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I'm not big on Christianity, nor do I listen to the whines of Christians as they claim persecution as they are big on persecution of those who do not hold their belief system, hence the war on terrorism, which, according to right wing fundies is a war against the Islamofascists intent on making the world Islamic (as opposed to Christianazis, who are out to make the world Christian). But I recognize that America is a secular government with no official religion and freedom for those who wish to worship in the way they please.
Then I saw the challenge in the previous post and lo and behold, comes this story out of North Carolina. Now I'm not offended when any store puts out a religious display, whatever their faith. Having no belief system of my own, I feel it is wrong for me to attack those fortunate to have one. And if I don't like it, I'm not forced to support it as I can choose not to shop there.I am more offended when a store says "Support Our President" or "Remember 9/11" than any display of religiosity. Nor do I feel that H Res 579 is any any threat to our religious freedoms. But it's interesting to note those who do feel threatened and want to restrict religious celebrations of Christmas are the same people who are getting their own National month of recognition. Of course, any one offended by that would automatically be labeled by them with a convenient tag devised to exploit their religious persecution.


Me said...

I was in a store today and the cashier said "merry Christmas" to the woman in front of me who launched into a fumbling fawn about being appreciative she said it because of all the atheists who insist on ruining Christmas by saying Happy Holidays.
Unable, as usual lately, to keep my big mouth shut, I borrowed from Colbert and told her very sweetly that my Grandma told me that Holiday means 'holy day' so why would an atheist prefer it?
She told me how tired she is of "kwanzukka or whatever it is" and went on about how in America we celebrate Christmas.
Now like you I am quite accustomed to the silliness of this, but it once again reminded me how little people think of the first amendment and how little they know about our history and the whole premise of America. I cannot get into arguments all day, thats for sure, and tend to prefer a polite dialogue during which I like to suddenly open my eyes wide and say "Tell me, did they teach the Constitution when you went to school?"
Its so damned hard to be nice...

Lew Scannon said...

As a non-believer, I'm more offended by the corporate takeover of Christmas than I am by anyone who tries to reinstate any religious meaning to it.

tp said...

Yes, I think the corporate takeover should be the real issue, not the stupidity of the "War on Christmas". Now listen to this one: I heard on the radio about Churches that will be lcosed on Christmas morning, thatw ant their members to come the night before, so all may have the morning to be with family. This apparently comes from the fact that it falls on a Sunday.
Excuse me, but isn't it about Jesus etc.? Whats behind the idea of closing Church to accommodate activities considered secondary in their view? What do you make of this, closing Church to open gifts without the inconvenience of actually having to go think about Christ? What a bother!
One Church leader said that the Church is on call 365 days a year. What is so wrong about closing one day? Attendance would be down anyway. Attendance down on Christmas. Anyone see the IRONY?????
Nothing wrong with a day off. But why not pick a day that is not, I dunno, inherently RELIGIOUS???? Why not pick Superbowl Sunday??????

Lew Scannon said...

That is just crazy!How long is a church service anyway? An hour, maybe an hour and a half? (I dunno, it's been a while since I've been to one)If you've got little ones, they'll be sure to wake you up early anyway, and if your kids are older, it's time to teach them patience is it's own reward. When the church loses it's priorities, than there is some seriously wrong going on.

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