The Liberal Grab of Santa's Sack

Preemptive Karma has a funny entry today that makes light of this whole "War on Christmas" debate.
It seems that every time I put on the news, I hear about some defiant mayor or municipal worker declaring their public tree is a CHRISTMAS tree, dammit, and they will not have this insanity regarding the liberal grab on Santa's sack. (double entendres/puns encouraged)
When will you people get it, that it is not about telling people what to celebrate or how to decorate. How typical that they care about the most petty details of their Lord's birthday: the fucking bric-a-brac and reindeer props. Like the bride that cares more about the napkin color than the groom, say?? Get a clue people, and start reflecting on what your good books actually SAY about the meaning of Christmas. Clue: it ain't at Wal Mart.
It is a matter of the not-so-subtle erosion of the alleged separation of Church and State.
See this is what they do: they mock political correctness as the product of hippies whose sole desire is to inconvenience would-be party hosters and wreath hangers. They make jokes about diversity, sensitivity, and say stupid things like: "What do you people have against God, anyway"?? "Why do you people think that prayer hurts?" Always scary when THEY tell US what WE think. Its like the damned game of telephone.
But see these are the twisted conclusions of people that think they are summarizing the articulated defenses of our civil liberties when in fact they are reframing the positions in ways that reduce their relevance and thus make them easier to debunk, scorn, and refute.
If we were in fact talking about hating a religious group, Santa, trees, or prayers, it would be an admittedly stupid discussion. Plus, we like all that crap. What we hate are religiocentrists.
What they cannot wrap their minds around is the idea that we do not have a state religion, and we need to defend the idea that the introduction of the Christian-centric perspective at every turn contradicts the foundation of America. I do not personally oppose prayer, santa, ornaments, or candy canes. I oppose the idea that PUBLIC money via our collective taxes, goes to subsidize the message of a religious group. Why is it terrible to suggest that we let the Church buy their own decorations? They sure have the money. Why am I some kind of agnostic pagan fornicating sinner because I think the role of government is to provide for public services, build common roads, respond to disaster, make some laws that protect rights versus eroding them, and regulate currency?
Because I don't see morality, spirituality, reproduction, etc. as the domain of my friendly neighborhood bureaucrat makes me the anti-christ?

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