The Book Report Project

SM has an interesting idea, The Book Report Project:

"The USA PATRIOT Act includes provisions that Alberto Gonzales and the Bush regime want to make permanent – including a provision that allows the FBI to investigate the records of bookstores and libraries... if they're so interested in what we're reading
why don't we just tell them??"
The idea is to mobilize groups of people to flood the offices of A. Gonzales and the FBI with book reports on designated days, ostensibly to make a statement about the practice of snooping through reading habits of citizens.
While some groups claim that this 'privilege" has been far from utilized and yields little practical intelligence, the discomfort seems to have more to do with the 'idea' of monitoring intellectual freedoms and the regulation of the mind in a supposedly free society. Reading about something does not make us participants or endorsers, knowledge is best regarded as an asset to society, not a detriment.

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