I Want an Impeachment For Christmas

(Photo and Story, via Salon)

Props to MyDD:

"On Tuesday, Dec. 20, Washington Post polling editor Richard Morin participated in an online chat with readers. The liberal blog MyDD urged its users to take part, and evidently they did. In previous days, legal experts had declared that Bush had committed a federal crime by authorizing the surveillance of American citizens without a court order, and Morin was grilled about the issue of impeachment."

Now is the time to really REALLY push for impeachment! Resources:
The Four Reasons
Impeach Bush Now Org
Impeach Bush
Topple Bush
Lew Rockwell (just for some perspectives)

Certainly there are many others. Lets get them out there and add our voices to the rising chorus!


Lew Scannon said...

The only arguement against impeachment is the fact that then Dick(head) Cheney would be President (like he isn't already) and given his propensity for secrectiveness, we'd never have ay idea what he was up to until it was too late.

Lily said...

Yes, thats the best argument! But at least it would send a message... oh, who the hell am I kidding?

tp said...

we don't know what they are up to anyway

Anonymous said...

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