Toxic Bling

The Consumer Product S.C. has issued yet another Recall for dangerous jewelry. The jewelry, this time "name" necklaces made by Stravina and sold cheaply for a few bucks, have lead levels that exceed, well, our expectations.
Now some of you may recall KMart's recall of Thalia Sodie items for the same reason, leaving scantily clad preteen fashionistas everywhere dissappointed. Why is this still going on? We blame "Chinese manufacturing" and wring our hands as though this is an insurmountable problem. Hello! Is there nothing in place to check safety content BEFORE market? What happens to the company that produces this toxic bling? They issue a recall, get a few people that pay attention to such matters, then move on? No public apology, no perp walks, no lost sleep? See this is the problem, it isn't just about the corporate wrong doers and an overseas accomplice. There are some big questions here: safety, accountability, manufacturing standards, violations of occupational safety standards... What do you think happens to the underpaid worker that assembles this crap? Oh, they are not really touched until they reach America, you say? Robotic arms touch the lead laden goodness???
These items are not necessarily produced by machines when labor is so plentiful especially in China and trends here are so transient. Why invest in a whole mechanized process? Get some cheap laborers, set up shop, then sell your toxic cheap wares to the gimme- greedy Americans who cannot walk into a supermarket without a superflous plastic addition to their junk drawers. As an aside, I was always taught NOT to display a child's name across their neck because it helps a predator. Thoughts anyone? On personalized goodies, toxic bling, or the daily flushing of the corporate toilet onto our children's heads???? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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