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Lew Scannon is a blograde with his own blog, unBrainwashed. We like Lew because he is direct, pisses people off, and is always a good sport. (a quality highly prized in blogarama)

Check him out at:

River Momma is usually too busy with her kids and chaos. But beneath the Cheerios and crayons, they run a strictly revolutionary household.

Posh Americana is Lily's photo/image journal- images of empire. Between graphics and pictures, she rages incessantly about foreign policy and the mission of The Man. Art contributors wanted.

"Consider The Boot" is Lily's personal blog, the closet where she stuffs her twisted observations, especially on being female in the Land Where Might Makes Right.. This hub also keeps her from discussing her music, travels, and obsessions at Lose The Noose.

Take Pause is a reluctant blogger, she is a long time environmental advocate, spends her time with trees and boulders, and works with many peace groups on actions and campaigns. She is quiet, reflective, thoughtful, and intelligent. Her writings are a soothing contrast to the snarkfest. Get to know her if you like your coffee a little weaker, your rants a bit more mellow.

Zelle is a writer partial to the Catskill mountains of New York, whose poetry has appeared in several anthologies and online 'zines'. She typically writes on environmental issues and Women's
topics- such as reproductive liberty, family, employment, and culture. Zelle also writes for other blogs- on politics, feminism, and community planning.

The Noose also appreciates guest posts, and the contributions/comments of supportive bloggers. Fond props to: Kvatch, Neil Shakespeare, Rex Kramer, Enigma, AJ, Chasing Dogma, Michael the Tubthumper, CV Rick, RichM, Rev.Gisher, LOC, Earl, Meldonna, TP, Fat Lady Sings, Polly Jones, Jenny, Brandon, Wadena, D.K., Mary, and many others. Our "headquarters" page has a list of Comrades with links.

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