Blogshopping: It's All About the "O"

It takes a while to get the flavor of a blog, you really need to swish it around your tongue for a few weeks. Sadly, I tend to get hooked easily but when the blogger experiences a drought condition, the bookmarks seems to get lost somewhere and well- out of sight, out of mind!
There was one that I was really interested in, feeling that text-kinship, until the posts turned into a clearinghouse for other blogs, in between "what I bought at the mall today". Each day I saw things like: "Read about monkey sex HERE". With all due respect, I can easily locate monkey sex on my own if I were so inclined. Now I appreciate good tips, like on Hydrogen and Stupidity but thats because CB approaches it differently. Her blog has the 'value added' mission of "sorting through the crap so you don't have to" and sometimes I am pretty damned glad for that. Let CB read 800 diaries a day. Since we often lend each other our brains, I trust her. She leads me shamelessly to the good stuff, Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars and one of her favorites My Left Wing which is a well organized blog, less daunting to navigate for a casual blogger like me.
Unbrainwashed falls into the "political rants and rages" category, as do many on the list over there -------->
Lew is a guy after my own heart, speaks his mind and throws in some humor to what are otherwise some pretty nasty topics. He makes some interesting observations- on everything from Drive Thru windows to the Ramones.
Rage Against Suburbia is a blog with a focus on the creative side of rage. The posts are related to all things vinyl sided and the relationships between square feet and oil addiction, clear cutting and pesticides for our little slice of life, walk -in closets to hold the trappings of a society that seeks happiness from what they store there, not from what is stored in the mind. Detachment from nature and the misguided adventures of suburbia are themes explored by Kunstler and so he is referenced quite a bit, as are his blog entries.
For those wondering what Lose the Noose is about, it refers to the ways that we as a society are cutting off the air to our collective brains, dangling by the controls of propaganda, marketing, media, politics, and our systems and institutions that oppress, pollute, destroy, and depress. We desperately need a platform to regain our footing.
Here's hoping we all find our footing, and once we do, we can take to the streets.

The photo above is from the DC March, in September 2005, to oppose the continuing war in Iraq and to demonstrate against the Bush regime.
Feel free to recommend blogs in comments.


Cantankerous Bitch said...

Glad to see your new corner, Lily. And many thanks for the multiple nods my way.
I like the concept you've got here. Too many blogs (including my own, for that matter) tend to be such a hodge podge of issues that they lack a focus that helps them stand out from the rest. I see that this will clearly not be your problem.

Lily said...

Well it helps me to focus on my own pet "wrongs". I think sometimes there is so much to say, and so many that say it far better!
I think you do a good job over there, and certainly deserve the props!

Polly Jones said...

I really love the name; I can tell you that sometimes I literally feel I'm being gagged!

Lily said...

Well welcome Polly, I had to check your profile as I am easily blogbrained, and realize that I referenced your 'bitch" discussion at Hydrogen and Stupidity (link over there------>)
"Remains of the Day" was a great book, also "Howard's End". I love English countryside lit, "Pride and Prejudice" is another great one. I hope the latest film version captures the beauty of the settings.
For some reason, I can only get halfway through "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and then I hit some kind of wall and invariably end up reading something else.

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