And Speaking of Pussiliency...

Feingoldians, your leader might have overplayed the outrage hand at a less than ideal time. Or, he might have infused some energy into the inert pussicratic party... depends on where you are, and if you are pinning any hopes on the midterms.(cont) Remains to be seen. We have some numbers of course, but how it plays into the mid term strategy is another matter and some Republicans are calling this a "pleasant surprise'. A "gift", according to Rushycontin.

I personally would prefer to see just about anyone on the court yelling as opposed to the sad sideline inactivity.

But- do you think he sold out the midterm elections for his eventual run, his ambitions? Strategy, or strength? How do you think this will play out-and what impact will his call for censure have on his Presidential aspirations and the direction of the Democratic party?

For Feingold, it was risky business because while some voters are anxious to see some damned action already, others think there were MANY key outlets for angst...

-this might not be THE issue to grandstand about. People are still concerned about security, and some argue that the Dubai deal or situation in Iraq would have been better issues- concerns with a lasting duration that could have pushed past the mid terms, on into the fund crunch. But are leaders supposed to choose their efforts based on strategy? We would say no, but yet many people are not sufficiently concerned about the wiretapping issue. Some Americans are not seeing exactly WHY this is his big cause as opposed to other matters. They point to timing and the opportunity to make a splash as the Dems start to get serious about o-eight. Do you buy that?

Dems anticipated the sniveling Republican cry of "politics". Which came. YAWN.

But let me ask this question: Who the hell cares? Who cares if a politician is opportunistic or self promoting, or giving the appearance of being "less than genuine"? Do you care? Why all this phony righteous indignation all the time? Why do the Democrats take this, and worse, why do they RESPOND to it? WHATS WORSE- WHY DO THEY FEAR IT AND AVOID IT?

Why the hell do Democrats have to be so pussyfooted about everything? He called for censure, because despite the fact that our Republicrats in Blue Ties sit in ass twiddling complacency- the VOTERS WANT ACTION ON SOMETHING. But only 60% of Democratic voters are into this censure business. They claim its high. Thats not high in your OWN party!

Here's a thought, Feingold. Stand up for MANY things. And do it often, and have those that are NOT interested in the OVAL OFFICE do the same!!!
Why not stand up and say that you want to do your DAMN JOB?

Why cower in fear from that "politics" accusation? Why not stand up and say yeah- we are paid by the people to respond to the people, and the people want action. The people want accountability, and a lawful society.

Yeah- play politics! What the hell is wrong with you? THEY do. And for the most part you're ALL full of crap but at least give the semblance of doing what you were put there for.
We know you ALL play politics, all the time, when you are not promoting yourself or serving as lobby/special interest bitches. We know what you do. SO BE FORTHRIGHT. SAY: HELL YEAH I'M PLAYING POLITICS, BECAUSE PEOPLE WANT THE DEMOCRATS TO GET OFF THE BENCH!

What do you think of the censure effort? Of Feingold's durability?

(Gratuitous Link here for article on Feingold)


Lew Scannon said...

Professional foot ball players play football, shouldn't professional politicians play politics? Isn't that their job? I respect Feingold, at least he had the temerity to stand up while the rest of the Democrats are running around with their tails between their legs. If more democrats were like him they might be seen as an opposition pary, and isn't that what we need? We don't need Republican-lite, we need a party that's faithful to the Constitution and the people, not the corporations and foreign interests.The Democrats are supposed to be the party of choice, give us a choice then, not the same old suppository in a different wrapper.

Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...


That's only because people, the saps that they are, always root for the underdog. However, when it comes time to win the big game, in whose hands do you want the football...the star quarterback or the waterboy?

earl bockenfeld said...

A country is not only what it does—it is also what it puts up with, what it tolerates. —Kurt Tucholsky

Impeach The Motherfucker Already

Five out of five crusty judges with FISA court and national security experience say that the President must follow the law just like everyone else.

I still do not understand the logic of changing the law in order to make what appears to be illegal activity legal. Isn’t changing the law tantamount to an admission that the law has been violated? And having violated the existing law with breathtaking impunity, what guarantee do we have that this president will not violate any subsequent legislation if he thinks it is getting between him and what he wants to do?

Why is that so hard for people to understand? The GOP is turning not just into rubber stamps for this president, but high-priced pooper-scoopers following behind the colossal and stinking mess the big elephant – Bush – is making in prodigious quantities.


Kathleen Callon said...

I read through this a couple times. Not sure if you like or don't like Russ right now (I'm tired).

Anyhoo, he was the only Dem to try to go forward against Clinton, only Dem or Rep to vote against going to war, was one of the only ones to read and vote against patriot act, wrote legislation against toture and for campaign refinance, just went to Iraq to say we need to bring our troops home ASAp, and he's doing a great job running his state despite being so active in national politics... I bow to him.

Eli Blake said...

Kathleen Callon:

Uh, he was NOT the only Senator to vote against the war. The complete roll call is linked, here. The vote was 77-23, with 21 Democrats, one Republican and Jim Jeffords all voting 'no.'

Other 'no' votes were cast by: Boxer of California, Graham of Florida, both the Senators from Hawaii (Akaka and WWII medal of honor winner Inouye), Durbin of Illinois, both the Senators from Maryland (Mikulski and Sarbanes), Kennedy of Massachusetts, both the Senators from Michigan (Stabenow and Levin), both the Senators from Minnesota (Wellstone and Dayton), Corzine of New Jersey, Bingaman of New Mexico, Conrad of North Dakota, Wyden of Oregon, both Senators from Rhode Island (Jack Reed and Lincoln Chaffee, the only Republican to vote 'no'), both Senators from Vermont (Jeffords and Leahy), Murray of Washington and Byrd of West Virginia.


Oh Lew! Dammit if I don't smile when you're around! All helpful comments here. Much appreciated.

I like Feingold, and would prefer him to many other Democrats for the nod- but I wonder if this will help or hurt those running NOW. I think we'll have to see.

Point is, sometimes they have to act and not be so fixated on strategy because clearly their strategy doesn't work anyway.

Rhino-itall said...

Pussiliency on the border is what will kill the dems. You know, i said about a year ago that the illegal immigration issue will be the deciding factor in the next presidential race.
The winner will be a republican because hillary has already decided she's not going with the tough route, and she will be the nominee because the rest of the party is too pussillient to take her down.


Since I know you're a betting man, do you think a Condi/McCain ticket can win o-eight?

My prediction is that Cheney has a "serious heart attack in six months" and has to step down not for being a weasel but for "health reasons". Condi moves in, and they test drive her a bit. I don't think Cheney will be ousted no matter what they finger him for.

Left of Center said...

Lily the Cheney Rice movie is an interesting possibility. Glad she still carries all the Bush baggage. As for Feingold, i think he played the censure at the right time and if republican bring it up in 08 then is will open up a fact based discussion. I'm sure by 08 there will be even more facts available and maybe even action on the censure.

Rhino-itall said...

I love Condi but i don't think she can get elected, and i hope to hell mccain doesn't run because i can't stand him. I'm rooting for a true conservative, but they seem to be hard to find these days.
Risking all the backlash here, i would definitely vote for Santorum.


Santorum is already packing his bags for Penn Hills. His days are numbered, he admitted as much when criticized about the release of his book. Release it and sell now while in the spotlight, or release it after Casey is in and sell half the copies. Beyond that, I cannot comment on Santorum right now.

I think Condi will lose, but I don't see Hillary winning the Democratic nomination. I see Feingold. Right now they are just waiting to count their cash in a few months- the real feasibility test. See how angry tests against safe wimp.

Kathleen Callon said...

Whoops. I'll look it up. At least he voted against it. Now I like Boxer more.

Glad you like Russ, and I hope it doesn't hurt the others, but I still it's better to do what's right instead of manuevering. I respect you and Lew, but I think too many politicians spend more time manuevering and timing and looking at numbers when they should just be moving forward. I'm upset there's so much fear that doing what's right takes a back seat too often.

Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby, Norquist, Abramoff... some of what they've done is catching up with them, but it shouldn't take this long. Even though I can't stand the Reps that did it, they jumped on getting Clinton... the Dems (even though I like them way more) are wusses.

Anonymous said...

Neither Hillary or Condi have a shot, unless they run against each other...which they wont. I will go out on a limb and say it will be a white 50-70 yr old protestant man.

Lily said...

Kat- But thats the thing- the reason my repub freinds tell me they like Bush is that they say he just does what he needs to do, ask questions later. NOT that I am saying this is necessarily a good thing. But what makes a big difference is that people view the Dems as running around ass-scratching and Republicans as decisive, "just do it Nike" sorta people.

Now we see that Bush has taken this too far, but it was a slope that we all permitted him to start sliding on. The Democrats have to start taking responsibility for that fact that they CANNOT be the party of righteous indignation and passion and also be wusses that look at numbers every second and second guess their own on everything.

The Democrats need a good case of dysfunction, like Dean- a loose canon that will give people the arrogant edge they want in a decisive president that makes them feel secure.

See there is a huge difference between what I want in my mental utopia (Nader, baby) and who I think has a chance (Feingold, until somebody else comes along.)

No more talk of Giuliani?

Rhino-itall said...

Interesting that you say that lily, because i think that's the definition of pussilliency. (1 L or 2) Anyway, the dems were all on board when the talk was tough, but then when it came to actually backing it up, they all of a sudden got wishy washy. I would have more respect for them if they had grown some balls before hand and said from the start they didn't think Iraq was a good move. In fact, before Iraq they were criticizing Afghanistan too, calling it a quagmire and shit! They have no NUTS, bottom line and thats why they won't win in '08. Going after Bush and promoting censure is STRICTLY a political move. AND it makes no sense!

Hey Russ, what do you think we should do about Iraq? How about Afghanistan? Has that always been your stance? What changed your mind? Why were you so pussillient before we went to war?

These are the questions we should be asking EVERYONE who is know criticizing the war. And i don't want to hear the "misled/bush lied" bullshit either, because we all know that's a copout whether the left wants to admit it or not.

Show me a democrat who will answer those questions honestly, and i'll show you a dem who can get elected.

Rhino-itall said...

i meant NOW criticizing the war, but i ain't spell or read real good.

oh and sorry you're sick lily. Maybe donkey can bring you some chicken soup!


I actually agree on this one. I think they did support the war and talk tough, and I think they did not avail themselves of intelligence. Kucinich and a few VERY few others have been consistent. But as Rumsfeld would say, we don't govern with the dumbasses we want, we govern with the dumbasses we've got. Stop thinking that we have no grasp on reality.

I am not a Democratic apologist, to defend everything they do. What part of "they all suck" do you not understand? Stop haranguing my sick ass and go tell it to somebody eating Whipped Donkey with a side of Lieberman. (not pertaining to YOUR Donkey)
Further, if you think you can silence my sick bitchboot with your bird flu slurry- you're mistaken. I know your intentions with that offer.
Poison- yet another page from your Ann Coultergeist Play Book????

Left of Center said...

Feingold supported Afghanistan. As have nearly all Dems I know of. Iraq is a cluster fuck to say it isnt is plain delusional. Talk about a lack of planning, Bush ignored the advice of the best military minds in the country. Rumsfeld is a strategic buffoon. Letting the people riot was a huge mistake. Letting civilian contractors handle so much of the operation is a mistake. Believing Chalabi was a mistake. Conscripting the national guard was a mistake. These were just a handful of their mistakes. The rest are acts of willful disregard and lies. before there can be freedom there must be justice, an illegal war cannot be just or instill justice. The whole thing was designed to keep Iraqi oil OFF the market, and so far has been an overwhelming success. leaders like Feingold make idiots and crooks like Santorum look like shit flinging apes.
1. Santorum and his wife received a $500,000, five-year mortgage for their Leesburg, Va., home (pictured at [the web post]) from a small Philadelphia private bank run by a major campaign donor -- even though its stated policy is to make loans only to its "affluent" investors, which the senator is not.

Good-government experts said the mortgage from Philadelphia Trust Co. raises serious questions about Santorum's conduct at a time when he is the Senate GOP's point man on ethics reform. They explained it would be a violation of the Senate's current ethics rules if Santorum received something a regular citizen could not get.

2. A political action committee chaired by Santorum, America's Foundation, spends less money on direct aid to GOP candidates -- its stated purpose -- and more on expenditures than similar PACs. And its expenditure reports are littered with scores of unorthodox expenses for a political committee, with charges at coffee and ice cream shops and fast-food joints as well as supermarkets and a home-hardware store.

For example, America's Foundation made some 66 charges at Starbucks Coffee, almost all in the senator's hometown of Leesburg, and 94 charges at another D.C.-area vendor, HMS Host. Virginia Davis, the campaign spokeswoman, defended all the charges as campaign related, noting that the senator prefers to meet political aides in coffee shops rather than on Senate property.

3. A little publicized charity founded by Santorum in 2001, called the Operation Good Neighbor Foundation, is not registered here in Pennsylvania, even though the majority of its fundraising and spending takes place here. What's more, three years of public tax returns show the charity spending just 35.9 percent of the nearly $1 million it raised during that time on charity grants, well below the 75 percent threshold recommended by experts.

Rhino-itall said...

I have so many things i was going to say, but they're mostly mean, and or sexual innuendo and since you're sick, i'll just say get well soon.


Rhino-itall said...

Hey lefty, what's up? You want to start attacking politicians for taking money or being unethical? we could go back and forth on that all day, i don't really care. I personally think they're all scumbags.

I don't know Feingold's position on everything, i really don't give a shit. i was using his name only because it was already in the arena. The point is, AFTER we invaded Afghanistan, we were hearing from the dems that it was a quagmire etc. The only reason why Feingold and his Pussillient friends aren't criticizing that anymore is because of Iraq.
The thing is, the pussilliency pre war makes it hard to hear them whine about it now!

Where was feingold before the war? why wasn't he on the front page of the times protesting any action? why didn't he go on meet the press and proclaim his anti Iraq war stance?

He's trying to get a censure vote on a president who is already in his second term, can't get elected again, already has terrible poll numbers! Trying to kick the man while he's down doesn't take any nuts! It is purely a political move, coming from a position of pussilliency! AND it won't work AND his pussillient party brothers won't back him up on it.

I don't care if you don't like the president, i'm not his biggest fan either, but at least he has nuts.

Left of Center said...

Feingold is not a senior senator, therefore he has very little voice on many national issues as the talking points are made mostly by senior senators. I heard very few complaints about Afghanistan until the troop strength was cut so we could go to Iraq. Afghanistan was forgotten by Bush. Letting local "war lords go after Bin ladden was a mistake of mamouth proportions. The head of the CIA in Afghanistan said so himself. Now the Taliban is back, and Opium production is at an all time high. Thanks for the smack W! Now on to the importance of censure. As I explained to a wingnut recently.
1. It's not all about Bush.
2. It's about defeating untethered powers and the idea of the unitary executive.
3. It sends a message to those that would continue the same policies.
4. It shows that regardless of the Presidents last term being half over, that as a nation of laws, we will not abide crime by the President. the standing law was FISA, and he broke it.

Rhino-itall said...

He seems to have a national voice all of a sudden on the censure issue! Oh and lets see what else he's had a national voice on:

Sen. Feingold: "With regard to Iraq, I agree, Iraq presents a genuine threat, especially in the form of weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and potentially nuclear weapons. I agree that Saddam Hussein is exceptionally dangerous and brutal, if not uniquely so, as the president argues." (Sen. Russell Feingold [D-WI], Congressional Record, 10/9/02, p. S10147)


"Feingold Said He Is 'Very Troubled' That Bush Continued To Justify The War On The Basis Of Iraq's ... Possession Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction." (David Callender, "Feingold: Bush Has 'Bunker Mentality'", Capital Times, 4/15/04)

This is the problem with pussilliency.

Left of Center said...

Oh Rhino, as for the hippy comment. Though I have long hair and a goatee, I am not what any one who knows me would call a hippy. I'm a former combat MP who eats hippys for breakfast, and after I digested all the nutrients from them, I expel them in the form of smelly little Republicans.

Rhino-itall said...

That comment was for lily, i was typing when you were typing so it came out after your comments.
And thank you for your service.

sirona said...

Oh I see, hehe Thats ok, nothing I have expelled resembles a Rhino. The horn would hurt.

Left of Center said...

Oh I see, hehe Thats ok, nothing I have expelled resembles a Rhino. The horn would hurt.

tp said...

Lily is not a hippie. Is that true LOC? You're a vet?

No Blood for Hubris said...

Censure is a good start. We need accountability--and Lawless Bush needs to change his behavior.

Impeachment next, then imprisonment. For Cheney and Rummy, too.

I'm The Devil, Who The Hell Are You? said...

You hairless apes need not worry about Mr. Bush. He will get what fate has lain out for him!

RichM said...


I think that is a more apporpriate course of action. But pursuing it will scare away the votes we need to regain a majority so, keep your eye on the prize and we'll get to where we need to go.

Left of Center said...

I was in from 83 to 89. Trained at what was Fort McClellen in Alabama. The main training goal of my unit was to conteract Russian Special Forces. The Russians, there's an enemy worth fussing over. Glad they didnt have a Preemptive policy.

glenda said...

The Russians are still a good nuke-you-lar enemy. I checks under mt bed every night.

Don't think either Hilary-ious or Condiom have a chance of a snowball in hell of getting presidential nomination.

Would like to see someone who has a shot at winning.

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Kathleen Callon said...

Neither Hillary or Condi have a shot, unless they run against each other...which they wont. I will go out on a limb and say it will be a white 50-70 yr old protestant man.

8:2 a white 50-70 yr old Episcopalian...

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