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The noose is our dependency, our submission, our reliance, and our addiction.
It is difficult to discuss war without discussing resources, and it is difficult to discuss resources without addressing patterns and consumption. Of course we can criticize our leaders and our policies, but beyond that there are the behaviors of people that contribute to these problems.
Voter apathy, ignorance, propaganda, media ownership, corporate interests, corruption.... lack of engagement,the inability to act... Even on the 'left' the excuses for inertia can be astounding. How can we lose the things that hold us back? Move beyond armchair punditry and whining? Do we need to take our own inventory while we rip on the politicians?
"Lose The Noose" is a blog about politics, propaganda, and greed. Pretty open.
The main objective of this blog is to express dissatisfaction with our government's actions, to discuss cultural and economic factors, and to encourage dissent. We believe that engaged, reflective discussions (well, and some snark and spoof) are absolutely essential!
All perspectives are encouraged, we only ask that comments are made in the spirit of participating in a discussion format. Comments that are overtly nasty for *no good reason* might be deleted and your brain may be towed at your own expense.

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