11/04 Iraq Mosul 3 24 Two civilians and one American soldier are killed in a Fedayeen suicide car bombing.
10/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 11 16 Two suicide bombers kill at least eleven (mostly Iraqi women) and injure sixteen.
10/10/04 Pakistan Lahore 3 6 A suicide bomber walks up to a Shiite mosque and kills a young boy and two guards who intercepted him before he could kill other worshippers.
10/10/04 Iran Mahabad 2 0 A militant Shiite group called Ali-Ilahi opens fire on a police station.
10/9/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 In another motorcycle attack, Muslims shoot a 23-year old Buddhist student to death.
10/9/04 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Sunni clerics are gunned down by Shia terrorists in the street.
10/9/04 India Pattan 5 45 Jaish-e-Mohammad militants use a suicide car bombing against a mini-bus, killing five and injuring some forty-five civilians and soldiers.
10/8/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslims kill a 38-year old Buddhist soldier with an assault rifle as he is walking home.
10/8/04 France Paris 0 10 An Islamic extremist group plants a bomb outside the Indonesian embassy in Paris, injuring ten.
10/8/04 Nigeria Kala-Balge 3 0 Three police officers are killed by the Nigerian 'Taliban.' Twelve others were taken prisoner.
10/7/04 Pakistan Multan 41 100 Forty-one Sunnis are targeted by rival Shiites in two car bomb blasts as the victims are holding a rally.
10/7/04 Egypt Taba 33 149 At least thirty-three people, most of them Jewish tourists, are killed by a massive suicide car bombing at an Egyptian resort hotel. About one-hundred and fifty others are among the injured. Several Muslim groups scramble to claim responsibility.
10/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 In front of a banner proclaiming "One God and Jihad" kidnappers slice the head off of a 62-year-old British engineer.
10/7/04 Egypt Ras a-Satan 4 40 Two explosions kills three Israelis and one Egyptian. "Brotherhood of International Islamists" takes responsibility.
10/6/04 Pakistan Karachi 2 1 Two constables are killed outside a mosque in a shooting attack by Islamists.
10/6/04 Iraq Anah 12 25 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking twelve Iraqi Guardsmen at a checkpoint with him. Twenty-five others are injured.
10/6/04 Afghanistan Faizabad 2 5 The Taliban kills two people with a bomb at an election rally. Five others sustain injuries.
10/6/04 Afghanistan Khandahar 7 0 Taliban militants kill seven Afghan policemen with a landmine.
10/5/04 Iraq al-Mahmodeyah 10 1 Ten policemen are killed by Jihad fighters in three separate attacks. One is bound and beheaded.
10/5/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Jihadists kill three more hostages by means of decapitation. Bodies found with hands bound.
10/5/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 2 Sunni car bombing kills four and injures at least two.
10/5/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 5 Ansar al-Sunna radicals kill four Kurds in a shooting attack on their minivan.
10/5/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Jihadists kidnap and then behead a 15-year-old Christian boy. They then burn his body.
10/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 24 96 Three suicide car bombings, two in Baghdad and one in Mosul, kill at least twenty-four and injure nearly one-hundred. The casualties are mostly civilians as the attacks occurred on city streets.
10/3/04 Iraq Youssifiyah 2 0 Islamists tie a man up and cut off his head. Another hostage, female, is shot through the head. Both bodies dumped in the same area.
10/3/04 India Baramulla 1 3 Grenade attack injures three civilians and one policeman. A civilian later dies of injuries (10/6/04)
10/1/04 Pakistan Sialkot 31 50 Sunni suicide bomber kills at least thirty-one worshippers at a Shia mosque. More than fifty others injured in the blast.
10/1/04 Lebanon Beirut 1 5 Pro-Syrian terrorists use a car bomb in an attempted political assassination.
10/1/04 Pakistan Bangashwala 4 1 A homemade al-Qaeda bomb kills four teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18.
9/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 51 230 At least fifty people, including thirty-five children are killed by a series of car bombings. More than two-hundred others are injured. The main target was a ceremony marking the opening of a new sewage system.
9/30/04 Israel Sderot 2 15 Two small children (ages 2 and 4) are killed by a Palestinian rocket while playing in the front yard of their home. Hamas (Islamic Resistance) claims responsibility.
9/30/04 Israel Eley Sinai 2 0 Palestinian gunmen kill a female jogger - and the medic trying to save her life.
9/29/04 India Anantnag 2 0 Muslim militants shoot a government official and bodyguard to death as they are waiting at a traffic light.
9/29/04 Afghanistan Zabul 12 0 Taliban terrorists attack a government post, killing twelve Afghan soldiers.
9/29/04 Iraq Tal Afar 4 16 An Islamic insurgent car bombing kills four civilians and injures at least sixteen others.
9/29/04 Pakistan Quetta 1 9 A teenager is killed, and nine other civilians injured by a bicycle bomb.
9/28/04 Philippines Lamitan 2 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists shoot two policemen to death as they ride by on a motorcycle.
9/28/04 Algeria Ain Defla 6 0 Islamic fundamentalists slaughter six civilian village defense force volunteers.
9/28/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Shia gunmen prevent the rescue of two injured British soldiers, who later die from wounds suffered in a terrorist ambush.
9/27/04 Pakistan Sarokai 3 6 al-Qaeda militants use an IED to kill three Pakistani soldiers riding in a convoy.
9/27/04 Iraq Falluja 7 7 Two explosions, at least one a Fedayeen suicide bombing, is responsible for the deaths of seven Iraqi Guardsmen in Fallujah and Mosul.
9/27/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Muslims use motorbikes to stage two shooting attacks that leave a government official and one police officer dead.
9/26/04 Afghanistan Charchino 1 3 A local official is killed and three other people injured when the Taliban attacks their vehicle in a remote area.
9/26/04 Thailand Yala 1 9 Islamic separatists kill the owner of a fruit orchard. Elsewhere, a grenade attack leaves nine injured.
9/25/04 India Anantnag 1 5 Victim of the 9/22 grenade attack - a man waiting for a bus - succumbs to his injuries.
9/25/04 Chechnya Alleroi 0 2 Heavily-armed Mujahideen attack a village, burning residences and badly injuring an 8-year-old girl and at least one other.
9/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 In a tragic and senseless attack, Islamic insurgents kill murder six young men in a minivan who had just signed up as police recruits.
9/25/04 Chechnya Grozny 4 0 Four Russian police are killed at a traffic stop by Jihad terrorists.
9/25/04 Saudi Arabia Jeddah 1 0 Islamists shoot a French resident to death as he is walking to his car in a supermarket parking lot.
9/25/04 Afghanistan Helmand 9 0 Nine Afghan soldiers are killed by Taliban militants who ambush their SUV convoy.
9/25/04 Pakistan Quetta 3 3 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi radicals ambush a policeman near his home, killing him and two others.
9/24/04 Israel Neve Dekalim 1 0 Palestinians fire a mortar into a Jewish residential neighborhood, killing a 22-year-old woman.
9/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Jihad militants mortar bomb a city street, killing three civilians and injuring fourteen. Elsewhere, six Egyptian mobile-phone company workers are kidnapped.
9/23/04 Israel Morog 3 1 Palestinian gunmen attempt to infiltrate a Jewish settlement. They are stopped by Israeli troops, but manage to kill three.
9/23/04 Chechnya Mairtup 2 0 Two people are killed in a Mujahideen automatic-weapons attack on their vehicle.
9/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 54 Six people are murdered by an Islamic suicide bomber outside a photocopy shop. Nearly sixty others are admitted to the hospital.
9/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two American civilians are beheaded on videotape by an al-Qaeda group called 'Jihad and Unification.'
9/21/04 Pakistan Ratta Kalachi 3 1 Three members of a Shia family are slaughtered in a sectarian attack. One young girl survived with injuries.
9/20/04 Afghanistan Zabul 3 0 Taliban militants stop a taxi carrying three unarmed Afghan soldiers (out of uniform). They pull them out of the car and behead all three on the side of the road.
9/20/04 Nigeria Bama 10 0 Armed Nigerian militants, shouting 'Allahu Akbar' invade two towns and kill ten people, including seven civilians.
9/19/04 Iraq Samarra 6 7 Three young Kurdish party members are captured by 'Ansar al-Sunna' terrorists and beheaded. Elsewhere, a suicide car bombing kills three.
9/18/04 Iraq Kirkuk 19 39 Nineteen people waiting in line for jobs are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
9/18/04 Algeria Kalous 4 1 Armed Islamic extremists set up a fake road block on a remote road. They shoot to death four people that stop there and also abduct a woman.
9/18/04 Iraq Mosul 5 4 Gunmen pull beside two cars carrying oil executives. Five are shot to death, four wounded.
9/18/04 Bangladesh Jamalpur 1 0 A Christian convert from Islam has his throat slashed by Muslim fundamentalists.
9/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 8 41 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders eight people in a shopping district. Forty-one others survive with injuries.
9/17/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist judge is shot to death by Muslim gunmen after dropping his children off at school.
9/16/04 Algeria Tebsa 4 0 Islamic fundamentalist plant a bomb that kills four village guards.
9/15/04 Iraq Kirkuk 4 13 Two Iraqi workers are ambushed and shot to death in Kirkuk. A car bombing in Baghdad kills two and injures ten. Three Western civilians there are also kidnapped.
9/15/04 Iraq Al Dijail 3 0 The headless bodies of three people, two of who were Assyrian Christians, are found in a field with with Qur'anic inscriptions carved into them.
9/15/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 British man gunned down by terrorists in the parking lot of a shopping center.
9/14/04 Iraq Baqubah 12 3 Sunni insurgents spray a police van, carrying officers and civilians, with automatic weapons, killing twelve and injuring three.
9/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Canadian (Arab) Christians are chased by a mob of Muslims and beaten to death.
9/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 114 Fedayeen suicide bomber fervently practices his religion by killing himself and forty-seven others in a car bombing on a busy street next to a line of police recruiting hopefuls. Over one-hundred others are injured in the attack.
9/13/04 India Kalmund-Bachana 3 0 Lashker-e-Toiba members, invade a house, torture three family members with sharp instruments, then shoot them to death.
9/13/04 Pakistan Gilgit 2 0 Two people, including a seminary teacher are killed in Muslim sectarian violence.
9/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Group "Unification and Jihad" beheads a Turkish truck driver in front of a video camera. Elsewhere, two Italian women are taken hostage.
9/12/04 Iraq Hilla 3 3 In a senseless attack, terrorists kill three Polish sappers who were working to clear the country of landmines.
9/11/04 India Srinagar 3 7 Suicide attack on a heavily-guarded tourist hotel leaves three security personnel dead and seven others injured.
9/11/04 India Kupwara 1 20 Mujahideen militants toss a grenade into a crowded marketplace, killing one civilian and injuring twenty others.
9/10/04 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Two Sunni gunmen on a motorcycle kill a prominent Shiite academic as he is driving home.
9/9/04 India Futlipora 1 0 Suspected Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami members abduct a 52-year-old man from his orchard, then march him to the top of a nearby hill where he is executed.
9/9/04 Indonesia Jakarta 9 173 At least nine are killed when the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group detonates a suicide car bomb outside the Australian embassy in a business district. More than one-hundred and seventy others are treated for injuries.
9/9/04 Pakistan Somyani 2 1 Two are killed, and one injured when militants bomb a State-run space research center.
9/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Three Iraqis are killed by a roadside bomb.
9/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 10 6 Seven U.S. Marines and three Iraqis are killed by a Fedayeen ('Holy Warrior') suicide car bomber who plowed right into their convoy.
9/4/04 Iraq Kirkuk 15 41 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills at least fifteen people and injures another forty with a car bomb.
9/3/04 Thailand Yala 1 2 Islamists shoot and kill a hospital employee in a drive-by.
9/3/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 4 Two people, including a teenager are killed by a bomb, placed by the Taliban under a truck.
9/3/04 Russia Beslan 344 600 Islamic militants shoot fleeing children in the back, then blow them up, along with their mothers and teachers with nail-packed bombs. Others are crushed or burned to death from the effects of the bombs. More than three-hundred innocents slaughtered.
9/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 The Tawhid wal Jihad (Unity and Holy War ) Islamic group forces three Turkish hostages to kneel before a video camera, then shoots each in the chest.
9/2/04 India Barhi Draman 1 3 Mujahideen kill a young boy and injure three members of his family for their refusal to send the boy to a terrorist training camp.
9/2/04 Iraq al-Mayasa 2 0 Islamic terrorists gun down two Christian brothers, known for advocating the rights of minorities.
9/1/04 Russia Beslan 16 14 At least sixteen people are killed as Mujahideen terrorists invade a school, taking more than a hundred children hostage. Children are made to stand in windows with suicide bombers behind them.
9/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 43-year-old Christian man is killed by Jihadists just after leaving a hospital where he was treated for injuries following an earlier attack.
8/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 0 An Islamist group called Jaish Ansar al-Sunna slowly beheads a Nepali hostage while eleven other hostages are shot through the back of the head in front of a Qur'anic banner.
8/31/04 Russia Moscow 11 51 A female suicide bomber kills eleven rush-hour commuters at a subway station in Moscow. Fifty-one others are injured.
8/31/04 India Pulwama 1 26 Muslim militant hurls a grenade into a road, killing a school teacher and injuring twenty-six other people.
8/31/04 Iraq Bartella 3 0 Three young Christian women are slaughtered by Islamic extremists in a small Iraqi village.
8/31/04 Israel Be'er Sheva 16 98 Hamas (Islamic Resistance) suicide bombers murder sixteen people, including a 3-year-old child riding two passenger buses. About one-hundred others are injured in the explosions.
8/30/04 Pakistan Qalat 3 10 Three are killed and ten injured by a bomb planted near a food stand.
8/29/04 Iraq Baqubah 6 11 Six police officers manning a checkpoint are gunned down by Islamic terrorists in two minibuses.
8/29/04 Afghanistan Kabul 9 24 The Taliban kill at least nine people, including one child with a remote-controlled truck bomb on a busy street in the capitol city.
8/28/04 Afghanistan Zormat 10 15 A bomb planted by the Taliban at a school kills nine children and one adult. Fifteen other youngsters were injured in the attack.
8/27/04 Iraq Najaf 1 0 In a crime so barbaric that even al-Jazeera declined to air the video, an Italian journalist, pacifist, and father of two is taken hostage and murdered by an Islamic group.
8/26/04 Algeria Zemmouri 1 2 Two members of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat sneak up to two guards at a beach. Then shoot one to death and severely injure another, along with a female bather.
8/26/04 Iraq Kufa 75 376 Clashes between supporters of rival Shiite clerics results in at least seventy-five deaths and more than three-hundred injuries.
8/26/04 Sudan Yassin 64 156 Arab militia, supported by the Islamic government, burns down an African village and kills sixty-four civilians. Some one-hundred and fifty-six others survive with injuries.
8/25/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 30 Muslim separatists bomb a food market, killing one and injuring at least thirty others.
8/24/04 Russia Moscow 89 0 Militant Muslims hijack two Russian passenger airliners, then murder all eighty-nine people, including women and children on board the two planes. The terrorist group Islambouli Brigade claims responsibility.
8/24/04 India Safarwaw Gund 4 0 Four civilians are gunned down by the Mujahideen, two at a picnic spot and two others in Pulwama, after abducting them from their homes.
8/24/04 India Kara 2 0 In a heinous attack, a Muslim "freedom fighter" hurls a grenade at two children in a remote village, killing the 3-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother.
8/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 15 'Holy Warrior' suicide bombers kill themselves and five others in twin blasts. More than a dozen Iraqi civilians are injured.
8/23/04 Algeria Boumerdes 7 13 Seven security force members are killed in an ambush by Islamic fundamentalists, who lured them by setting fire to a children's center. Several children were injured.
8/23/04 Yemen Saada 11 0 Eleven Yemeni soldiers are killed in an ambush by followers of a radical Shiite cleric in that country.
8/22/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 4 Fedayeen suicide bomber attempts a political assassination. Two guards are killed.
8/21/04 Chechnya Grozny 22 10 Twenty-two people, including policemen and other civilians are killed in several terrorist attacks by Muslim separatists in the capital city and across the country.
8/21/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 19 300 Nineteen people are killed and over 300 injured when Islamists throw more than a dozen grenades into an opposition political rally.
8/19/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Muslim mob takes 26-year-old Christian from his home then tortures him to death.
8/19/04 Iraq Najaf 8 30 Radical Shiites kill eight and injure thirty in the Holy City of Najaf in a mortar attack on a police station.
8/19/04 Afghanistan Farah 0 7 Seven people are hurt when the Taliban detonate several bombs inside an electoral commission building.
8/18/04 India Udhampur 4 0 Islamic separatists invade a family's home and then massacre the father, his daughter and two sons.
8/18/04 India Rajouri 2 0 Mujahideen militants - led by a Pakistani national - abduct and then cut off the heads of a man and his son.
8/17/04 Algeria Bouira 2 0 Two Algerian village guards are killed by Islamic fundamentalists in separate bombings.
8/17/04 Dagestan Makhachkala 3 2 Two separate terrorist attacks staged by Muslim rebels leave a civilian and two anti-terrorist agents dead.
8/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 32 Islamic insurgents fire a mortar round into a crowded street outside a barbershop, killing six, including two children, and injuring at least thirty others.
8/16/04 Iraq Baqouba 5 4 Mortar attack kills two civilians and injures four. In the same city, a roadside bomb kills three Iraqi Guardsmen.
8/15/04 Afghanistan Maiwand 6 0 Taliban extremists attack an Afghan army post and kill six soldiers.
8/15/04 Iran Neka 1 0 Iranian Mullah publicly hangs a 16-year-old girl for having a 'sharp tongue.'
8/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Bus station bombed with mortars - at least one killed and five injured.
8/14/04 India Galothi 2 0 Mujahideen terrorists shoot a young couple to death as they beg for their lives.
8/13/04 Israel Itamar 1 1 Palestinian gunman murders an Israeli driver outside a settlement.
8/12/04 India Watapora Beerwah 2 0 Mujahideen abduct and later shoot dead two civilians from a remote village.
8/11/04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Islamic insurgents spray a car with machine-gun fire, killing four occupants, including a woman and child.
8/11/04 Israel Jerusalem 2 16 Unsuccessful suicide car bombing at an Israeli checkpoint kills two Palestinians and injures sixteen.
8/11/04 Iraq Khan Ban Sad 6 10 Muslim terrorists bomb a busy marketplace in a small town, killing six people and injuring at least 10 others.
8/9/04 Iraq Balad Ruz 7 14 In another case of "killing for Allah," a Fedayeen suicide bomber destroys seven Iraqi policemen and injures another fourteen people.
8/9/04 Iraq Khalidiya 4 4 Civilian minibus is the target of another Fedayeen bombing. Four are killed and four injured.
8/8/04 Algeria Boukaid 2 0 Two local security guards are shot to death by Islamic fundamentalists.
8/8/04 Pakistan Karachi 8 42 Two bombs, staggered to cause maximum casualties, rip through a Pakistani restaurant near a Sunni school leaving at least eight dead and dozens injured.
8/8/04 Iraq Kirkuk 1 3 Roadside bomb kills a 7-year-old child and injures three others.
8/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 16 A 10-year-old boy is killed, and sixteen others, including a 13-year-old girl, badly injured when Sunnis mortar-bomb a pickup truck in a residential neighborhood.
8/7/04 Afghanistan Gilan 3 1 Taliban kill two U.S. soldiers and their Afghan interpreter with a roadside bombing on their vehicle.
8/6/04 India Gundana 1 0 Suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists invade a woman's home and kill her in cold blood.
8/6/04 Afghanistan Uruzgan 2 1 The Taliban kill two humanitarian election workers and take another hostage in an attack on their convoy.
8/5/04 India Srinagar 9 8 Muslim terrorists attack a police building in the heart of Srinagar, killing eight officers.
8/5/04 Bangladesh Sylhet 1 15 Fundamentalists bomb two cinemas, killing a 13-year-old boy.
8/5/04 Iraq Mahawil 5 18 Islamic extremists kill five policemen in a shooting attack followed minutes later by a suicide minibus bombing.
8/5/04 Iraq Filfil 1 0 Gunmen stop a truck convoy and kill a Turkish father of three who is unable to recite prayers on command.
8/5/04 England West Bromwich 1 0 Shopkeeper is brutally beaten to death by members of a Muslim family upset over the presumed "taboo" relationship between his son and their Pakistani daughter.
8/4/04 Afghanistan Gardez 2 0 Taliban radicals ambush and murder two charity workers.
8/3/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 6 Suicide bomber kills four Iraqi National Guardsmen at a roadside checkpoint. Six others are injured.
8/3/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 Two al-Qaeda gunmen shoot an Irish engineer four times in the chest at his office.
8/3/04 Israel Rafah 3 10 Attempted bombing of an Israeli bulldozer backfires. Three Palestinian bystanders are killed and ten others, including journalists, are injured.
8/2/04 Pal. Auth. Gaza 3 0 Palestinian terrorists shoot three suspected informants to death in their hospital beds.
8/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda members place a hood over the head of a cleaner taken hostage, then shoot him three times while praising Allah.
8/1/04 Pakistan Khuzdar 6 2 Islamists use automatic weapons at point-blank range to ambush a car carrying soldiers and civilians, killing six.
8/1/04 Iraq Mosul 4 32 A suicide bomber kills at least four people and injures between thirty and fifty in a residential neighborhood.
8/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Terrorist bombing near a hotel kills two civilians and badly injures two others.
8/1/04 Algeria Ziama Mansouria 3 1 Bombing by the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat leaves three security company employees dead and one critically injured.
8/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 11 61 Islamic radicals bomb five Catholic churches, murdering nearly a dozen Christians and injuring close to one-hundred people.
7/31/04 Afghanistan Helmand 2 0 A local Afghan official and his bodyguard are shot to death by the Taliban.
7/31/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 5 Muslim gunmen on motorcycles shoot a 39-year-old woman four times in the chest. In a separate attack, a bomb hidden under a street bench, injures five.
7/31/04 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Hard-line fundamentalists bomb car dealership, killing two people.
7/30/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 3 5 Three suicide bombers kill three others and injure five in synchronized attacks on the U.S and Israeli embassies.
7/30/04 Pakistan Fateh Jang 6 25 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six and injures at least twenty-five others. Pakistani finance minister was the target.
7/29/04 India Bafliaz 2 1 Mujahideen invade a home, kill a mother and father and injure their young child in the process.
7/28/04 Iraq Baqubah 68 56 An Islamist kills himself and sixty-eight others, including twenty-one passengers on a passing bus, and injures dozens more in a suicide bombing at a marketplace.
7/28/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four policemen are killed by a homemade bomb while on routine patrol.
7/27/04 India Dal Lake 5 2 Fedayeen militants kill five Indian security force personnel and injure two in an attack on a resort.
7/27/04 India Satoora 2 0 Police recover the body of a woman abducted by Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists. Her husband had also been killed by the same group.
7/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Group calling itself the 'Islamic Army' brutally executes two Pakistani civilians taken hostage.
7/27/04 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 2 The Taliban bombs an election station at a mosque, killing six workers and injuring two.
7/26/04 India Baramullah 1 29 One citizen is killed, and nearly thirty others injured when militant Muslim throws grenade into the street outside a hospital.
7/26/04 Iraq Basra 2 3 Muslim extremists open fire on a private vehicle carrying workers. Two women are killed and another three injured.
7/26/04 Iraq Mosul 3 5 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three, including two civilians and causes another five to suffer critical burns.
7/25/04 Chechnya Samashki 3 1 Three cannery workers are killed, and another wounded in a terrorist bombing on their vehicle.
7/25/04 India Daraj 3 1 Militant Muslims invade a home and cut off the heads of a 65-year-old man and his two children, one a teenage girl. They attempt to cut the head off his wife, but she survives the attack.
7/25/04 Pakistan Ghuzdarra 2 0 al-Qaeda attack on a remote border post leaves two dead.
7/24/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 7 Bus bombing kills at least one and injures seven. Bus was carrying teachers and an electrician.
7/24/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 Group calling itself 'Lion of God' takes an Egyptian hostage. Elsewhere gunmen stage an assassination attempt that kills two bodyguards.
7/23/04 Israel Beit Hanun 1 3 al-Aqsa militants shoot a 16-year old boy to death and injure other three members of his family who object to the terrorists using their backyard for launching missiles into Israel.
7/23/04 Iraq Beiji 1 0 al-Qaeda members kill a Bulgarian truck driver, taken hostage several weeks earlier, by cutting off his head.
7/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Sunni extremists fire a missile into a hospital, killing two.
7/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Muslim insurgents car bomb a residential neighborhood, killing at least three and hurting at least two others.
7/21/04 Afghanistan Helmand 11 0 Taliban ambush a convoy of cars with rockets. Eleven are killed.
7/21/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 14 At least four people, including three brothers are killed by a car bombing. Fourteen others are injured.
7/21/04 Sudan Kalma 11 0 Eleven more villagers killed by an Arab militia supported by the Islamic government.
7/20/04 India Koti 4 0 Lashkar-e-Taiba militants kill four policemen as they are investigating a previous crime in a remote village.
7/20/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Sunni extremists assassinate a council member, along with two others.
7/20/04 India Rajauri 5 0 Islamists wipe out five members of a family, after invading their home in the middle of the night. Two women and a 3-year-old boy were among those murdered.
7/20/04 Israel Syrian Border 2 0 Hezbollah snipers kill two IDF members as they are repairing an antennae.
7/19/04 Israel Tel Aviv 1 0 Arafat's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade takes credit for killing an Israeli judge at close range as he was driving home.
7/19/04 India Kapran 6 50 Six people, including two women were killed, and more than fifty others sustained injuries when Muslim terrorists attacked a political rally with grenades.
7/19/04 Indonesia Palu 2 3 Islamic gunmen enter a church and kill the female pastor and a 17-year-old girl. Three other teenage worshipers were also shot.
7/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 62 Religious fanatic kills himself and nine others by blowing up a truck filled with fuel on a busy street. Sixty-two others are injured, including many who are badly burned.
7/19/04 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists kill the Christian owner of a restaurant selling food to Americans. They also blind and cut off both hands of his Muslim business partner.
7/18/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 A political figure is assassinated in a drive-by shooting. His 7-year-old son was shot as well, but survived.
7/18/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 Taliban terrorists fire a rocket into the city
7/18/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 The Taliban fire a rocket into the city centre, killing a woman and injuring a man.
7/18/04 Indonesia Palu City 1 4 Radical Muslims fire into a church service, killing a female pastor and injuring four Christian worshippers.
7/17/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 2 22 Fedayeen bomber blows himself to Allah, taking the lives of two people and injuring another twenty-two who were waiting in line for jobs.
7/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 'Jihad and Unification' terrorist group uses a car bomb to kill four and injure seven in an attempted assassination of an Iraqi minister.
7/16/04 Pakistan South Waziristan 3 4 Three civilians are killed, and four others suffer injury after an al-Qaeda attack on a fortified structure.
7/15/04 India Mendhar 2 1 Islamic militant kills two policeman with a grenade and injures a third.
7/15/04 Iraq Hadithah 10 27 Ten Iraqis, including seven civilians are killed in a Fedayeen car bombing. Another twenty-seven innocents are injured.
7/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Muslim motorcycle attack kills a police officer as he is driving to work. Another is injured.
7/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 41 Ten people, mostly civilians, are killed and more than forty injured when a Fedayeen suicide car bomber detonates his explosives along a busy road.
7/14/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Militants ambush a car carrying a government official, killing three.
7/13/04 Sudan Tabaldiat 80 39 Another raid by armed Arab militias leave eighty villagers dead - including children - and their homes burned to the ground.
7/13/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 al-Qaeda militants execute a Bulgarian truck driver that they had taken hostage.
7/13/04 India Srinagar 2 12 Militant Muslims kill two persons and injure twelve in a street bombing.
7/13/04 Chechnya Grozny 1 3 Jihad terrorists attempt to assassinate the acting President in a motorcade bombing, killing a guard and injuring three others.
7/13/04 India Bhaderwah 3 1 Islamic terrorists kill three construction workers and injure another in a senseless terrorist attack on a road-building project.
7/12/04 Philippines Buldon 2 0 Moro Islamic Front members kill two farmers on their land with automatic weapons.
7/12/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 5 Taliban members attack and burn a district police headquarters, killing four and injuring five.
7/12/04 Pakistan Shakai 2 0 Two children die of injuries suffered from an al-Qaeda attack in the west Pakistani mountains.
7/12/04 Chechnya Avtury 8 12 Jihad fighters kill eight Chechan security personnel and take another dozen hostage. Hostages are typically executed after a reading from the Qur'an.
7/12/04 Iraq Musayyib 1 0 Regional Shiite political leader is assassinated by extremists.
7/12/04 Sudan Donki Dereisa 150 90 Arab militia, supported by the Islamic government's fixed-wing aircraft raid a village and kill one-hundred and fifty civilians, including six children. The children were captured during the assault and burned alive the next day.
7/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 In a particularly senseless attack, Islamic fundamentalists enter the home of a Christian family and stab two girls (ages 16 and 6) to death.
7/11/04 Thailand Bangkok 2 1 Islamic separatists kill two more civilians in southern Thailand.
7/11/04 Israel Tel Aviv 1 34 A woman waiting for a bus is murdered in an al-Fatah bombing. Thirty-four others are injured. The bomb was packed with metal bolts.
7/11/04 Afghanistan Heart 5 33 Five people, including a 12-year-old boy are killed in a packed marketplace by a Taliban terrorist bombing. More than thirty others are injured.
7/10/04 India Mattan Adda 0 34 Thirty-four people are injured when a militant Muslim tosses a grenade onto a crowded road.
7/10/04 Israel Gaza 1 0 Three members of a Palestinian "resistance" group (billing itself as non-violent) are killed when the bomb they are transporting goes off earlier than expected. A passerby is also killed.
7/10/04 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 Islamists bomb five shops selling alcohol. A passing taxi driver is killed in one of the explosions.
7/9/04 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 2 The Taliban continues to target women who work to register voters for the election. One is killed in the blast, and two others badly injured.
7/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Sunni militants kill a child and injure three others in a mortar attack on a hotel.
7/9/04 Chechnya Znamenskoye 11 10 A village elder, who opposed Jihadist attempts to recruit young men, was executed by them. Jihad terrorist attacks also killed ten others (mostly Russian servicemen).
7/8/04 Iraq Samarra 7 30 al-Qaeda use a residential neighborhood as a staging area for firing mortars, killing five U.S. soldiers and two Iraqis.
7/8/04 Iraq Ramadi 3 0 An Iraqi civilian and two policemen are shot at point-blank range after their car is stopped by extremists.
7/8/04 Bangladesh Harinakundu Bazaar 1 1 Bangladeshi terrorists kill a policeman (father of two) returning to the station after patrol.
7/8/04 Afghanistan Chakaw 6 4 Taliban ambush kills six Afghan soldiers and injures another four.
7/7/04 Iraq Bagdhdad 0 6 Extremists fire mortars at the residence of the new Iraqi Prime Minister, injuring six.
7/6/04 Iraq Baqubah 14 25 Fourteen mourners at a funeral for a man killed by terrorists are themselves victims of a Fedayeen suicide car bombing. Dozens of others are injured.
7/4/04 Pakistan Mata Banda 3 7 Three people, including a woman are killed, and seven injured when armed militants fire on a passenger bus.
7/4/04 Iraq Baqubah 3 1 Fedayeen "holy warrior" suicide car bombing leaves three dead.
7/4/04 Israel Yabad 1 1 Palestinian gunmen stop a car, confirm that the occupants are Jewish civilians, then open up with automatic weapons, killing a man and injuring his wife.
7/3/04 India Srinagar 2 66 Two citizens are killed, and more than sixty injured by two Islamist planted bombs, hidden handcarts, near a tourist center.
7/3/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 7 5 Seven Iraqi National Guardsmen are gunned down at a checkpoint by Sunni extremists.
7/3/04 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 0 Third woman dies from injuries sustained in the Taliban grenade attack against election workers.
7/2/04 India Mughal Maidan 5 15 Pakistani-backed Islamic militants bomb a string of police cars, killing at least five and injuring over fifteen.
7/1/04 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Muslim separatists kill a police informer and, in a separate attack, shoot a food vendor several times in the back.
7/1/04 Ingushetia Malgobek 2 1 Two policemen are killed, and one injured, as the were attempting to arrest the terrorists behind the 6/23 attacks that left over ninety people dead.
7/1/04 Iraq al-Khadra'a 3 2 Three civilians are killed as they pass over a bomb in their vehicle.
7/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two civilians are killed, and three badly injured, as Sunni extremists detonate a bomb near a hospital.
6/30/04 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 26 One man was killed and twenty-six others, including five children, were injured by two Taliban bombs hidden in fruit carts.
6/30/04 India Pulwama 1 0 Islamists kill a schoolteacher with a grenade.
6/29/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 2 0 Extremists cite Qur'anic verses then attack a police station with assault rifles, killing an officer and a civilian.
6/29/04 Israel Beit Rima 1 0 Palestinian sniper guns down a 63-year-old Israel truck driver. Arafat's al-Aqsa takes credit.
6/29/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim terrorists on motorcycles shoot a Buddhist policeman to death as he is driving to work.
6/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Jazeera airs a videotape of a U.S. hostage being executed by al-Qaeda.
6/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 In a tragic attack, Islamic militants use a roadside bomb to kill three U.S. Marines after the handover of power. A British soldier was killed in Basra the day before in similar fashion.
6/28/04 Israel Sderot 2 12 Palestinian militants fire a rocket into a residential area, killing two, including a 3-year-old boy. The murdered child's mother was among a dozen injured.
6/27/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 6 Muslim group plants a bomb under a soccer field to kill off-duty policemen, who were inaugurating a youth league.
6/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Insurgents drop a mortar on a soccer field, killing two children and injuring another eight.
6/27/04 Iraq Baqubah 6 4 Sunni extremists attack a checkpoint with automatic weapons and rockets, killing six Iraqi guardsmen.
6/27/04 Algeria Blida 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists kidnap two civilians, then kill them by cutting their throats. They place a bomb under one of the bodies that kills an investigating medical worker.
6/27/04 Israel Gaza 1 5 al-Aqsa terrorist group digs a 350-meter tunnel under an Israeli guard post, detonates explosives, then uses assault rifles to prevent ambulance crews from rescuing the victims.
6/26/04 India Zainapora 2 0 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists kidnap two Hindus (a railway engineer and his brother) on Wednesday, then slit their throats.
6/26/04 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 11 Two female election workers and one child are killed, and nine other women and two children are badly injured when a Taliban-planted bomb explodes on a bus.
6/26/04 Iraq Baqubah 3 20 Car bombing kills one, injures twenty. In Erbil, a shooting and grenade attack on a Shiite political office leaves two guards dead.
6/26/04 Iraq Hilla 23 58 Twenty-three civilians are killed by two car bombings near a Shiite mosque in Hilla. About sixty others are injured in the blasts.
6/25/04 Chechnya Grozny 1 1 Government official shot to death as he left a restaurant with his wife, who was badly injured in the assassination.
6/25/04 India Tiali Kathamara 12 12 Twelve people, including a woman and five children are killed by militant Muslim gunmen who enter a remote village and force the people out of their homes. Ethnic cleansing appears to be the motive.
6/25/04 Afghanistan Zabul 16 0 The Taliban stops a bus in a remote area, kidnaps sixteen people carrying voter registration cards, then kills them in brutal fashion.
6/24/04 Iraq Mosul 112 320 Series of coordinated terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings and other Fedayeen tactics kill over one-hundred Iraqis and injure hundreds more across the country. Recorded message says 'killings will continue until Islamic rule back on earth.'
6/24/04 Thailand Cho Airong 1 2 Muslim separatists attack an army base, killing one Thai soldier and injuring two others.
6/24/04 Algeria Medea 5 0 Islamic fundamentalists stop a car on a remote road carrying members of a family and slit the throats of all five - ages 8 to 50.
6/23/04 Ingushetia Nazran 35 58 Thirty-five more bodies are found from the attack on a town by Jihad terrorists. The number injured doubles to one-hundred nineteen.
6/23/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 As their father waited at home for their return, two Christian sisters are gunned down by Muslim extremists in a particularly heinous and senseless murder.
6/23/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 A mother and her child are among three killed by a roadside bomb. Two other civilians are wounded in the blast.
6/23/04 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 5 2 Taliban extremists shoot a rocket at an Afghan military vehicle on security patrol. Five killed, two injured.
6/22/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A religious teacher is gunned down by Islamic separatists in his home.
6/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda group "Monotheism and Jihad" beheads a Korean hostage in front of a banner praising Allah.
6/22/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Islamists stab a female law professor to death on her doorstep. Her husband is killed in the same manner.
6/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Car bomb explodes in a residential neighborhood, killing three, including a 3-year-old girl and injuring another six civilians.
6/21/04 Algeria Algiers 0 11 Eleven are injured in a fundamentalist car bombing of a power plant.
6/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 0 Sunni extremists kill ten civilians and police in a mortar attack.
6/21/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 A policeman is killed and an election worker, along with four others are injured in a Taliban motorcycle attack.
6/21/04 Ingushetia Nazran 57 60 Jihad fighters rampage through a town, shooting in cold blood or burning to death at least fifty-seven people and injuring another sixty.
6/21/04 Israel Kfar Darom 1 0 Palestinian terrorists attack a Jewish settlement, killing a greenhouse worker from Thailand.
6/21/04 Sudan Golo 6 0 Government-backed militia burns several villages and kill six civilians. More than a thousand are displaced.
6/20/04 Iraq Diyala 2 0 Husband and wife are killed when "holy" warriors fire rocket into their home.
6/19/04 Iraq Basra 3 0 Remote-controlled bomb kills two oil workers and one Iraqi security personnel.
6/19/04 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Militant Muslims spray a police car with an AK-47, killing the driver. The same group injures four others with a bomb.
6/19/04 Thailand Yala 1 3 A Buddhist teacher is shot to death by Muslim extremists.
6/18/04 Sudan Babanousa 3 12 The Islamic government kills two student demonstrators, along with a 50-year-old shop owner.
6/18/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 Family members of captured hostage appeal to kidnappers humanity with children and grandchildren. Islamists quote from the Qur'an, praise Allah and then cut the victim's head off.
6/17/04 Iraq Balad 6 4 Car bombing by Sunni insurgents kills six member of the Iraqi Defense Forces and injures four.
6/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 35 145 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber kills at least thirty-five Iraqi civilians and injures nearly one-hundred and fifty other innocents who happened to be on a busy street near a recruiting center. The vehicle used was apparently packed with artillery rounds.
6/16/04 Thailand Narathiwat 3 7 Muslim separatists kill an 18-year-old college student, a school janitor and a police officer in a drive-by shooting attacks. They also bomb a police check-point, injuring five.
6/16/04 Afghanistan Kanduz 4 1 Four citizens, including two children and an elderly man are killed by a Taliban remote-control bomb.
6/15/04 Thailand Yala 1 0 A rubber farmer is murdered by Muslim terrorists while riding in his truck.
6/15/04 Iraq Kirkuk 4 1 Four people assassinated in as many days by Fedayeen. The civilian victims are an oil company executive, a cleric, district mayor and the father of a policeman.
6/14/04 India Rajouri 2 0 A father and son are shot to death in their home by Muslim terrorists.
6/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 61 A suicide bomber targets foreign civilian contractors working to restore the country's power plants. Thirteen people, other than this religious man, were killed immediately and more than sixty injured.
6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 12 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills thirteen Iraqis and injures at least a dozen with a car bomb.
6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Extremists assassinate two government officials in separate shooting attacks.
6/13/04 India Handwara 1 22 Twenty-two civilians are injured, four critically by an Islamist who threw a grenade into a busy street. One victim later dies in the hospital (6/14/04).
6/13/04 India Baramulla 2 1 Islamic militant hurls a grenade at the house of a retired government official, killing the man, his sister and seriously injuring his son.
6/12/04 India Pahalgam 5 28 Islamist kills five tourists, including two children with a grenade lobbed inside a crowded hotel. Twenty-eight others are injured.
6/12/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 1 al-Qaeda kills an American civilian as he is parking his car outside his home and kidnaps another American.
6/11/04 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 al-Qaeda members kill three hostages kidnapped the day before by cutting their throats. The three were employees of a telecommunications company.
6/10/04 Afghanistan Kunduz 11 4 Taliban attack a construction site and shoot to death eleven Chinese nationals working there. Four others are injured.
6/10/04 USA Atlanta, GA 0 4 A man riding on an Atlanta commuter train mutters Qur'anic verses then attacks an army officer for no other apparent reason. An elderly woman and two arresting officers are hurt as well.
6/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian man is attack and murdered by Islamists in his home.
6/10/04 Pakistan Karachi 11 10 Islamic militants ambush a convoy in a busy residential neighborhood. The intended target escapes the shooting attack, but eleven others are killed.
6/10/04 India Udhampur 4 0 Militant Muslims shoot four members of a family to death, including two women and a 6-year-old child.
6/9/04 Chechnya Grozny 10 5 Jihad attacks leave nine Russian soldiers and one policeman dead over a 24-hour period.
6/9/04 UK Brixton 1 0 A 21-year-old man is stabbed to death by Muslim gang members for refusing to convert to Islam.
6/8/04 Iraq Suwayrah 6 0 Six European coalition troops are killed by a mortar fired at their base.
6/8/04 Iraq Baqouba 6 24 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six, including five civilians, and injures over two dozen with his attack, which took place on a busy road at rush hour.
6/8/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 American civilian gunned down by Islamists at his home in Saudi Arabia.
6/8/04 Iraq Mosul 10 58 Ten Iraqis are killed by a car bombing. Dozens of others are injured in the terrorist attack.
6/7/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Muslim gunmen shoot a Buddhist teacher to death on the street, one of two Buddhist civilians killed in separate attacks.
6/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 Islamic terrorists target Christian workers in a morning shooting attack that leaves four dead and several wounded.
6/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 In the same Christian neighborhood as the morning drive-by, Islamic extremists murder four, including three women returning from work.
6/7/04 Afghanistan Logar 2 0 Two policemen are killed in a Taliban attack on their station.
6/6/04 Pakistan Dera Ghazi Khan 1 1 Female Shia doctor is gunned down by Sunni radicals outside a hospital. Her driver is seriously wounded in the attack.
6/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 48 Two suicide bombers, belonging to a group calling itself the 'Unification and Jihad Group' kill nine Iraqis and injure forty-eight others.
6/6/04 Kosovo Gracanica 1 0 17-year-old Christian teenager is shot to death in a restaurant by Muslim terrorists.
6/6/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 1 Islamist shoots a Briton to death on the sidewalk. One other is injured in the attack.
6/5/04 India Mawar 2 0 Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen gunmen invade a home and kill a 55-year-old woman and her daughter.
6/5/04 Iraq Mosul 0 17 Militants fire RPGs at jobseekers lining up outside a recruitment office. Seventeen are injured.
6/5/04 Iraq Musayyib 7 0 Jihadists disguise themselves as police officers to gain entrance to a police station, then proceed to kill seven officers in cold blood.
6/5/04 Bangladesh Dhaka 9 25 At least nine people, including an infant and two women are killed when a state bus is set on fire by organized Islamic terrorists. About thirty others are hospitalized for serious burns.
6/5/04 Algeria Jijel 3 0 Islamic extremists ambush and kill a policeman and two village guards.
6/5/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Mujahideen gunmen kill four civilian contractors in an ambush - two Americans and two Poles.
6/4/04 Chechnya Itum-Kalinskiy 4 5 Jihadists attack a Russian convoy, killing four and injuring five with grenades and automatic weapons.
6/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 5 Terrorists bomb a Humvee on routine security patrol. Five U.S. soldiers are killed and five more injured.
6/4/04 Russia Samara 10 39 Ten people are killed in a bomb explosion in an outdoor market. Another forty are injured by the blast, which is attributed to militant Muslims.
6/3/04 Pakistan North Waziristan 1 2 al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills a border guard and injures two others.
6/3/04 India Kellar Pahalgam 2 0 A political activist is assassinated by militant Muslims. Another civilian his killed in his home in a separate attack (Kishtwar).
6/2/04 Algeria Bejaia 11 44 The Islamic Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat attack an Algerian security convoy, killing at least eleven.
6/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 37 Five people rushing to help an injured woman are killed by a car bomb. Thirty-seven others are injured in the terrorist blast.
6/2/04 Afghanistan Khair Khana 5 0 Five members of Doctors Without Borders, the international aid group that provides medical assistance to the impoverished are killed by the Taliban in an ambush on their vehicle.
6/2/04 Syria Damascus 2 0 Attack by gunmen on the former UN headquarters leaves a policeman and a civilian dead.
6/1/04 Algeria Theniet El-Abed 3 11 Islamic fundamentalists ambush a security patrol, killing three Algerians and wounding eleven.
6/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Three are killed, and more than twenty injured by a car bombing targeting the minority Kurds, who are seen as infidels by the other Muslim sects.
6/1/04 Iraq Beiji 11 26 Car bombing by Sunni terrorists kills eleven Iraqis and injures twenty-six.
5/31/04 Pakistan Karachi 19 35 Sunni suicide bomber targets a Shia mosque. Nineteen worshippers are killed and at least thirty-five others injured.
5/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 25 Four Iraqis are killed in a car bombing. Another twenty-five are injured.
5/31/04 Pakistan Turbat 1 12 Fundamentalists target a Minster of Education who proposed reduced Islamist influence in a new curriculum. She survives the rocket attack, but a 14-year-old boy is killed and a dozen others injured.
5/30/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 4 Senior Sunni cleric, age 72, assassinated in an ambush by Shia radicals.
5/30/04 Afghanistan Musa Qala 4 8 Taliban assassins riding motorbikes swoop into a town and shoot up a government building, killing four and injuring eight.
5/29/04 Indonesia Palu 1 0 Christian prosecutor, working to keep three Bali bombers in jail is assassinated by Jemaah Islamiah extremists in his car.
5/29/04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim radicals kidnap a Buddhist civilian and decapitate him. They leave the body with a note attached, warning other Buddhists of the same fate.
5/29/04 Saudi Arabia Khobar 22 45 "Are you Christian or Muslim," ask al-Qaeda militants as they shoot twenty-two infidels to death, including a 10-year-old boy and take over forty-five hostage in an attack on an office complex.
5/28/04 Nigeria Langtang 3 0 Assault by armed Muslims leaves three Christians dead and several hundred homeless after their village is burned.
5/28/04 India Beerwah 3 0 Five Islamic terrorists invade a home and kill an elderly man, a 2-year-old boy, and the boys mother. All are shot to death.
5/28/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Pakistani Christian who was attacked with a hammer by a policeman for violating the State's blasphemy laws dies of his injuries. The killer claimed he wanted to "earn a spot in Paradise."
5/28/04 Iraq Mahmudiya 2 0 Two Japanese journalists on their way to pick up a 10-year-old blinded child for treatment in Japan are attacked by a Muslim mob, dragged out of their car and beaten to death.
5/28/04 Sudan Tabit 20 17 Sudanese warplanes bomb a Christian village, killing at least twenty.
5/28/04 Eritrea Barentu 7 88 At least seven people are killed, and more than eighty injured in a bomb blast. The government in neighboring Sudan is suspected of funding the Islamic groups responsible for these attacks.
5/27/04 Uzbekistan Isfara 1 0 Baptist pastor gunned down by members of the Islamist group, Bayrat.
5/27/04 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Fedayeen insurgents attack a vehicle carrying a member of the Iraqi governing council. Her son and bodyguard are killed.
5/27/04 India Jammu 5 2 In five separate attacks in the J&K, militant Muslims assassinate four civilians and one former SP officer. Two others are abducted and missing.
5/26/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 22 Twin Jihadist car bombings outside the Pakistan-American cultural center kill one and injure at least twenty-two others.
5/26/04 Iraq Bagdad 5 6 Two Russian civilian contractors and two Iraqi civilians are killed in a shooting attack on their bus as it is pulling out from a power plant. This follow the 5/10 beating death of another Russian civilian.
5/26/04 Chechnya Vedeno 4 4 Four policemen are killed, and four others injured in an attack by Muslim rebels.
5/26/04 Nigeria Wase 3 6 Fulani militia attacks a government building, killing three workers and injuring at least six. They also burned houses.
5/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 An Iraqi boy is killed, and four other civilians injured when a car bomb explodes outside a hotel, near the Australian consul's office.
5/25/04 Indonesia Ambon 1 13 Bomb blast in the Christian sector of the city kills one and injures thirteen. A second bomb is found near a church and defused.
5/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Islamic terrorists kill two British civilians in a rocket attack on their vehicle.
5/23/04 Afghanistan Waza Khwa 3 1 Three Afghan security personnel are killed in a Taliban ambush while they are escorting a food and medical supply shipment to an impoverished area.
5/23/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Terrorists fire on a vehicle, killing a university student and a police official.
5/23/04 India Srinagar 33 4 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militants trigger a bomb under a bus carrying security personnel and their families. Thirty-three people, including six women and three children are killed.
5/23/04 Chechnya Grozny 5 6 Five Russians are killed when Jihadists blow up their vehicle and then open fire with assault rifles.
5/23/04 Iraq Basra 5 0 Five members of a family, including two children (ages 4 and 7), are killed in an insurgent mortar attack.
5/22/04 Sudan Abga Rajil 56 24 Arab militia kill fifty-six African villagers in a raid. The government-supported terrorists targeted black civilians in their attack.
5/22/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 0 A German caterer is shot in the head and body, execution-style, on the sidewalk outside a shopping mall.
5/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six other Iraqis and injures at least ten. In addition to improving the bomber's afterlife, the blast was intended to kill a ministry official and his wife.
5/22/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim separatists shoot a police corporal to death as he is walking home.
5/22/04 Israel Nablus 0 4 A 19-year-old suicide bomber kills himself and injures four others at a checkpoint.
5/21/04 Bangladesh Sylhet 2 50 At least two people are killed by a bomb blast at a shrine. Some fifty others, including a British diplomat are injured.
5/21/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 1 Jihadists kill four Iraq security personnel manning a road block by driving up and then unloading with RPGs and weapons fire.
5/21/04 Nigeria Saminaka 7 0 In the latest of a series of attacks on Christian villagers, seven more are killed by Nigerian Jihadists as they sought refuge in their homes.
5/21/04 Nigeria Jiram 15 0 Fifteen Christian villagers are massacred by Jihadists.
5/20/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Bomb blast kills one Iraqi civilian and injures four others.
5/20/04 India Chadoura 3 22 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill three, including two children, and injure about two dozen with a bomb planted on a bicycle.
5/19/04 Thailand Narathiwat 3 2 Islamists fire indiscriminately into a crowd at a pavilion, killing three civilians and injuring two.
5/19/04 Nigeria Bakin Ciyawa 24 0 Jihadists kill twenty-four Christian villagers.
5/19/04 Nigeria Sabo Gida 10 0 Ten Christian villagers are killed by armed Muslims. An unknown number are injured by the attackers, who also burned churches and houses.
5/18/04 Israel Rafah 2 0 Palestinian bombs take the lives of two Arab teenagers - a sixteen-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother - who were washing clothes on the roof of their house when hit by the shrapnel.
5/18/04 Pakistan Karachi 4 0 Four members of Pakistan's Christian minority are targeted and killed by Islamists. One was a kidnapped youth and two others were on their way to a picnic.
5/18/04 Nigeria Gidan Sabo 18 0 Muslim Nigerians kill eighteen Christian villagers - mostly farmers, women and children.
5/18/04 Algeria Setif 2 13 Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, an Islamic extremist group kills two Algerian soldiers and injures thirteen others in two bombing ambushes.
5/17/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 3 Muslims bomb three Buddhist temples on Sunday, injuring two. The next day they shoot a police officer in the head, as he is riding to work.
5/17/04 Chechnya Grozny 12 3 Three separate Jihad attacks leave twelve Russian servicemen dead and at least three injured or kidnapped.
5/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 8 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills the Iraqi governing council president and at least six others. Eight were reported to be injured in the blast.
5/16/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 1 1 Iraqi woman working as a translator for the coalition is killed in her home.
5/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 1 Muslim radical opens fire on a minibus carrying Christian women, forcing them to the side of the road. He then tosses an explosive in the vehicle, killing three, including the driver.
5/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 17 Four civilians were killed, and seventeen others injured by a mortar attack on a recruitment office.
5/14/04 Pakistan Lahore 7 0 Seven members of a Shia' family, including two women and two children (one a 7-year-old girl) are bound and executed in their home with a bullet to each head. 'Shiites are Infidels' is found written on the wall.
5/14/04 Israel Rafah 2 2 Hamas snipers kill an Israeli soldier as he was in the process of bringing food to an elderly Palestinian woman's house. A soldier attempting to help the first was killed as well.
5/12/04 Philippines Jolo 1 14 Abu Sayyaf terrorists kill a fifteen-year-old Catholic girl with a grenade - fourteen others are also injured in the attack.
5/12/04 Israel Rafah 5 0 Another remote-controlled landmine attack by Islamic Jihad on an APC kills five additional Israeli soldiers attempting to block off tunnel used by Palestinian terrorists.
5/12/04 Iraq Balad 1 4 Philippine warehouse worker is killed, and four other civilian employees injured in a mortar attack on a U.S. base from a residential neighborhood.
5/12/04 Nigeria Kano 30 44 Muslim rampage against Christians continues in Kano with at least another thirty people losing their lives.
5/11/04 Israel Gaza 6 0 Hamas terrorists trigger a land mine blast under an APC, killing six young Israeli soldiers. Hamas also takes the body parts to prevent their recovery.
5/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 "Allahu Akbar" shout jubilant al-Qaeda members as they cut off the head of an American (civilian) prisoner on video. Elsewhere in the city, a Russian contractor is killed and two others abducted.
5/11/04 Nigeria Kano 11 0 At least eleven Christians are burned to death by a Muslim mob that also sets two churches on fire.
5/10/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Insurgents kill a four-year-old girl in a rocket strike.
5/10/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Radicals shoot two foreign civilians and one Iraqi to death in front of their house.
5/9/04 Chechnya Grozny 24 60 Jihadists assassinate the Chechan President and at least twenty-three others in a stadium blast that leaves more than fifty, including elderly and children severely injured.
5/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Terrorists kill a child and six others by exploding a bomb in a crowded market. Thirteen others are injured.
5/9/04 India Doda 1 15 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a hospital, killing one and injuring fifteen others.
5/9/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two foreigners, one a Swiss citizen, are stoned to death in a public park.
5/7/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Roadside terrorist bombing kills four Iraqi policeman.
5/7/04 Pakistan Karachi 13 80 Thirteen worshippers are killed, and more than eighty others injured when a suicide bomber detonates his explosives inside a Shiite mosque.
5/7/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 An award-winning Polish journalist is shot to death, along with an Algerian colleague by Sunni insurgents in a drive-by attack.
5/7/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two people are gunned down in separate attacks by Islamic separatists, including a man riding home on a motorcycle.
5/7/04 Pakistan Toba Tek Singh 1 0 Catholic student abducted by Muslim school refuses to convert to Islam and is tortured to death.
5/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 25 Suicide car bomber kills five civilians and one soldier at a checkpoint. Twenty-three other civilians and two U.S. soldiers are injured in the blast.
5/6/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Car carrying a government official is attacked by Sunni extremists, killing him and the driver, and wounding his wife.
5/5/04 India Anantnag Lok Sabha 1 2 Militant Muslim lobs a grenade at a polling booth, killing one and injuring two.
5/5/04 Indonesia Maluku 2 3 Muslim gunmen in a speedboat kill a Christian man and an 11-month-old baby. Three others are also shot, but manage to survive.
5/5/04 Egypt Taha al-Aamida 3 0 Muslim police take three Christians, including a priest, into custody as they are repairing a church wall. All three are then murdered.
5/4/04 Afghanistan Nuristan 3 0 Two British civilians, working to register Afghans for upcoming elections, are killed along with their translator in a suspected Taliban ambush.
5/4/04 Indonesia Pekanbaru 2 4 Jemaah Islamiya set a bomb at a grocery store, killing two people and injuring four others.
5/3/04 Afghanistan Zabul 10 0 Separate Taliban attacks in southern Afghanistan leave ten security officers dead.
5/3/04 Pakistan Gawadar 3 11 Pakistani radicals bomb a bus carrying Chinese engineers to a port project. Three are killed and eleven injured.
5/2/04 Algeria Algiers 2 0 Two police officers are gunned down by Islamists while on-duty.
5/2/04 Israel Gush Katif 5 3 Palestinian gunmen ambush a vehicle and kill four Jewish children and their pregnant mother who were in the process of entering their community. Islamic Jihad takes credit for the brutal attack.
5/2/04 Algeria Chrea Forest 2 4 Two soldiers are killed when a bomb planted by Islamic extremists explodes under their car. Four others are injured.
5/2/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 0 Sunni mortar attack on a U.S. base kills five sailors and one soldier.
5/2/04 Algeria Medea 3 1 Three community guards are killed by Islamists. A fourth is kidnapped.
5/1/04 Algeria Sabounet 3 1 A mother and her two children are slaughtered by Islamic extremists in an attack on their village in the Algerian desert.
5/1/04 Sudan Akobo 204 70 Khartoum-backed militia kills over two-hundred people, many women and children in a raid on their camp. Sudan recently criticized the U.S. for abusing prisoner rights.
5/1/04 Saudi Arabia Yanbu 7 25 Three Saudi employees of an oil company use their access to the building to systematically shoot as many Westerners as possible in a room-by-room attack. At six are killed on the spot and a seventh man dies two weeks later in a Houston hospital.
4/30/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 6 Suicide car bomber kills two U.S. soldiers and injures six.
4/30/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Two foreign security guards are killed in a bomb attack. Five others are injured.
4/30/04 Algeria Relizane 2 0 Two hunters fall victim to Islamic extremists in western Algeria.
4/29/04 Afghanistan Thaloqan 6 0 Six Afghan soldiers traveling on motorcycles are attacked by Taliban terrorists and killed.
4/29/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 8 4 Car bombing kills eight U.S. soldiers and injures four others.
4/29/04 Iraq Basra 1 0 South African civilian is killed by Muslim extremists in a drive-by shooting.
4/28/04 Thailand Yala 5 15 Thai Muslims storm 15 government buildings in a coordinated attack and kill at least five. An unknown number are injured.
4/28/04 India Srinagar 2 55 Two people are killed, and fifty-five others injured in a terrorist explosion at an election rally.
4/28/04 Iraq Kut 2 1 Two Ukrainian soldiers are killed an RPG attack on their convoy while on security patrol.
4/28/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Series of Sunni attacks in Mosul kills eight Iraqi policemen and one civilian.
4/27/04 Syria Damascus 2 0 A female civilian and a policeman are killed in a shooting and bombing attack on the British embassy in Damascus by four Islamic radicals.
4/26/04 Afghanistan Panjwayi 3 2 Taliban members walk into a humanitarian office and shoot several employees to death. The office was established to help Afghanis with their basic needs.
4/25/04 Iraq Mosul 2 10 Jihad rocket attack on a hospital kills two medics and injures ten other civilian workers.
4/25/04 India Kulgam 3 46 Militant Muslims attempt to assassinate a female political figure in a grenade attack. Three are killed and forty-six injured.
4/25/04 Indonesia Ambon 38 24 Islamic radicals go on a rampage against Christians, killing more than thirty (some in sniper attacks) and then setting a UN building on fire.
4/25/04 Israel Migdal Oz 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a border policeman and wound two others in a sniper attack from a residential section.
4/24/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 16 Roadside bomb kills four - two police and two civilians. Sixteen others were injured.
4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 25 Twelve people in a market are killed when Jihadists launched mortar rounds into the crowded area.
4/24/04 Iraq Basra 2 4 Two U.S. sailors were killed after a boat they boarded exploded. Two other boats with suicide bombers were intercepted before they could do harm.
4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 6 Five U.S. soldiers are killed in a rocket attack launched from a residential neighborhood. Six are wounded.
4/24/04 India Bazipora 2 0 Militant Muslims enter the home of a police officer while he is on duty and behead his wife and 8-year-old daughter.
4/24/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 14 11 Fourteen passengers are killed when a bus hits a roadside bomb. Another eleven are injured in the explosion.
4/23/04 India Srinagar 0 23 Two separate grenade attacks on political offices leave at least twenty-three people injured, mostly civilians.
4/23/04 India Surankote 1 2 Militants open fire on a police station, killing one officer and injuring two others.
4/22/04 Thailand Rayang 3 0 Muslim separatists set fire to fifty government buildings, then kill two firefighters trying to put out the blazes. The next day they shoot an army officer dead in his driveway while he is washing his car.
4/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 South African civilian is shot twice in the head and back while on his way to buy meat for a barbecue.
4/22/04 Afghanistan Sperah 1 0 Taliban ambush kills an Afghan.
4/22/04 India Srinagar 2 6 Two people are killed and six injured in grenade attacks by Islamists attempting to disrupt the elections.
4/21/04 Iraq Basra 68 100 Five suicide bombings kill sixty-eight people, including eighteen children who burned to death in their school bus. More than one-hundred other civilians were injured in the "Holy Warrior" blasts.
4/21/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 6 148 al-Qaeda suicide bomber blasts his way to Allah, taking six others, including an 11-year-old girl, with him in the car bomb explosion. One-hundred and forty-eight innocents are injured.
4/21/04 India Udhampur 2 2 One civilian is killed in his home (Doda), another abducted and later shot dead. Muslim militants also cut off the ears of two other people for participating in the elections.
4/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 22 90 U.S. controlled prison is shelled in a mortar attack. Twenty-two prisoners are killed and over ninety injured.
4/20/04 India Srinagar 16 24 Militant Muslims kill at least sixteen, including a female journalist and a taxi driver, in an attempt to disrupt elections. At least two dozen others are injured.
4/19/04 Algeria Tipaza 3 0 Three people killed by Islamic fundamentalists who set up a fake road block to snag the victims.
4/19/04 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 1 1 Afghan driver is killed in a Taliban ambush on his oil truck.
4/18/04 Thailand Sungai Padi 1 0 Railway worker shot and killed by Muslim separatists while he was on his way to work.
4/17/04 Kosovo Mitrovica 2 10 Jordanian shoots two American women to death who were working as prison guards. He also injures ten others in the attack.
4/17/04 Algeria Baghlia 2 7 Bomb planted by Islamic fundamentalists explodes on a road, killing two Algerian security personnel and injuring seven.
4/17/04 Israel Eraz 1 3 Hamas takes credit for a suicide bombing that kills a 20-year-old border guard then complains loudly when it's own leader is taken out with a missile a few hours later.
4/16/04 Afghanistan Del Aram Road 8 0 Eight Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint are killed in a nighttime rocket attack by Taliban miscreants.
4/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Terrorists attack a U.S. security patrol with rocket-propelled grenades. Three soldiers are killed and three injured.
4/16/04 Iraq Mosul 8 17 Fedayeen mortar attack leaves eight Iraqi civilians dead and seventeen injured.
4/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 An Italian hostage is executed on videotape after being interviewed by an Arabic news crew. Elsewhere, an Iranian diplomat is shot to death by Sunni extremists.
4/15/04 USA Scottsville, NY 1 2 In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.
4/15/04 Sudan Darfur 32 0 Thirty-two villagers are massacred by government-backed militias violating a cease-fire. There were also several homes torched and people injured.
4/15/04 Afghanistan Chinarto 10 0 A local police chief and nine bodyguards are killed in a Taliban ambush on their vehicles.
4/14/04 Afghanistan Khost 2 2 Taliban elements ambush an Afghan military patrol, leaving two dead and two injured.
4/14/04 India Banihal 2 22 Terrorist hurls grenade at a political rally, killing one and injuring twenty-two. Another soul dies of injuries four days later.
4/14/04 Iraq Mosul 4 6 Four civilians, including two women are killed and six others injured by a Fedayeen mortar attack on a crowded market.
4/13/04 USA Raleigh 1 4 Mental health problems behind member of tight-knit Muslim community deliberately running down five strangers with a vehicle? One died.
4/13/04 Saudi Arabia Um Sedrah 4 2 Militants gun down four Saudi police officers at a checkpoint.
4/12/04 Chechnya Ishkhoi-Yurt 7 0 At least seven policemen were killed in a terrorist attack by Jihad fighters on their vehicles.
4/11/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 9 Car bomb set by Islamists at a music concert kills a 23-year-old man and injures nine others.
4/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Helicopter shot down by Jihad militants. Both crew members are killed.
4/11/04 Philippines Sabah 3 0 Abu Sayyaf terrorists attack a tugboat and take three crew members hostage. All three are later executed.
4/11/04 Indonesia Sulawesi 0 7 Islamic gunmen open fire on an Easter church service, wounding seven worshippers.
4/11/04 Nigeria Rwang Doka and Jenkur 3 0 Muslim militia attacks two Christian villages and kills three people, in addition to burning homes.
4/10/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 6 The 'Harakat ul Mujahidin' group sets off a bomb at a golf club, killing one patron.
4/10/04 Thailand Had Yai 1 35 Bomb planted by Muslim separatists at a railway station kills a 7-year-old boy and injures thirty-five others.
4/10/04 Iraq Hit 4 12 British security guard protecting electrical contractors is shot dead. Elsewhere, an attack on a fuel convoy leaves three dead and twelve injured.
4/10/04 Indonesia Poso 0 7 Radical Muslims fire on a group of Christians gathered for Easter service.
4/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three U.S. civilian truck drivers are killed in an attack on their convoy by Fedayeen gunmen. Their bodies are subsequently mutilated.
4/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 5 RPG fired from a mosque injures five Marines. Another is killed in the ensuing gun battle.
4/8/04 India Uri 11 68 Four people are killed immediately (seven others die in hospitals), and sixty-eight injured at a political rally by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
4/7/04 India Parigam 1 0 Muslim terrorists enter a civilian's home and shoot his young daughter to death.
4/7/04 India Choornar Forest 4 16 Four security force personnel are killed, and sixteen injured when Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists detonate an IED under their vehicles.
4/6/04 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 At least three people are shot to death by gunmen riding motorcycles.
4/6/04 Iraq Kut 1 0 Radical Shiites enter a house and shoot a South African contractor to death.
4/5/04 Somalia Berbera 1 1 Somaliland government admits that the killers of a Kenyan aid worker were from an al-Qaeda faction. A German aid worker was seriously injured by the same terrorists.
4/5/04 India Srinagar 0 60 About sixty people, including women and children are injured when a militant Muslim hurls a grenade into a busy intersection.
4/4/04 Pakistan Karachi 5 1 Terrorists attack a Pakistani police station, force five captured officers to chant from the Qur'an, then execute them.
4/4/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 Shooting ambush kills Iraqi police chief and his driver.
4/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 24 A mob of Shiite radicals storm through a neighborhood, killing nine coalition soldiers sent to protect citizens from violent attack. Twenty-four others are injured.
4/3/04 India Kashmir 8 7 Mujahideen militants kill two Indian soldiers and six civilians in separate attacks. Some of the bodies are mutilated.
4/3/04 Israel Avnei Hefetz 1 0 Father of six shot dead by a Hamas terrorist outside his home after spending the evening with his children.
4/3/04 Spain Madrid 1 11 Seven terrorists responsible for the deaths of more than two-hundred train commuters, recite the Qur'an and then blow themselves up. One policeman is killed.
4/2/04 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 Christian pastor is gunned down by Muslim extremists in front of his wife and four children.
4/2/04 Iraq Baquba 3 3 Attackers yell "Allah Akbar," then kill three policemen riding in a vehicle with a hand grenade. Three others are injured.
4/2/04 Uzbekistan Bukhara 1 0 Female suicide bomber kills a policeman and critically injures herself.
3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Five U.S. soldiers are killed as terrorists detonate a roadside bomb under their vehicle.
3/31/04 Iraq Baquba 0 10 Six civilians and four police are injured by a car bomb in the Sunni Triangle.
3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 In a very brutal attack, a mob of Muslims stop two cars carrying American civilians providing security for a food-providing convoy, kill occupants, set their vehicles on fire, disfigure the bodies and then drag them through the streets.
3/31/04 Sudan Deleig 120 0 Troops from the Muslim Republic descend on a village earlier in the month and haul away about one-hundred and twenty men selected for execution. (2004)
3/31/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 5 Six civilians killed by a car bomb. Five injured.
3/30/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 4 0 Civilian and three police officers killed in a series of self-induced explosions and gun battles with terrorists.
3/30/04 Indonesia Tomura 1 1 A Christian pastor is fatally wounded by Muslim gunmen in front of his wife at his church. One other person is also injured in the attack.
3/29/04 Uzbekistan Tashkent 19 49 Nineteen people, including children, police officers and civilians are killed in a series of suicide bombings by Muslim extremists in central Uzbekistan. Nearly fifty are injured.
3/28/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawud 2 13 Taliban attack on a military post leaves two people dead, three wounded and ten missing.
3/27/04 Thailand Sunghai Kolok 0 28 Twenty-eight people are injured when a bomb hidden on a motorcycle explodes outside a karaoke bar.
3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Mujahideen gunmen shoot two British security guards at an oil well then set their vehicle on fire.
3/27/04 Afghanistan Khost 0 6 Six civilians, including a young child are injured by a Taliban rocket attack on a restaurant.
3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 19 Rocket attack on a city hall kills two civilians and injures nearly twenty, including a child.
3/27/04 Indonesia Poso City 1 0 A 27-year-old Christian is gunned down by Muslim terrorists. (2004)
3/26/04 Iraq Fallujah 8 25 Eight civilians, including three children are killed by Sunni extremists in gun battles and mortar attacks with U.S. troops.
3/26/04 Pakistan South Waziristan 8 0 Eight injured soldiers, captured by al-Qaeda, are executed in cold blood. Bodies are recovered by local tribesmen.
3/26/04 Pakistan Zam Cham 2 12 Two civilians are killed, and more than a dozen injured when al-Qaeda remnants fire a rocket into their village.
3/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni gunmen kill a Christian Assyrian police officer.
3/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Terrorists kill a 3-year-old boy, his grandmother, and another relative with a roadside bomb targeting infidels.
3/24/04 India Rajouri 1 1 Militant Muslims kill a 15-year-old girl in an IED attack that also injures her mother.
3/23/04 Iraq Mosul 2 6 Fedayeen rocket attack kills two civilians and injures six others.
3/23/04 Iraq Hilla 9 2 Sunni gunmen open up on a minibus carrying police and recruits with automatic weapons fire, killing nine and injuring at least two.
3/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 2 Drive-by shooting kills two police officers and injures two others.
3/23/04 Chechnya Grozny 10 13 Ten servicemen and police officers are killed in several different terrorist attacks by Jihadists over a 24-hour period.
3/23/04 Pakistan Bannu 4 4 Package bomb and Russian-made rocket attack kill at least four.
3/23/04 Kosovo Kuzmin 2 1 Albanian terrorists kill two police officers and injure and English translator in Kosovo.
3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Finnish businessmen are shot and killed by Fedayeen terrorists.
3/22/04 Iraq Balad 2 25 Car bomb inside a tunnel kills two Iraqi civilians and injures twenty-five others.
3/22/04 Pakistan Islamabad 11 12 Two al-Qaeda ambushes claim the lives of eleven Pakistani soldiers.
3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Islamists bind and cut the throats of an Assyrian (Christian) couple in their home. (2004)
3/21/04 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A Buddhist policeman is hacked to death by militant Muslims. One other policeman and a village chief are shot to death in separate attacks within a 24-hour span.
3/21/04 India Tanka 3 4 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kill two children (ages 4 and 5) in their residence with an IED. Four other family members are injured in the attack. The same group also killed an off-duty policeman elsewhere in the Doda district.
3/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 12 A rocket attack on a U.S. compound kills two Iraqi civilians. Elsewhere a roadside bombing kills one civilian and one U.S. soldier.
3/20/04 India Manasbal 2 40 Two soldiers were killed by a remote-controlled bomb. Thirty-eight others, along with two civilians were injured in the terrorist attack.
3/19/04 Pakistan Karachi 1 6 Islamic radicals spray a police car with automatic weapons fire, killing one and injuring six others, including four passersby.
3/19/04 Somalia Hergeysa 2 0 Two aid workers shot to death in Somalia by anti-Western extremists.
3/19/04 Israel Jerusalem 1 0 al-Aqsa Brigade apologizes after the jogger that it gunned down in cold blood turns out to be Arab.
3/18/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three other Iraqis and injures at least one outside a hotel.
3/18/04 Iraq Baquba 3 10 Sunni gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Iraqi journalists and crew of a local TV station funded by Americans. Three are killed and ten injured.
3/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Muslims barge into a Christian home and kill the two children they find there. There mother is also killed, as well as their grandfather.
3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 51 al-Qaeda car bomb rips through a hotel, killing seven and injuring over fifty.
3/17/04 Algeria Berrouaghia 8 2 Armed Islamic Group (GIA) attack two ambulances in the desert with machine-gunfire, killing eight people and injuring two.
3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Two separate mortar attacks on U.S. bases leave three soldiers dead and nine wounded.
3/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 Two separate rocket attacks in Baghdad, leave two children dead and about eleven wounded.
3/16/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 An Iraqi translator is killed in a shooting ambush in the Sunni Triangle. Two of his family members are injured.
3/16/04 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Two more humanitarian aid workers (German) on a clean water project are gunned down by Fedayeen (Holy Warriors).
3/15/04 Chechnya Grozny 9 22 Nine Russian soldiers and police are killed in eighteen separate Jihad attacks over a two-day period.
3/15/04 Kosovo Pristina 1 0 Serbian youth is killed in a drive-by shooting by Muslim terrorists.
3/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Four Christian missionaries working on a humanitarian clean water project for Iraqis are gunned down by Fedayeen terrorists while riding in their vehicle.
3/14/04 Israel Ashdod 10 19 Two 18-year old suicide bombers kill ten port workers, and injure about twenty more. Al-Aqsa takes credit and says its intended target, chemical tanks, would have caused far greater civilian casualties.
3/14/04 Scotland Glasgow 1 0 Five Pakistani immigrants abduct, torture and then burn alive a 15-year-old Scottish teen in a horrendous attack. Three later flee the country.
3/13/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 5 Four U.S. soldiers are killed while on security duty by two roadside bomb attacks in Tikrit and Habbiniyah.
3/12/04 India Pulwama 13 12 Muslim militants hole up inside a girl's school after a gun battle with police. Thirteen people are killed, and at least a dozen wounded in this and incidents in a 24-hour period.
3/12/04 Algeria Tebessa 4 0 Four Algerian soldiers are killed in an attack by Islamic fundamentalists (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat).
3/11/04 Spain Madrid 201 1500 Ten coordinated al-Qaeda bomb blasts on commuter trains during the rush hour leave over two-hundred people dead and some fifteen hundred injured.
3/11/04 Indonesia Maranatha 1 5 Brutal machete attack on a Christian village leaves a mother of two dead and five others injured.
3/11/04 Afghanistan Khost 2 3 Taliban bomb kills two Afghan soldiers and injures another three.
3/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Shia cleric survives assassination attempt, but his son and son-in-law are killed in the shooting ambush
3/10/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Iraqi women, on their way home from working laundry at a coalition base, are shot to death.
3/10/04 Algeria El Harrach 1 0 The Salafist group for Preaching and Combat gun down a local cleric.
3/9/04 Iraq Hillah 3 0 Two American civilians, including a female human rights worker, along with an Iraqi translator are executed after being stopped at a phony checkpoint.
3/9/04 Turkey Istanbul 2 7 Suspected al-Qaeda terrorists use an explosive device and weapons fire against the restaurant of a Masonic lodge.
3/9/04 India Budgam 3 35 Attempted abduction goes awry with a terrorist killing himself and three others with a grenade. Thirty-five are injured.
3/8/04 Sudan Aish Barra 12 0 Twelve civilians, including three children are killed by a militia group supported by the Muslim government.
3/8/04 Chechnya Grozny 9 5 Nine Russian soldiers are killed in separate Jihad attacks over a 24-hour period.
3/7/04 Algeria Kabylie 2 4 Bombing attack by Islamic extremists leaves two Algerian soldiers dead and four injured.
3/7/04 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Terrorist RPG attack on a police station kills two civilians and injures two more.
3/6/04 Israel Eraz 3 9 Three Palestinian policemen were killed, and nine injured in a botched attack by three terrorists against an Israeli border checkpoint.
3/6/04 Yemen Zammar 5 30 Gunman tosses grenades and opens fire outside a mosque, killing five and injuring thirty.
3/6/04 Afghanistan Nokhaiz 1 0 Taliban gunmen kill an aid worker driving home.
3/6/04 Sudan al-Kureinik 15 0 Government-supported militia group raids a refugee camp and kills fifteen Christian civilians, including a child.
3/6/04 Sudan Tawila 75 350 Arabs kill seventy-five Africans, rape 100 women and then abduct about two-hundred children and a further one-hundred and fifty women.
3/5/04 Afghanistan Shay Joy 2 2 Taliban gunmen kill and Afghan guard and a Turkish engineer. They abduct two others.
3/4/04 Afghanistan Pakistani Border 7 0 Seven Afghan troops are killed by a Taliban rocket and machine-gun attack on their post.
3/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three members of a family are killed, and five others injured, by a rocket attack on their car.
3/3/04 India Jammu 7 12 Lashker-e-Toiba ultras storm high-security central jail in an effort to free other terrorists. The dead include policemen and civilians.
3/2/04 Pakistan Quetta 42 160 Sunni terrorists invade a Shia religious procession. They throw grenades, then fire weapons into the crowd, and finish it off by blowing themselves up. At least forty-two are killed and more than one-hundred and sixty injured.
3/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 58 200 Three Sunni Fedayeen suicide bombers kill themselves and about fifty-eight worshippers at a Shia shrine and injure more than two-hundred.
3/2/04 Iraq Karbala 123 300 al-Qaeda bombers, including one Fedayeen, kill at least one-hundred and twenty Shias gathered for a religious festival. About three-hundred others are injured.
3/1/04 Thailand Mayoh 1 0 Muslim separatists shoot a policeman to death as he is driving to work.
3/1/04 India Pulwama 3 0 Militant Muslims kill a civilian and his son in their home. They also return to the scene of an earlier murder and kill the victim's wife.
3/1/04 Eritrea Teseney 3 12 The Islamic Salvation Group plants two bombs at a hospital, killing three people and injuring a dozen others.
2/29/04 India Srinagar 0 8 Eight civilians are injured when militant Muslims stage grenade attack on a security camp.
2/28/04 Pakistan Islamabad 0 4 Suicide bomber attacks a Shia mosque. His is the only fatality, although he did manage to cause serious injury to two children.
2/28/04 India Bijbehara 0 13 Five security personnel and eight civilians are injured in a grenade attack.
2/27/04 Algeria Boukerdane 2 0 Two off-duty soldiers are executed by Islamic extremists after being stopped at a fake checkpoint.
2/27/04 Philippines Mariveles 186 12 Abu Sayyaf, the Muslim extremist group, claims responsibility for an explosion on a ferry that kills nearly two-hundred people.
2/27/04 India Beerwah 1 3 Militant Muslims fire on a political rally with RPGs. One woman is killed and two other women hurt.
2/27/04 Israel Lahav 2 0 Palestinian gunmen open fire on a civilian vehicle, killing two young Jewish parents of a two-year old daughter.
2/26/04 Afghanistan Sarobi 5 3 Five aid workers, involved in a project to build roads and provide clean water, are ambushed and killed by the Taliban. Three are injured.
2/25/04 Nigeria Yelwa 49 0 Forty-nine members of a farming community are slaughtered by Muslim Fulanis after taking refuge in a local church. Most of the Christians were brutally hacked to death. The number of injured is unknown.
2/24/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Two Iraqi translators and a technician are shot to death by Sunni terrorists as they drove to work at a coalition military base.
2/23/04 India Gagarsula 2 3 One security force personnel is killed, and three injured by a remote-controlled bomb. Elsewhere (Kremshore) a civilian is shot dead outside his shop.
2/23/04 India Dadsara 1 4 A 10-year old child is killed, and four others critically wounded when an Islamic militant throws a grenade onto a playground.
2/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 8 35 Eight Iraqi policemen are killed in a Fedayeen suicide car bombing. Thirty-five others, including two children were hurt.
2/22/04 Israel Jerusalem 8 61 An al-Aksa suicide terrorist blows up another civilian bus during rush hour, killing eight passengers and injuring over sixty.
2/22/04 Afghanistan Thalogan 1 1 A Muslim gunman attacks a helicopter on a humanitarian mission, killing the Australian pilot and injuring an American woman helping to set up health clinics in the area.
2/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Muslim cleric and an Iraqi translator are gunned down by assassins.
2/19/04 Iraq Khaldiya 2 1 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle leaves two U.S. soldiers dead.
2/19/04 Nigeria Jos 4 0 Muslim gunmen ambush a police vehicle and kill the four passengers.
2/19/04 Philippines Jolo 1 1 Abu Sayaaf gunmen abduct a 7-year old girl at a Roman Catholic school after killing her driver.
2/18/04 Iraq Hilla 8 106 Eight Iraqis, including five children are killed and more than one-hundred others injured by twin Fedayeen suicide car bombers who were stopped by coalition forces.
2/18/04 Kosovo Staro 2 0 Muslim terrorists shoot two civilians, a man and a woman, to death as they were sitting in their car.
2/17/04 India Dada 2 0 Muslim terrorists invade a house and shoot a civilian and his son to death.
2/17/04 Sudan Anka 15 8 Government troops and the Janaweed attack and destroy a village, killing fifteen civilians. (2004)
2/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Two terrorist bombings in the Sunni Triangle leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five wounded.
2/16/04 India Hyderpora Chowk 3 0 A political activist and two policemen are gunned down by Islamists.
2/16/04 India Budgam 2 0 Muslim rebels kill two villagers.
2/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A Christian pastor is killed, and four others are injured when a vehicle pulls alongside their car and fires into the cabin.
2/14/04 Iraq Fallujah 21 33 'There is no god but Allah!' shout gunmen who storm a police prison, killing more than twenty and injuring at least thirty-three others.
2/14/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Muslim gunmen on a motorcycle kill two workers as they are on their way to a job site.
2/13/04 Afghanistan All Shaire 2 6 A shopkeeper and Afghan soldier were killed by a Taliban terrorist bomb that also injured six others.
2/13/04 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 4 0 Four Afghan aid employees, working to rid the countryside of landmines are shot to death by Taliban extremists.
2/13/04 Dagestan Bamnatbekyurt 3 4 Three police officers were killed, and four wounded by Muslim rebels in a village ambush.
2/12/04 Algeria Toudja 7 3 Armed Islamic extremists ambush and kill seven policemen. Three others are injured in the attack.
2/11/04 Afghanistan Khost 1 0 Suicide Taliban attacker kills senior Afghan intelligence official.
2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 75 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills forty-seven people waiting in line for jobs and injures nearly one-hundred.
2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed in roadside bombing.
2/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four police officers (two cousins and two brothers) are killed in drive-by shootings as they travel to work.
2/10/04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Buddhist official killed by Muslim gunmen.
2/10/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 53 150 At least fifty-three people are killed by a massive truck bomb outside a police station. Some one-hundred and fifty others are injured.
2/10/04 Algeria Jijel 4 3 Islamic extremists kill four patrons at a roadside café. Three are shot and one has his throat slit.
2/10/04 Chechnya Grozny 6 0 Six security forces are killed by Jihadist remote-controlled IED.
2/10/04 Chechnya Oktyabrsky 3 0 Jihad fighters strip three Russian soldiers of their weapons then shoot them to death.
2/9/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian family members killed by radical Jihadists.
2/8/04 Algeria Miliana 2 0 Two policemen are murdered at point blank range by two fundamentalist youth who stopped their car on the pretext of seeking information.
2/8/04 Philippines Mangosatubig 2 1 Moro Islamic Front terrorists attack a fishing village, killing two and injuring one.
2/8/04 Iraq Sawaryah 3 11 Bombing attack on the offices of a deputy police chief leaves three dead and eleven wounded.
2/7/04 Egypt Cairo 0 3 An Australian and two Norwegian tourists are injured in a knife attack by a man "angered" at Israel.
2/6/04 Russia Moscow 40 134 Forty people are murdered by a female Fedayeen suicide bomber as they were commuting to work on a Moscow subway. About one-hundred and thirty-four are injured.
2/5/04 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 5 0 Five police are murdered by armed Islamic extremists in the regional capital.
2/5/04 Chechnya Grozny 7 11 Seven servicemen and police officers are killed in three separate incidents by Mujahideen rebels over a 24-hour period.
2/5/04 India Salar 4 7 Four Indian security forces are killed by a landmine planted by Muslim rebels in Kashmir. Seven others are injured.
2/4/04 Thailand Yarang 1 0 Government employee is slashed to death in a machete attack similar to the manner in which three Buddhist monks were killed last month.
2/3/04 India Chewdara 3 0 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists invade a home and kill the couple inside, along with another family member.
2/3/04 Russia Vladikavkaz 2 10 Two people, including a woman are killed, and at least ten others injured by a car bomb near the Chechnyan border.
2/2/04 India Srinagar 1 1 A police officer is gunned down outside a mosque.
2/1/04 Iraq Arbil 117 133 Two Ansar al-Islam suicide bombers dresses as Muslim clerics kill more than one-hundred people and injure about one-hundred and thirty in attacks on two buildings housing Kurdish political officials.
2/1/04 Afghanistan Deh Rawood 8 5 An Afghan mayor and seven of his family members, including three children are killed by a Taliban roadside bomb attack. Five others are injured.
2/1/04 Chechnya Alleroi 5 0 Five security guards are killed when grenade-wielding gunmen burst into a government building intent on a political assassination.
1/31/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by a roadside bomb while riding in their convoy.
1/31/04 Iraq Mosul 9 45 Nine people are killed and about forty-five injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing outside a police station.
1/31/04 Sudan Surra 250 30 Final tally from the genocidal attack on an African village earlier in the month is about two-hundred and fifty people slaughtered, mostly women and children. An unknown number were injured and thirty are still missing. (2004)
1/30/04 Saudi Arabia Riyadh 7 1 Six security guards and a civilian are killed by radical Islamists operatives while attempting to break up a terrorist cell.
1/29/04 India Handwara 4 0 Muslim gunmen invade a home and shoot to death a resident and a guest. Two women are killed in a similar manner in Pulwama Rajouri.
1/29/04 Israel Jerusalem 11 50 Eleven people are murdered, and at least fifty others injured by a Palestinian suicide bombing inside a passenger bus. Al-Aksa martyrs brigade claims responsibility.
1/28/04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 4 One British Peacekeeper is killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber in a taxi. Four others are injured in the blast.
1/28/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 17 At least four people, including a South African national are killed by a Fedayeen car bombing outside a hotel. Some seventeen others are killed.
1/27/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 3 Another roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills three U.S. soldiers traveling in a convoy and injures three more.
1/27/04 Iraq Samarra 3 4 Three Iraqis killed, and four injured when truck bomb explodes outside a courthouse.
1/27/04 Afghanistan Kabul 2 11 Taliban suicide bomber throws himself on a patrol vehicle in downtown Kabul and kills one Canadian peacekeeper and a civilian. Eleven others were injured.
1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 4 Two Iraqi civilians and three U.S. soldiers are killed by two roadside bombs set to go off in succession in the Sunni Triangle.
1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two CNN employees are killed in a shooting attack as terrorists open up on the car in which they are riding.
1/27/04 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat) kill two soldiers and one security guard in an ambush.
1/26/04 Iraq Al-Amiriyah 2 3 Two policemen are killed in a drive-by Fedayeen shooting attack on a checkpoint. Two civilians and a third policeman were injured.
1/26/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 IED device set on a busy highway explodes, killing two civilians and injuring two others.
1/26/04 Chechnya Sharoi 4 4 Jihad attack on a convoy leaves four Russians dead and four injured.
1/25/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 Three policemen and a civilian are killed in a terrorist attack on a highway checkpoint.
1/24/04 Iraq Khaldiyah 5 9 Car bombing kills three U.S. soldiers and injures six others. Two other soldiers were killed in a separate bombing west of Fallujah.
1/24/04 Iraq Samarra 4 36 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills four Iraqi civilians and injures another thirty-six people..
1/23/04 India Kashmir 4 0 Militant Muslims kill four people in Baramulla and Bandipora, all suspected of being politically active.
1/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two members of the Communist party are killed by a bomb in their office.
1/22/04 Thailand Narathiwat 2 1 Two Buddhist monks are hacked to death while begging for food in a Muslim neighborhood. Another is seriously injured in the machete attack.
1/21/04 Iraq Baqouba 2 4 Two U.S. soldiers are killed by a hit and run mortar attack in the Sunni Triangle.
1/21/04 Indonesia Maranatha 1 0 The 56-year-old head of a local Christian community is killed by Muslim villagers. (2004)
1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 Sunni terrorists attack a police checkpoint with grenades and automatic weapons. Three Iraqi policemen and a civilian are killed, with another five injured.
1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four Christian Iraqi women, who were laundry workers for the coalition, are attacked and killed while riding in a minivan. The male driver was injured.
1/19/04 Israel Lebanese Border 1 2 Israeli bulldozer hit with a Hezbollah rocket attack. One soldier was killed and two injured.
1/18/04 Algeria Leghdira 1 2 Islamic fundamentalists kills a "repentant" with a bomb that also injures two police officers.
1/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 23 61 At least twenty-three Iraqis are killed, and more than sixty others injured by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who used day laborers as a cover for gaining entrance to a secured zone. All eight were among the dead.
1/17/04 Iraq Tikrit 5 2 Two Iraqis and three U.S. soldiers were killed by a remote-controlled bomb planted in a culvert. Two others were injured.
1/16/04 India Srinagar 0 7 Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen car bombing injures seven members of a security detail.
1/15/04 Pakistan Karachi 0 12 At least a dozen people are injured when a car bomb explodes outside the local headquarters of the Christian Bible Society.
1/14/04 Algeria Zaouia 1 1 A mother and daughter heading out to harvest olives are hit by a bomb blast. The mother is killed and the daughter seriously wounded.
1/14/04 Israel Gaza 4 10 Female suicide bomber kills herself and four others at a checkpoint for Palestinians entering Israel to work. Ten others are injured in the blast. The mother-of-two pretended to fall over, then detonated her bomb against those rushing to help her.
1/14/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 2 12 At least two civilians are killed, and a dozen other people, including children injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing attack.
1/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A U.S. soldier is killed, and two others wounded by a roadside bombing attack in the heart of Baghdad.
1/12/04 India Anantnag 1 14 Grenade attack on a demonstration kills a police officer and injures fourteen other people.
1/12/04 Afghanistan Kashrud 4 0 Four government soldiers are killed when Taliban extremists attack their post with knives and assault rifles.
1/12/04 Bangladesh Mazar 3 36 Jamaat-e-Islami fundamentalists place bomb at a shrine that kills three and injures thirty-six. Ten-year old boy among the dead.
1/11/04 Chechnya Dyshne-Vedeno 1 1 Jihad attack on a security patrol leaves one Russian serviceman dead and another injured.
1/11/04 Israel Talmon 1 2 Palestinian gunmen kill a father of five as he is traveling in his car. Two others are shot and injured.
1/10/04 India Lurgam 2 0 Man and his wife killed by Mujahideen terrorists outside their home.
1/10/04 Indonesia Palopo 4 2 Four people are killed, and at least two injured by a bomb blast at a karaoke café. Islamist terrorist attacks killed nearly a dozen Christians there in November.
1/9/04 India Jammu 0 20 At least twenty people are injured when a militant hurls a grenade at two police officers. The blast carries into a local shop.
1/9/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 4 36 Four Shiite worshippers are killed, and thirty-six others injured by a car bombing at a mosque in a predominately Sunni town.
1/8/04 Pakistan Adam 4 0 Rocket attack on a military base near the Afghan border kills four Pakistani soldiers.
1/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 9 0 A medivac helicopter, clearly marked with a red cross, is downed by a missile in the Sunni Triangle, killing all nine U.S. soldiers aboard.
1/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 30 Rocket attack by Sunni terrorists on a U.S. logistical base leaves one soldier dead and about thirty wounded.
1/6/04 Afghanistan Kandahar 15 15 Bicycle bombing by the Taliban (former religious leaders) along a crowded street kills fifteen people and injures more than fifteen. Eight children were among the dead.
1/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Two French civilians are gunned down by Sunni insurgents.
1/5/04 Egypt Patmos Center 1 2 One Christian is killed, and two others injured when elements of the Egyptian army burn down a church.
1/5/04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two policemen are killed while trying to defuse a bomb on a parked motorcycle.
1/5/04 Pakistan Khanewal 1 0 Christian priest shot dead by Islamic terrorists as he was boarding a train.
1/4/04 Thailand Narathiwat 4 0 Muslim extremists raid a government armory and then set fire to 18 secular schools in a rampage that leaves at least four soldiers dead and an unknown number injured.
1/4/04 Philippines Parang 22 81 Twenty-two people at a political rally for a Christian mayor in a predominately Muslim region are killed by a bomb blast. More than eighty are injured. Two Muslims later identified and charged..
1/3/04 India Jammu 4 15 Four people are killed, and more than fifteen injured when militant Muslims attack a railway station with grenades and small-arms fire.
1/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 6 Three separate attacks by radicals leave four U.S. soldiers dead and six injured.
1/1/04 Nigeria Damaturu 1 0 A group called the Muhajirun attacks a police station and kills an officer.
1/1/04 India Srinagar 1 6 Islamic rebels detonate a bomb near a site hosting a peace rally. One civilian is killed and six others injured.
1/1/04 India Rainawari 0 7 A terrorist is killed, and seven civilians sustain injuries when a bomb being carried on a bicycle detonates prematurely.

Arthur Feidler said...


May 23, 1996: At least 16 people were killed in bomb
blasts in Lajpat Nagar Central Market.

Oct 1, 1997 : Thirty injured in two bomb explosions near
a procession in the Sadar Bazar area.

Oct 10, 1997: One killed, 16 injured when three bombs
went off in Shantivan, Kauria Pul and Kingsway Camp areas.

Oct 18, 1997: One killed, 23 hurt in twin bomb explosions
in Rani Bagh market.

Oct 26, 1997: Twin bomb blasts in Karol Bagh market
leaves one dead and 34 injured.

Nov 30, 1997: Twin blasts in Red Fort area leaves three
killed and 70 injured.

Dec 30, 1997: Bomb blast in a blueline bus at Punjabi
Bagh area leaves three dead and 25 injured.

Jan 9, 1997: 50 injured in bomb blast opposite the Police
Headquarters at ITO.

Dec 30, 1997: Four commuters were killed and about 30
others injured in a bomb explosion in a Blue Line bus at
Rampara Chowk near Punjabi Bagh.

Dec 22, 2000: Three security personnel were killed when
Lashkar-e-Toiba militants stormed Red Fort.

Dec 13, 2001: Twelve people, including five terrorists,
were killed when militants stormed Parliament.

May 22, 2005: One person was killed when serial blasts
rocked two cinema halls in Delhi.

Oct 29, 2005: 50 people were killed and 70 injured,
including some foreigners, in three explosions in two busy
markets and near a bus in Delhi.

Arthur Feidler said...


Many eyebrows would be raised when we talk of a Muslim Jihad against China. When did that happen, we never hear about Muslim rule in China. Yes there was a Muslim invasion of China. As there was of Persia, India, Byzantium, Spain, Balkans, etc. None of these countries had ever attacked a Muslim nation to bring about a retaliatory Muslim invasion. They has all been invaded by Muslims to compel the inhabitants to embrace Islam. The Dawat-ul-Islam (Invitation to embrace Islam) was sent out to the king of the neighboring country, and if they did not submit to one of the two conditions viz: “Embrace Islam or Pay the Jaziya or face a Muslim invasion,, then they had to face a Muslim jihadi onslaught. China was one of those counties who had been sent an invitation by the founder of Islam himself Mohammed-ibn-Abadullah to embrace Islam. This invitation had also been sent to three other kings of Zoroastrian Persia, of Christian Byzantine and to a king of Hindu Kerala in India. The Chinese emperor did not quite understand the meaning of the ultimatum and thought that these were messengers from a far away land bringing a spiritual message. The Chinese had to come face to face with the real danger of Islam a century later when in the year 751, they had to march to the borders of their empire in Eastern China to check an Arab invasion launched from Persia.

For much of the early 700s, the Chinese Empire, under the T'ang dynasty, was successful in its foreign affairs. They recovered crucial lands they had previously lost and stabilized the Tibetan frontier. They secured trade routes through central Asia and contained threats from the Khitan and Hsi peoples. In the late 740s, Chinese troops claimed lordship over Kabul and Kashmir of India. But their string of victorious campaigns could not last forever, as China discovered at Talas River in 751.

Islam's widespread aggression through Persia and Central Asia came into collusion with China's Westward expansion into Central Asia. This led to the meeting of the two expansionist powers in Central Asia which finally erupted into pen warfare at the Battle at Talas River, the only battle between Arab Muslim forces and the army of the Chinese Empire. The Chinese troops were led by Kao Hsien-chih, who had been successful in battles in Gilgit and in the Farghana region. The Muslims were led by Ziyad ibn Salih, who was deputy to Abu Muslim (a Persian convert to Islam), with a band of 40,000 Ghazis (warriors crazed by Islam’s promise of wealth, women or martyrdom in heaven where the ghazis would be served by the many houris that the Terrorist Manifesto – the Quran). These Ghazis came to China to wage a Jihad on the Chinese. When the Arab army marched from the south towards Talas. River, the Chinese general Kao (of Korean origin), decided to resist the Muslim invasion and marched towards Aulie-Ata on the Talas river with 100,000 Chinese troops in cavalry and infantry divisions.

In the Battle of the Talas river, the Qarluq Betrayal led to the defeat of the Chinese at Arab hands

On July 10th 751 AD the Arab and Chinese armies took to the field in Aulie-Ata on the backs of the Talas river. The Chinese cavalry seemed to initially overwhelm the Arab cavalry, but the Arabs had worked out a deal with one of the many Turkish contingents of the Chinese army viz., the Qarluq Turks, by promising them wealth and freedom in return for embracing Islam and betraying their Chinese masters. The Qarluqs who held a grudge against the Chinese for having reduced them to vassalage, viewed this as an opportunity to throw off the Chinese yoke by using the Arabs and had planned to later throwing off the Arab yoke as well and regaining their freedom from both the Chinese and the Arabs. The Qarluqs later played the main role in converting other Turkish tribes notably the Seljuks to Islam.

At the Battle of the Talas river, the Qarluqs betrayed their own people the Chinese and went over to the Arabs

At the battle of the Talas river where the Arab and the Chinese armies clashed, the Qarluqs who were a part of the Chinese army, opened a breach in their own ranks and allowed the Arabs to ford the river and helped them to encircle a part of the Chinese infantry butchering it to man. The Qarluq archers then surrounded their paymaster the general of the Chinese army Kao and shot him down. Now the Arabs followed their heinous practice of sticking the d\severe head of an enemy and parading it before the enemy army. The Chinese not being used to such grisly war tactics, fell into confusion and disarray, not knowing who had betrayed them, and their General Kao. They broke ranks and fell into confusion, shaking the Chinese center, which was rapidly assaulted by the Arab heavy cavalry and destroyed. Thus due to Muslim subterfuge and savagery the infallible Chinese war machine gave way under combined assault of the Arabs and the traitor Qarluqs, and they faced a heavy rout. From behind the treacherous Qarluqs fell upon the Chinese animals, baggage trains and supplies carrying away all they could and receded back into the steppe.

The Arabs rounded up tens of thousands of Chinese and their non-Qarluq Turk allies and took them to Samarqand from where Abu Muslim sent them to Baghdad and Damascus to be sold as slaves, each worth a dirham. One Chinese survivor mentions being kept as cattle in the Arab prison camps. Abu Muslim and Ziyad made huge financial gains out of this slave trade and used it to pay their armies. More importantly the Arabs forced the Turk and Chinese prisoners to teach them the art of making siege trains and catapult machines, which the Islamized Turks were to use successfully in their attacks on the Byzantine cities.

The Qarluq Turks aimed at playing the Chinese and the Muslims against each other to gain their own independence

The Qarluq Turks wanted independence from the Chinese so they made a pretence of embracing Islam to obtain Arab support to defeat the Chinese. The Qarluqs had planned to later throw off the Arab yoke as well by repudiating Islam and regaining their freedom from both the Chinese and the Arabs. But little did the Qarluqs realize that in working out a deal with the Arabs, while they would succeed in throwing off the Chinese yoke, they would have to bring themselves into the fold of Islam, from which there was no escape. The Qarluqs were forced to remain Muslim and whenever any of them reneged their Islamic faith, they were put to death while the luckier among them were enslaved by the Arabs and Persian Muslims.

The later history of the Qarluqs was as Muslims who resigned themselves to remaining as satellites of the Arabs after having thrown off the Chinese yoke and with it also the only possibility of liberating themselves from the grip of Islam. It was this devious conversion of the Quarluqs that was actually a pretense to throw off the Chinese yoke on the Turks, that led to the conversion of the greater Turkish nation to Islam in the next three centuries from 750 to 1050.

The Turks who had retained aggressively their freedom from their neighbors the Chinese, and the Zoroastrian Persians for more than a millennium, finally began succumbing to Islam due to a tactical pretense of the Qarluqs, one of their important clans to pretend to embrace Islam for securing Arabs support and throwing off Chinese suzerainty. A deal that proved costly for Turkish independence that was now permanently enslaved into the prison of Islam.

B>The fallout of the Battle of the Talas river

While the battle in itself was of minor importance, its ramifications on the future were very significant. The Arabs lost out on an opportunity to extend their Islamic influence throughout China and make China a Muslim country. On the other hand the T'ang (in China) lost a good amount of power and their westward advance was halted. But the Muslim success at the Talas river did not carry over, although the Muslim armies were victorious. But the more significant fallout was the arousal of the Turko-Mongols against the Muslims. The gradual bitterness that was planted among the Mongoloid peoples (Turks, Mongols and Chinese), since the fist Muslim attacks on Turkish lands from the middle of the seventh century, and which were taken to the border of China proper in 751 at the Battle of the Talas river, provoked a violent backlash of the Mongols against the Muslims. After the victory at the Talas river, the Muslims faced increasing resistance from the Chinese and their Turko-Mongol allies. So the Muslims decided to concentrate on consolidating their position in Central Asia and converting the Turks to Islam. Hence they postponed their eastward invasion into China proper. This decision of the Arabs in 751, was to save China from Islam, as in the following centuries, they Mongol who belonged to the wider Chinese (Mongoloid) nation gathered sufficient strength to launch a counter attack against the Muslims from 1200 onwards that culminated in the sack and destruction of Baghdad, by Hulagu Khan, the leader of the Mongols.

But the Muslim victory on the Talas river had its fallout in the conversion of the Chinese border population to Islam, the Qarluq Turks were followed by the Ughirs and the Hui Chinese (an branch of the Han Chinese) into accepting the faith imposed on them by the Arabs. The Chinese who converted to Islam gradually gave up their rich Chinese heritage and became Arabized, although they continued to look Mongoloid like the Chinese. Today the descendants of the Hui, Ughirs, and Qarluq populate the Westernmost Chinese province of Xinjiang and are agitating for a separate Islamic state called Eastern Turkestan. Many of them are sympathetic to the Al Qaeda and their attempts to secede from China have been so far successfully resisted by the Chinese.

Mr Accountable said...

No comment. Read a Chinese blog in Chinese, something to do with Martin Lee, something to do with Sam Rainsy of Cambodia, something to do with the very issues in this blog comment column. It's a worth-it thing to do. Talk to your friends sometime, not your enemies. Blogs like 'Lose the Noose' have a lot of counterparts in China and Asia. Let me put it this way: If an Asian person arrived in the US, would one actually want them to get lost in CIA documentation, to get lost watching Fox News as they tried and struggled to deal with the right, or wouldn't it make more sense to get right down to brass tacks with blogs like this one? Wouldn't it be sensible to skip the propaganda and 'get with the program'? In English, in this hypothetical case? Or in Chinese, in this actual case?

Totally agree with what you're saying, actually.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

Arthur Fiedler:

the only thing I can say to you sir, is just exactly how would China get this massive army of theirs over here? that's not what scares me about China, why in the world would they want to destroy their meal ticket? and why would we want to destroy them? we can't seem to do without the cheap crap that they make.

fosco said...

Does the size of their army matter when they can hit us with nukes? We didn't bring massive ground troops into japan, did we? So why would we retro back and expect something like Normandy? Population matters when it comes to a willingness to sacrifice a few k citizens in an expected retaliatory response. But consider the financial impact of a nuke on New York? LA? DC? Now I don't think it will come to that because we will both want to protect our interests. And we DO buy their crap. BUT: consider our economy when we feel the crunch of dwindling oil, inflation, and our bad economic choices. When our spending comes back truly to bite us in the ass. What happens when we are NOT financially able to continue buying their products with the trade deficit the way it is? When foreign owned notes come in for collection?People forget that the depression rattled our country and it was not that long ago relatively speaking, then we were an industrial giant. Now, we are a giant but it is increasingly based on hubris and smokescreens. We actually make very little now domestically compared to imports and even technology and service sectors are going elsewhere. We don't want isolationism but we don't want to remain competitive either, that would have required interference with corporate America, something we say we do not want here, thats for communists. Hey, outsourcing is all part of the capitalism we love. So, you make your bed you must lie in it. These models are applied inconsistently, and they do not consider the global nature of modern economies.

Lew Scannon said...

Arthur fielder,
Of course in your listing of all the horrible crimes committed by Muslims, you negelct to list the horrible crimes committed by Christians against their own. Things like chopping off their babies arms, or stabbing their children to death because they think the world is coming to an end, or drownong them one by one in the bathtub....these are the acts of Christian fanatics.

lily said...

No Lew, these are the acts of psychotic people with often severe mental illness, or perhaps in some cases people using that as a defense. Psychotic and delusional thinking often revolve around prominent cultural themes, of which religion is one.Years ago when I worked at one of the old style psychiatric facilities (once housing over 50,000 patients) it was very common to see fixations with Jesus, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, sin, satan,Presidents, Manson, Hitler, etc.
One woman thought that her feces were drowning messiahs, placed in her by God, and she had to save them. This is not the same kind of behavior, is all I am saying.

My point is that we cannot confuse delusional behaviors rooted in pathology with the teachings of religion. These people did not commit these acts in the name of Christianity, categorially, many of the horrific crimes you refer to are perpetrated by people who are/were psychotic, but of course thats a case by case question. I don't think you can use these as examples of religion as the causal basis. Now a person who is taught that killing an abortion provider is good because it will mean lives saved for the unborn IS using a religious basis to rationally justify a murderous act in the name of faith. This does not mean all people of that faith would agree the rationale has been appropriately applied, but the crimes you mentioned were not of the same nature.

Mr Accountable said...

To reiterate, no comment.

The Margaret Cho Metaphor:

Supposing megastar Margaret Cho had decided to spend all day wrassling with Bertha Buttner on Fox News instead of getting right into the culture and becoming a megastar? So beloved by her fans. There wouldn't be a Margaret Cho, that's what.

Raised in America on Dylan and Parliament Funkadelic, Americans have an easy time dealing with the American Right. One would have to have been raised on Hound Dog and Yellow Magic Orchestra to be able to deal with the Japanese Right, in this example.

Do you get what I'm saying? In an nutshell, where are these Asian liberal blogs that match up to this one and the others? It would take a spoon ful of sugar to make the medicine go down, as it were, and one doesn't see the sugar. So the criticism comes across as slightly - gasp - racist, despite the various bloggists and commentators best sincere efforts.

If its worth bringing up as a boycott issue its worth getting in touch with people in Asia whose parents were the Studs Terkels, Norman Mailers and Bella Abzugs of their day, just like the liberal scene here.

Its just slightly skewed and unsupported and boycott talk risks alienation of liberal Asian friends. McTrixie is actually a little worried about this.

Still agree with what you're saying and doing, 100%.


fosco said...

Do you think Lew was being a little bit sarcastic with the boycott notion, likening it to the French Freedom Fries? I took it that way but I could be wrong. Like most assumptions that come in here on a daily basis, you assume nobody here has ever had contact with Asian people. The blog issue is hard to follow, I cannot read Chinese for example and further, there are variations- my one friend speaks Cantonese. We are racists because we may or may not read blogs by liberal counterparts in Asia? Do you read blogs by everyone all over the world? The Chomsky-children of Gaza? I think I missed your criticism big time.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Wow, everybody went crazy.

Anonymous said...

Happens all the time around here, lotta temperamental men. Ben

Anonymous said...

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