The Angry White Male

I have a confession to make.
I am not what you may think I am. People make general assumptions based not on facts or knowledge, but rather how they have been programmed to think by the brainwashers of the Corporate Media. Support the Anti-Choice movement? You must be a Bible thumpin' wing nut. Oppose the illegal invasion of Iraq? you must be a left leaning commie loving liberal democrat. Sometimes the generalizations are true, but often they are not. So here's my confession:
I am a registered Republican and have been since 1980.Of course, at the time the party wasn't fully dominated by the Chrisitian Right and was only starting to feel the effects of the angry white male, those who felt their right to be the dominating factor in the country was being threatened by the feminists and civil rights movements who, while not actually looking to take any rights away from the AWM, were merely seeking righteous parity. Soon the Christian Right and the AWM paired together in their quest to keep women at home squeezing out puppies so that the employment marketplace could continue it's domination by the white male.
With the repeal of the fairness doctrine in 1985, which called for equal time to be given to opposing viewpoints, the rise of right wing domination of the Corporate Media began with the broadcasts of the King Of the Angry White Males, and the voice and very imbodiment of their hypocrisies,drug addict Rush Limbaugh. This led to in the nineties the emergence of Fox News, claiming to be fair and balanced, while even a cursory glance at their commentators would prove otherwise.
Nowadays, even the local "new rock" deejay apes the Republican talking points.
And so, although I remain a registered Republican, with the exception of the primaries, I haven't voted for a Republican candidate since I started to vote.Because now, the Republican party, especially under George W Bush doesn't represent the values it espoused when I signed on. Cut government spending? The Bush administration has increased government spending, bumping it's head on the debt limit. It has increased the size of the government, creating the Department of Homeland Security boondoggle, which is doing the job the Depatment of defense should be and would be doing, if it weren't to busy engaging in illegal wars. It has violated treaties (which was what my dad told me was the reason we couldn't trust the commies)and broken the law on too many numerous occasions (something that Clinton was impeached for)while running on the law and order plank in their platform.
So it came as no surprise to see Bush's approval rating falling a full eight points among Republicans. Like the Democrats who supported the adultering Bill Clinton, there will always be the party blind sticking by Bush, no matter if they find out he knew about the attacks on 9/11 ahead of time and failed to respond, allowing Americans to perish, or if they find out he knew about the levees in New Orleans not being able to withstand an oncoming hurricane and failing to respond, allowing Americans to perish.And now, the party itself, looking for re-election, is starting to distance themselves from Bush as well.Maybe they'll get back to their core values, that spying on it's own citizens is wrong (something that was perfectly acceptable in Communist Russia), Americans should control our own infrastructure, and cutting the size of government and government spending.
But of course, campaign promises are easily broken. remember when Bush said he was going to bring integrity to the White House?


abi said...

No shame in being a Republican, Lew. You've got a right to be wrong. ;-)

But there is shame in, as you say, being a party loyalist no matter what, be it Democrat or Republican. When party loyalty trumps right and wrong, we've lost our way.

(BTW, some text in your post got lost, beginning with - Nowadays, even the local " ).


Lew- its not about what we are registered as or being loyal. Its about selecting people based on who we think is the best choice from a pool that often ranges from "not so good" to "pure evil". You mention sticking by Clinton- did people die because of oral sex? Did people get killed because Cheney had a hunting accident? Why must we always look to the most petty stuff? I honestly don't care who Clinton sleeps with but I care that he was complacent on Rwanda. I really don't care who Cheney shoots, but I care that he uses my tax money to reward poorly performing contracted entities. THAT is the difference in my opinion between emotional politics and rational politics. With all due respect, we are constantly talking about the spiders in the corner while ignoring the elephant in the living room. I don't care what people are registered as, I care about the millions that don't BOTHER to vote at all. Mentioning Rush's addiction is funny and all but guess how many HUGE SUV gas guzzlers I saw pull up at an energy policy session last week? Same hypocrisy, same shit, in my view. Once Rush had a segment where he counted all the people at an animal rights rally wearing leather jackets and shoes.

What we need is a Rush on the left. Seriously. Damn me for saying that.

Anonymous said...

Scannon- when you register under a party you are essentially saying you agree with their platform. if you were not into it you should have registered as an independent. you are endorsing a party when you register under them. Nobody is drawing conclusions about if you think this then this, but to write at a liberal/lefty blog then say oh guess what I'm a republican is as stupid as Wonkette really being a man. Your reasoning is stupid as well, and i'm not buying it. Do what you want as nobody really knows what people do in real life but don't act like it doesn't matter. You can diverse views at blogs but to sit there and say your party reg does not matter is bullshit. Its not a confession, its an attempt to rationalize yourself.

Earl Bockenfeld said...

How's this for humor. It's sinking in slowly around the country.

Overheard at a catfish restaurant in the deep south:

"If it ain't broke, just vote Republican... ...and wait."

dusty said...

I am registered Independant. We have no idea what Anon is because the only information we have is that he or she likes throwing stones at other peoples views and/or thoughts. Rationalize this anon..

Repubes like my father, who has never in his life voted other than Repube, are sick of the party line saying one thing and doing another. He has always blindly followed the beliefs of the Repubes and voted for them. He is one of your loyal lemmings that now states he will never vote Repube again. He would rather not vote than vote red. He is sick of the bullshit and the lies. This coming from a man who called me a commie when I was young and protesting the Vietnam war, gettin arrested every time I went out the door. The entire paternal side of my family was Repube and damn proud of it..hell Nixon voted at my grandmothers house in Whittier when he won his first term.

My father hates to eat crow. he hates to admit he's wrong and has been known to cut off his nose to spite his face. He will never follow the Repubes down their crooked path again, he swears. It took alot for my dad to tell me that. It was unsolicitated too. I did not ask him what he thought about any of the current bs coming out of Capitol Hill or the WH..he blurted it out one day.

Party affliation is a label. Some people have to have labels..so they can come and bash others later like you apparently enjoy doing.Your vile ranting shows me that you are thin-skinned and evidently small minded. You can't see past a figgin label...or choose not to. I really don't care which.

A label is nothing more than a starting point for some..or a badge of honor for others. It does not tell us the substance of a person. Their actions do that.

dusty said...

my use of the universal "you,yours,their and they" should not be construed as bitch-slap of anon's party affiliation since I have no idea how anon votes,believes in or gives a rat's ass about.

just wanted to get that disclaimer in.

thank you and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Lew Scannon said...

You never told me I'd be writing at lefty/liberal blog! Yes anonymous, when I registered as a Republican twenty eight years ago, I agreed with a lot of their platform. Relief for small businesses, lower taxes, less intrusive government, less wasteful government spending. that was before Reagan created the "Big tent" in order to create a base for the republicans to regain the White House, which six years after the Watergate scandal leaving a bad taste in people's mouths regarding the Republicans, seemed almost an impossibility.But you have to understand as well that i live in a predominately republican part of a "blue state", and to ensure I would be able to vote in the republican primaries (thereby having some choice in my representative)should they decide to close them.
And while I never have voted a for a Democrat either (except last time) I really don't need to thanks to the electoral college, the dems have always carried this state.
There are plenty of Republicans out there who not only are embarassed by Bush, also do not support a war that is a violation of international law. If we expect other nations to abide by treaties and rules of law, then we'd better damn sure follow them ourselves. other wise we are no better than the terrorists we claim to be fighting.

Left of Center said...
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Left of Center said...

The first Presidential candidate I voted for was Reagan. I was serving in the Army reserves at the time. We went to Honduras, and I saw what was going on down there at the time.. Nicaragua, Sandinista, weapons shipments. Conscripted soldiers, most under 17 years old. This wasn't the freedom and Democracy they showed on TV. This wasn't a Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall moment. I decided that I was not very well informed, and decided to broaden my political horizons. Today I vote mostly Democratic, some Republicans get my vote like Florida's Attorney General Charley Crist. I have also voted Green party and Independent. I just like voting for the smartest, most independent , pro individual rights and environment persons I can. Regardless of part. Lew I'm glad you decided to come out of the closet. Now you can hold your head high, and crush the little guy with pride. ;)

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a registered Repblican and a registered sex offender? The registered sex offender is the only one punished for their crimes.

CV Rick said...

Lew, my first election, 1984, I was in England so I didn't vote. But I would've voted for Reagan. I regret the thought of voting for him to this day . . . but I just didn't know any better. I'd had 18 years of indoctrination by a radical, religious-right, military retiree father. Reagan was a God to him.

Lily. We have a Rush of the Left. His name is Ed Shultz and he's from Fargo, North Dakota and is syndicated by the Jones Radio Network on over 100 stations nationwide. He's great, a self-described gun-toting, meat-eating, Leftie. (I want to sue him for stealing my line). He's on the web - Ed Shultz. Listen live, or to some of his clips.

Lew Scannon said...

I've heard Mr. Schultz before, they used to play them at a job I used to work at. he considers hinself a progressive, a nice term that better suits my ideas.

MMark said...

Lily's right. Your side( I'm in between houses)needs someone like Rush. Radio Free America fell on its face, as it tried to just cash in on the obvious comerical advantages of oposing opinions. There is still money to be made out there in that venue(as people like Ed Shultz show), but the market is still vast. The money will of course be one of the main motivators for the voice and his/her staff, but the overall effect could be significant. Rush Limbaugh had access to the ears of millions of stay at home moms(soccer moms) and millions of middle class guys/girls driving to go get lunch. If a powerful, intelligent(Rush is actually smart), informed, entertaining guy/girl can pull this off, it could easily shift votes from the the right to the left. Talk radio is a very powerful force. Look at people like Michael Savage, whose two sided rants that I agree with one minute, and disagree with the next draw millions of listeners. Savage is like a radio blog, but he too is a very bright individual. My point is this, someone who has a great voice, a great personality, who is educated, thoughtful, compassionate but strong needs to start sending in demo tapes to radio chains. Ground up, it can happen.

abi said...

I disagree, Lily. We don't need a Rush-style demagogue on the left. All we need is an electorate sophisticated enough to recognize and reject demagogues on either side.

But that's asking a lot, isn't it? Instead of being embarrassed for being led around by the nose by the likes of Rush, people proudly call themselves "dittoheads." Never ceases to amaze me.

Left of Center said...

quite right abi

Wadena said...

Like Republicans pre-1980 were human?

Oh....I suppose Nixon was ok?


Republicans have been vicious oppressors of the poor since the late 1800s.

If you're a Republican, you support a platform of bigotry and death.

Even a Liberal Republican, when elected, will bring a massive infestation of Fascists with him/her in taking office.....there's just no getting around that.

Therefore, even a Liberal Republican brings destruction.



Well I have not been around, sorry I did not answer anything in this thread. As for Lew, I enjoy the points he makes, they always make me think and thats what blogging is really about. We are all complex people with sordid histories, contradictory affiliations. There are atheists with Christmas trees, environmentalists that work for chemical companies, prolife women that have had abortions. People do things for complicated reasons.We are more than labels- Like Dusty said, throwing stones are throwing stones. I have said that I do not censor and I do not try to surround myself with people who think just like me. Do what you want Lew. If you stand by it, thats what matters. If you feel good and right about it, thats what counts for you.

I also think we change as our lives change, how we feel as a young person or parent, as somebody with different deamnds etc. can change what we think. Witnessing the reality of otehrs can change our minds, travel can change our minds. We are all evolving all the time I would think.

Rory Shock said...

Well, there's republicans and then there's republicans ... sometimes a rose is not a rose I guess ... Lew, when I use the term republican these days I sure as shit don't mean guys like you ... it has become a short hand for the administration/powers that be types ... the word has evolved to keep pace with the devolution of many ... guys like you need a new sobriquet ... believe me, back in the day, particularly when I lived west of Mississippi, I knew plenty o registered republicans who were more "liberal" on many issues than, say, William Jefferson Clinton was ... so ... you are a casualty of word evolution brought on by a bunch of fuckwads ... maybe we should create a new subset called "fuckwad republicans" so guys like you don't get tarred with the crazy slappin' brush of outrage ...

Lew Scannon said...

Rory (and all)
Insulting the Republican party, or it's followers does not offend me at all. I do not consider myself a Republican, I am merely registered as one. This is beneficial as I receive confedential questionnaires around election time that allow me to see into the mindset of the party, as well as letting me see the fears they are trying to implant in people to get their votes. I also get calls around election time where I can question party workers as to the hypocrisy inherent in the party. How can they be prolife when they support the death penalty? How can they be for free markets and competition and give no bid contracts to Halliburton? The workers (who called me) try to maintain their cool as I tear into every contradiction in the party platform. That's my idea of entertainment (curse my Irish blood)acquired from my father, who raised arguing to an art form.
people choose labels to define themselves, but I find the labels too restrictive, as every belief system requires a knowledge filter.We disregard facts that do not fit into our chosen worldview. Once we cling to beliefs (as opposed to ideals)we stop the learning process. A good example of this are those who would impose intelligent design over darwinism on young minds because ID fits better into their belief systems.
The labels we choose to put on people, or choose for ourselves are a lot like those online quizzes that people take to define themselves, that never seem to have an answer I agree with 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...

And so, although I remain a registered Republican, with the exception of the primaries, I haven't voted for a Republican candidate since I started to vote.

Uhhh...isn't there some Realpolitik in this situation?

I fancied myself some kind of independant when I first started to vote, but my formative voting experience was my profound desire to vote against Reagan in the 80 election (couldn't do it, 17 months to young). Since then, I've voted for a Republican exactly once (Arnie Carlson, Gov. Minnesota) and after about a decade, I just gave up and joined the Democratic Party.

So the question is: Why a party allegiance, when that party no longer represents you? In other words...who are the Replicans that you should stick with them? The party of Lincoln? Or the party of Bush?

Mr. jones said...

Wouldn't your inquiring mind be better served though not sitting home waiting to get questionnaires from republicans but becoming part of the opposing party that can perhaps work on constructive changes and actually respond to your criticisms? You sit on your ass and wait for THEM to CALL YOU to ask your questions and express yourself? Thats fucking stupid. I still stand by my opinion that when you register and remain loyal you are giving your personal endorsement. Who the fuck cares what they represented ten years ago, they are bastards now NOW CURRENTLY and thats what matters to ME. Call it what you like, play semantics and 'don't label me' games but it is what it IS.And you are giving them your nod. Its not like changing to independent is too difficult or anything, just a phone call, when you give them your written public record endorsement for the world to see just so you can get some questionnaires and chat on the phone that seems kind of lazy to me. Smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit.

Do you shop at Wal Mart "just to see the way they fool the public with prices" or to "ask the emnpoyees about corporate strategy"? Do you drive a gas guzzler just so you can put your anti-oil bumper sticker? Same stupid thinking. Its about as stupid as saying you use hookers JUST TO TRY TO GET THEM TO SWITCH professions!!! Yeah. Right.Do you give money to the RNC just so you can get even MORE secret mail? The rationale you presented is bullshit laziness and you are more than capable of getting involved in the political process without the 'lables' crap and rationalizing.

I don't have a blog and I don't have a website so all of you people that get all bent over an anonymous comment, you would somehow feel better if I wrote "Mr. Jones" or some shit? That would somehow give me THE RIGHT to comment? Who the fuck are you? Your say is more valid just because you put your picture? Only people with blogs are welcome to read them? Whats the matter, you can't come retaliate or bad mouth me? I read these blogs all the time and just watch you play your games. Half of you just comment so you can get people to read your own shit. If you don't agree you're a wicked troll and all the fucking idiots cry.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of my labels. I'm a card carrying union member and a Democrat too. So in a way, I donate money to the party. there isn't any Republicans in the union, as we all know that they don't care for the working man, only if they can get their vote.

Lew Scannon said...

mr. jones,
I don't sit around and wait for them to call me, but they do happen to call around dinner, just like the telemarketing scum they really are.
So what do you do, mr. jones? Read blogs all day so you can curse and criticize people to make you feel superior? What do you do to make a difference? Drive a hybrid? Buy American? Write your Congressman? March against the illegal war in Iraq? I don't shop at WalMart. The only bumper stickers on my gas guzzler are student of the month stickers my children earned at school.I don't solicit hookers. But I, like Mr. Nasty above me, am in a union as well, and part of my dues goes to support democratic candidates. What, exactly, do you contribute to society, mr. jones, except a pile of negativity wrapped in vile and vulgar language? Nothing I suspect, as you a hypocrite for criticizing me for "sitting on your ass waiting for them to call" . What do you sit on when you read blogs all day?

Rory Shock said...

whew lew ... you burned the verbal sage in the room there ... the vibe is returning

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

Lew Scannon, a Republican?!?

I just knew that inside that hippie exterior was a patriotic American screaming to get out!

Come to papa!

The Tenure Bitch said...

We overlook the fact that he's a Republican because he irritates the NASCAR demographic. And who the hell doesn't love that?

He must get to them because they spend their time coming back here. Hmm.Unless they had the cable turned off in the trailer.

Rabbit ears can get a bit tiresome.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with living in a trailer, and there's nothing wrong with watching NASCAR (unless you TiVo it). I think what Mr. Scannon here is doing is confessing his sins and asking for forgiveness.All he needs to do now is make an act of contrition (any suggestions?) and the blessings of the Lord shall fall upon him. Everyone knows Jesus was a liberal.

tp said...

Jesus was a liberal,a compassionate teacher but not to hear Pat Robertson describe him. We need to stop allowing people with an agenda to abscond with our faiths for their own purposes! Could so many 700 Club watchers be wrong? YES, because they are looking to a man and not to God. Men that call for killing and hatred. What about not judging lest YE be judged, and all that? Forgiveness and love? I'm a Christian and my pastor teaches us that we are not omniscient all knowing entities capable of interpreting sin and wrongfulness in others, that we should strive to be humble in God's view and do our best to live as servants as best we can. Its not for me to judge another. But it is for me to judge what is done in my name by elected leaders. And that is not judgement that is the oversight of the job they were called upon to do by the American people.

Is a hypocrite somebody who tells the truth or hides behind a moral facade that they themselves do not follow? "Pick and Choose" religious people that look with judgement while they themselves do not follow their own rules are the worst kinds of hypocrites in my opinion. Because they hide behind fake morality.

It does not matter how we register or why, it matters that we show up to vote with our hearts and conscience for the best person we can, with what we know.

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